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  1. Looks like uploading the 43k clouds unintentionally made the texture release the latest release lol. I have rectified this, apologies for the inconvenience. You can open the EVE GUI in the tracking station, navigate to CloudsManager > AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Configs/clouds > Laythe, select either cloud layer, change the last value in RGBA (alpha, or transparency) to a lower value, and hit Apply and Save if the cloud density is a hassle.
  2. For those of you willing to sacrifice your relationship with your GPU and RAM, here's the 43k Kerbin cloud enhancement.
  3. Depending on your texture resolution, the clouds may look blurry from certain altitudes. Try out a higher texture resolution. It just occurred to me I forgot to reupload these with the latest update. Sorry about that, they'll be available later today.
  4. Both have negligible impact to the CPU. TUFX allows for the AVP profile to be easily swapped and tweaked in-game, but currently has an issue with ambient occlusion, creating the 'shadow banding' seen when zoomed close to a craft. KS3P does not have this issue, but you lose out on some ease-of-use and newer effects.
  5. If you mean reducing the hit to the GPU with the mod, you can try turning off some of the features either in the main menu GUI or in the scatterer/config/config.cfg file.
  6. Update v4.1 (Beyond - Phase 2) Changelog Massive performance improvements. The following measurements were recorded using AVP with 8k textures at 1080p on an i7-7700k @ 4.5GHz, GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition, and 32GB DDR4-2400 memory. All suggested mods are enabled. OPM is installed. 30-40% decreased RAM usage in most situations. 20-30 fps increase in most situations (note that a GPU bottleneck occurs here; stronger GPUs should be able to benefit even more.) 20% decrease in uncompressed mod filesize. Higher resolution textures. C
  7. I'm currently waiting on a minor update to EVE to deploy a major update in the works As for the rest of you folk, apologies for any unresponsiveness on my part. It's been a stressful many months. Hopefully the upcoming update to AVP will rectify the last of our issues to become the greatest, most performant update yet.
  8. It's recommended to use one of the post processing mods prescribed in the OP to remedy overbrightness. You can also tweak skybox brightness with DistantObjectEnhancement. Otherwise, you can edit or remove the GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Skybox/ folder, and instead use a skybox of your own choice. P.S. The recent scatterer update and KSP 1.11 may have caused some parts of AVP to appear different than usual. I will be looking for visual anomalies if necessary.
  9. To yield the dark, vivid visuals seen in most screenshots and videos using AVP, you must use a post-processing mod as detailed in the installation section of the OP.
  10. I have been looking into creating custom configs for AVP, though Gameslinx has announced he may create his own configs for the stock bodies. We will see I responded to this question a few posts above. Sit on their surfaces, be patient and keep your eyes open!
  11. This is absolutely phenomenal work. Parallax, combined with the other visual mods currently available, really gives what we've seen so far for KSP2 a run for its money
  12. This only occurs in the main menu. If you do wish to replicate the deep blue hues seen in the official screenshots, you must use one of the post processing mods prescribed in the installation instructions. If you sit around on Minmus' flats or Eeloo, you should eventually see them. They're very quick! Also note that they are only a visual effect and there is no actual physical source for the geysers. Using one of the post processing mods or tweaking the brightness of the skybox in DistantObjectEnhancement may remedy this, otherwise you are free to delete AVP's skybox in GameDat
  13. This is Moho's ablation, a feature of AVP. You can remove it by opening the EVE GUI in the tracking station, navigating to CloudManager > glow.cfg > Moho > Moho-ablation, removing the object, then applying and saving your changes.
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