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  1. v3.83 "Endgame" Changelog You will need to reinstall the entire mod + textures for this update! New 2k/4k/8k Milky Way skybox Skybox is moved to the textures download City lights are much less intrusive now Added an experimental custom KS3P config (may not work out of the box due to issues at KS3P) Fixed issue with vacuum bodies glowing while eclipsed Snapped all unused textures away Removed Herobrine Download here
  2. I've released a hotfix for AVP, fixing the OPM issue and bumping the version. Apologies for any inconvenience
  3. Move me up one to themaster402 s'il vous plait
  4. This is Add-on Development, not Add-on Discussions or Add-on Craigslist. If you wish for visuals for your remake of someone else's mod, getting someone else to write new configs for a mod full of many someone else's assets is about the bottom of the barrel. You will run into licensing issues. This is lazy. This with the implication that his permission means anything for assets that belong to other authors. Considering the circumstances, I will unfortunately have to establish that any assets produced for Astronomer's Visual Pack are being used in this mod henceforth without permission. I request that any continuation of GEA also consider replacing any number of assets with originally crafted ones.
  5. For those of y'all having trouble making the mod work, turns out the default config in the latest version has everything disabled. You'll have to manually modify the configuration in the GUI (press Alt+3 in flight), export a config, move it from GameData/KS3P/export into GameData/KS3P, and because TWG has not coded the mod to remember your profile as of yet, switch to your custom profile every time you restart the game. You will also have to setup KS3P to use that config during flight.
  6. AVP does not support RSS/RO as of now. The latest AVP is usually compatible with the latest version of KSP, this is just a result of the version metadata not being configured to support KSP 1.7.2 yet. The notification will not impede the functioning of the mod. Many other users seem to have these concerns with the city lights as well. Thank you for the feedback! I will change them in the next release to be less intrusive.
  7. v3.81 "Endgame" Updated to scatterer version 0.0540 Fixed lightning, snow and other effects Marked as compatible with 1.7.1
  8. The part shaders are courtesy of TexturesUnlimited, found below! And the config you'll need Unlimited Default Stock Config - Unofficial
  9. The instructions on both pages are identical, follow the ones you see on the forum OP
  10. v3.8 "Endgame" Download will be up later today. As the subtitle suggests, this will likely be the last update to AVP in a while as I find less time to play KSP and be online in general. I'm always open to new contributors for AVP; PM me if you are interested! New Eve clouds New Kerbin city lights Jool clouds now have slow-moving noise Updated 43k clouds Tweaked volumetric clouds Removed unnecessary textures Reorganized file structure and names Loading screens now depend on Sigma-LoadingScreens KSPRC texture installation is easier
  11. Thank you for enjoying AVP! Unfortunately the modular structure of the original AVP was scrapped early on in this project due to issues with CKAN compatibility and the modular structure effectively doubling or tripling the work required for each update. However, I have gone to retain 3 texture resolutions that can be selected by a user, and have also split each visual effect into a separate configuration file. You can delete certain files to rid of an unwanted effect.
  12. Implying 99% of visual mods don't already use some variant of Venus' cloudmap for Eve clouds
  13. Many apologies for the lack of responses; let's get to the support queries! Check to make sure you have no conflicting visual mods or mods in general. Alt+F12, check to make sure your console isn't being spammed with nullrefs. If that doesn't give any pointers, shoot me your KSP.log. Respectively, that is lightning and the other is Moho's ablation. Both are intentional effects; Eve has vicious storms while Moho is being bombarded by Kerbol's energy. The glow around non-atmospheric bodies is an aesthetic choice. It shouldn't look like an atmosphere once you are near the surface, though I will take this into consideration and change it next update In the tracking station, you can open the EVE GUI using the cloud button in the bottom right, scroll to EVE_CLOUDS then the aurora.cfg file, and modify the parameters of Kerbin's aurora effects to your liking.