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  1. I’m happy to have a crack at this, is there a specific mod that this is designed to work with, or just stock @CobaltWolf?
  2. That seems to fix it, thanks @Paul Kingtiger, I tested it on a craft that used to have the problem and no Kraken strike
  3. Yeah I had a similar experience, I found using auto-strut on all of the wedges to core part fixed the issue for me
  4. Yes there is, open up the craft you want to silence in the kerbalism window, then across the bottom select cfg(next to the wrench icon) and untick the warnings that you don't want to receive
  5. That drop down list is part of the stock game, might be worth checking that you have “other launchsites” or something similar turned on in the settings. I’m away from my computer atm so can’t remember exactly what it’s called
  6. Love the mod, I'm having an issue placing the support tower on the round base, when I try to offset it down so that it isn't floating above the launchpad, it "Jumps" inwards towards the rocket and I can't seem to move it back out. I'm probably just doing something wrong but if you have any suggestions I'd be very appreciative. I can post pictures or a video if that helps.
  7. @Marcelo Silveira, Awesome work on your manual. Very easy to read and understand what you're doing. Great Job
  8. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the correct spot to ask this, but here goes. I'm currently playing RP-1 and want to add in some of the specific parts (mainly tanks and the like) that come as part of different mods like BDB and raiderneck's russian launchers etc. so I can use their premade tanks instead of using procedural ones (they have put so much work into them it seems wrong to just use their engines). I've been looking at the github and have found the spreadsheet that you use to generate all the configs for RP, but I'm just seeking guidance around working out costing. I'm reasonably comfortable doing the .cfg's, I just want to know if someone has a method of calculating prices other than just looking at parts already in the game and trying to transpose them into other parts?
  9. Do you by chance have the recoupler mod installed? I was having a similar problem and had to tell recoupler to ignore what it thought was a connection
  10. I have a question, What are people using for radiator's on this ship? I absolutely love this ship, and I'm just getting to the stage in my career where I can use it, but I'm finding that I need to put two large deployable radiators on it to cool the reactor, which ruins the nice lines of the ship.
  11. @desepticon, Short landing is used to stop a plane quickly when it lands on a runway. You need to use SOFT landing