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  1. It's recommended to use one of the post processing mods prescribed in the OP to remedy overbrightness. You can also tweak skybox brightness with DistantObjectEnhancement. Otherwise, you can edit or remove the GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Skybox/ folder, and instead use a skybox of your own choice. P.S. The recent scatterer update and KSP 1.11 may have caused some parts of AVP to appear different than usual. I will be looking for visual anomalies if necessary.
  2. To yield the dark, vivid visuals seen in most screenshots and videos using AVP, you must use a post-processing mod as detailed in the installation section of the OP.
  3. I have been looking into creating custom configs for AVP, though Gameslinx has announced he may create his own configs for the stock bodies. We will see I responded to this question a few posts above. Sit on their surfaces, be patient and keep your eyes open!
  4. This is absolutely phenomenal work. Parallax, combined with the other visual mods currently available, really gives what we've seen so far for KSP2 a run for its money
  5. This only occurs in the main menu. If you do wish to replicate the deep blue hues seen in the official screenshots, you must use one of the post processing mods prescribed in the installation instructions. If you sit around on Minmus' flats or Eeloo, you should eventually see them. They're very quick! Also note that they are only a visual effect and there is no actual physical source for the geysers. Using one of the post processing mods or tweaking the brightness of the skybox in DistantObjectEnhancement may remedy this, otherwise you are free to delete AVP's skybox in GameDat
  6. This is Moho's ablation, a feature of AVP. You can remove it by opening the EVE GUI in the tracking station, navigating to CloudManager > glow.cfg > Moho > Moho-ablation, removing the object, then applying and saving your changes.
  7. Report any of those issues to me or the dependencies' mod devs and we will find a solution as soon as possible
  8. You can use DistantObjectEnhancement to adjust the skybox brightness. Remove GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Configs/Stock/Duststorms.cfg (which will remove all duststorms, if you want to preserve ones on atmospheric bodies you will have to manually edit the configuration.)
  9. Astronomer's Visual Pack has been updated to v4.05, with a version bump for KSP 1.10, changes to Neidon and its terminator, and new loading screens.
  10. Every single optional mod has been tried and tested to fully work on the latest version (1.10) of Kerbal Space Program, regardless of what versions their latest updates are for.
  11. This is a mistake on my part, and I will be sure to reupload the configs with the fixed config. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  12. Update v4.04 You need to delete and reinstall the mod for this update! KS3P configs split for flight and editor Skybox textures moved to new folder Duna atmosphere bug fixed Not all texture resolutions may be available initially as I have taken to uploading them one by one in the face of upload speed issues.
  13. Feel free to rescale and redistribute the textures, minding the terms of the license.
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