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  1. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the correct spot to ask this, but here goes. I'm currently playing RP-1 and want to add in some of the specific parts (mainly tanks and the like) that come as part of different mods like BDB and raiderneck's russian launchers etc. so I can use their premade tanks instead of using procedural ones (they have put so much work into them it seems wrong to just use their engines). I've been looking at the github and have found the spreadsheet that you use to generate all the configs for RP, but I'm just seeking guidance around working out costing. I'm reasonably comfortable doing the .cfg's, I just want to know if someone has a method of calculating prices other than just looking at parts already in the game and trying to transpose them into other parts?
  2. Do you by chance have the recoupler mod installed? I was having a similar problem and had to tell recoupler to ignore what it thought was a connection
  3. Awesome, thanks for that, I'll check it out
  4. I have a question, What are people using for radiator's on this ship? I absolutely love this ship, and I'm just getting to the stage in my career where I can use it, but I'm finding that I need to put two large deployable radiators on it to cool the reactor, which ruins the nice lines of the ship.
  5. @desepticon, Short landing is used to stop a plane quickly when it lands on a runway. You need to use SOFT landing
  6. Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has a problem with stations constantly changing from "Station" designation to "Base" every time the dock with them or add new modules onto it. I only ask because I'm using the station and bases contracts pack, so every time my KSS changes to a base it then stops issuing contracts for me to service my station, until I go and change it's type back to a station again. Not a huge problem, but very annoying. Does anyone know of a way to lock it to one vessel type so it wont keep changing?
  7. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    You also need to have an experiment like "Plant Growth" or similar, there's six all together, on a craft that is docked to your station. It's this part that you then have to start experiment in as well. You need it on a craft that can undock because it needs to be returned to kerbin for full reward
  8. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    Have you got the experiment attached to your station? When you right click on the experiment there's an option to start experiment. It's the experiment itself that stores the Eureka's Quarks and bioproducts and needs them to complete the expirement.
  9. I think it's to run the Fuel Cells, they run on LF/O
  10. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    Thankyou @tomf, I now get contracts You are a legend my friend
  11. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    Yes I have unlocked them Awesome, thanks so much for releasing this so quickly.
  12. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    Awesome. If I can help in any way please let me know
  13. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    Hey @tomf, I tried your suggestion today and still not getting contracts. Any other ideas of what I could try? Should I try modifying the config file? Or is it hard coded into the mod?
  14. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    Cool, I'll try that and let you know how I go, just in case there's others that have the same issue. Thanks again.
  15. PhantomC3PO

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    Ummm, no. Is that separate to paying to unlock the parts in the tech tree (which I don't have turned on)? I'll have a look when I get home from work. Thanks for the quick reply @tomf I thought it was probably a noobish thing, now I feel silly for asking the question.