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  1. That makes sense, the only reason I thought it scaled with the size is that in the config (line 222-225) it has; resourceNames = Structural;Structural;Structural;Structural|LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer|MonoPropellant;MonoPropellant;MonoPropellant;MonoPropellant resourceAmounts = 0;0;0;0|40,48;80,96;120,144;160,192|40,80,120,160 initialResourceAmounts = 0;0;0;0|40,48;80,96;120,144;160,192|40,80,120,160 Which makes it look like a size 4 option should have LF/OX of 160/192. This is the one I was meaning, when you select the Liquid fuel option it adds the toridial tank and Kerbal Engineer shows that it's trying to add fuel and Ox, but nothing is added. If there's anything else I can test/check to help please let me know.
  2. I'm using the latest hotfix version in 1.8.1 and just wanted to let you know that the fuel switching for the different lengths of soyuz shroud doesn't work. It doesn't increase the quantity above the amount for the single level ones. Also the 1.25m shroud with the toridial tanks doesn't add in the fuel of you switch variants (the model changes but no fuel) If this is a 1.9.1 feature only I understand. Just want to say thanks heaps for these parts, they make the game awesome
  3. Is anyone else having issues like this with the textures for some of the variants? Nevermind, I did a reinstall of the mod and now the colours are showing up correctly.
  4. Has anyone used Kramax Autopilot with JNSQ? Just wondering if there is a list of flight plans for it that I can't find?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has tried this with JNSQ? I've just started a 1.8.1 playthrough and was thinking of adding this in. If noone has tried it I'll give it a go. Is there likely to be any configs I'll have to make for it to work?
  6. I’m happy to have a crack at this, is there a specific mod that this is designed to work with, or just stock @CobaltWolf?
  7. That seems to fix it, thanks @Paul Kingtiger, I tested it on a craft that used to have the problem and no Kraken strike
  8. Yeah I had a similar experience, I found using auto-strut on all of the wedges to core part fixed the issue for me
  9. Yes there is, open up the craft you want to silence in the kerbalism window, then across the bottom select cfg(next to the wrench icon) and untick the warnings that you don't want to receive
  10. That drop down list is part of the stock game, might be worth checking that you have “other launchsites” or something similar turned on in the settings. I’m away from my computer atm so can’t remember exactly what it’s called
  11. Love the mod, I'm having an issue placing the support tower on the round base, when I try to offset it down so that it isn't floating above the launchpad, it "Jumps" inwards towards the rocket and I can't seem to move it back out. I'm probably just doing something wrong but if you have any suggestions I'd be very appreciative. I can post pictures or a video if that helps.
  12. @Marcelo Silveira, Awesome work on your manual. Very easy to read and understand what you're doing. Great Job
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