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  1. No, and no. It has been stated that no changes will be made to the structure of the Kerbol system, and all new celestial bodies will be outside its (no longer infinite) sphere of influence.
  2. Behold, the first spaceplane that I actually enjoy using.
  3. Wind should be a toggleable difficulty setting. Personally, I’d love to launch during a thunderstorm
  4. Just Read the Instructions is flight-capable

  5. These probe cores B U S are Very Useful (most positive praise I can provide without violating 2.2g)
  6. Already made a post about it Interesting note: CKAN labels scatterer as "conflicts with itself", so that's probably important too.
  7. Are the Saturn C-8 parts shown on @Friznit's wiki in the base mod or from an extension? Dev branch even?
  8. Why? Bringing your expensive spaceship back home is bound to get you a lot of money back.
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