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  1. Please. Enough. This is ridiculous. We can't have people taking assets from a mod that stole assets from other mods. For one, the license that this mod is under, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike gives you full right to use, modify and distribute the content in this mod given that you don't receive cash from the remixed/redist content. Second, before you decide to take textures or such, permission has to be given by the original creators of the content.
  2. Have you ever seen footage from the ISS?
  3. nu @Astronomer <3
  4. Speaking of which, why does Vall turn into a gumball when eclipsed? Doesn't seem to happen with other bodies with layer2D glow. Also, SpaceDock download seems to be corrupted. Error when opening the archive and the Spectra folder is missing.
  5. Nah. How 'bout @Gameslinx?
  6. Oh deary me, CKAN... When installing AVP on CKAN, you should not be requested to download EVE configs, as AVP already provides them. After installing AVP, the following entries on CKAN should be installed: "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" "Scatterer" "ModuleManager" "Astronomer's Visual Pack-*k Textures" (depending on your choice) "Astronomer's Visual Pack" Some other mods may be "recommended" during the installation, those typically do not affect the atmospheric enhancements.
  7. Quite interesting discovery, expected the detailtexture to tesselate as if it were an equirectangular mask over the clouds.
  8. Just a reminder that y'all should read the FAQ in the OP and this: ...before notifying me of a bug or such. Would make life a lot easier for me.
  9. Did you install the textures? Check if there's a Textures folder within AstronomersVisualPack. I have no leads here, a KSP.log would be nice.
  10. There shouldn't be a BoulderCo folder in your GameData.
  11. You installed the EVE configs. You must install the EVE plugin only. Ground textures don't come with AVP. Users are recommended to use KSPRC's ground textures with AVP for the best experience.
  12. Unfortunately, it currently does not with the exception of Earth. RealSolarSystem support has been planned for quite some time, but until RSS itself officially updates to 1.3 I'm refraining from creating configs.
  13. Hey Proot, got an ETA for the next update? No rush! Just wondering if it's going smoothly.
  14. Significant FPS drop, eh, but I assure you that could run at a stable 30+ FPS. (Really depends on your specific card specs.)
  15. This may occur when the Mun is eclipsed, otherwise it has nothing to do with AVP's textures.