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  1. Stop. Spamming. Forum. Threads. With. Compatibility. Inquiries. Use your common sense. If the title says 1.3.0, it is almost 100% likely to be compatible with 1.3.1. If it says 1.2.2, it is most likely not to be compatible with 1.3.x. Period.
  2. Man, wouldn't it be just absolutely mindblowing if that question happened to be answered already?
  3. [KSP 1.3.1] Better Atmospheres Reborn [v6]

    Hm, I'll see what I can do about it.
  4. That SWDennis video utilized the original Astronomer's Visual Pack: Interstellar v2. Download that and the KerbalVisualEnhancements plugin. Install the optional "wormhole sun" from AVP, and you'll have your wormhole in close orbit to the sun. There is also the Kargantua mod which adds analogues of the Interstellar planets to the game, but it has not been updated in a while and is quite buggy.
  5. (Necropost, please read the comments on the last pages before posting a new one.) It's been about two months since the developer has checked the forums, and even longer since he last interacted with this thread. Your best bet is to manually rename the black hole and change the parent body parameter to the new name in every config.
  6. v3.62 "Godspeed" A lot of realism fixes that should've been addressed a long while ago. Color changes. Detail fixes. Lightning fixes (yay!) Eve's atmosphere changed significantly.
  7. [1.3.1] Through The Eyes of a Kerbal

    Hurrah! Been waiting for an update for this Cheers!
  8. Because of its insane delta-v but limited life support, I'd guess that it's just to ferry kerbals from Kerbin to LKO or Kerbin to Kerbin, perhaps even short hops to other bodies in the Kerbin system.
  9. [0.2.0] The More Habitable Planets Mod [1.2.2]

    Jeez man. Most of your forum activity has been nagging mod devs. Give the author the space he needs, respect that he doesn't have time to update his mod.
  10. Ever made contact with the EVE GUI in the Tracking Station? It ain't infected with Xenomorph chemical.
  11. Andromeda Visuals

    Because of Andromeda's continual license violation, I'd recommend Stock Visual Enhancements, or (shameless plug) my own Astronomer's Visual Pack Repackaged, which Andromeda Visuals was identical to at one point.
  12. That Eve utilised 12 or something cloud layers, and lacked a scatterer configuration, as the clouds' natural glow compensated for it. I have tried replicating this to little avail.
  13. Thank you! Honestly I've probably torn a decent bit of my hair off at Eve... scatterer's default Eve config literally forces the planet's atmosphere to have a super pink hue, nullifying basically any cloud colors. Might have to work on creating my own Eve configs.
  14. Cloud altitude change was already slated for the next bugfix's changelog Sorry they've been soaring at unnatural altitudes all this time.