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  1. A TV should say if it displays in 4k on its store page.
  2. Psgpasopsagpgappshpopsohpsoohpsalhpaosgpobpsopbopaobabsbsopaspobsosabpo -Adds Beatbox Thanos -That's literally it -Suffer
  3. Banned for not watching Linus Tech Tips
  4. Gets nothing. Inserts Die Mart
  5. Gets nothing. This is a freakin' vending machine, not a pile of *insert air receptacle here* Inserts CPU.
  6. Eve is entirely forged of grapes.
  7. thank you. Now I don’t need to do all the work necroposting oldie but goodie games.

  8. Florida Kerbal with foot-long mustache hijacks abandoned space station, blows up Mun
  9. Because sandwich. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  10. h e l o

    1. Just Jim

      Just Jim

      Hi!  :D


    2. TheKSPBeginner


      how u doin


    3. Just Jim

      Just Jim

      I'm good. Hope things are OK wherever you are

  11. 8/10 A human would say the opposite. KSP should have microtransactions. /s
  12. Recieves Phantom Ruby? I guess? Inserts thread revive card.