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  1. Thanks for your summary, it's very useful. We are already investigating all of those. Would you mind writing a feedback ticket in the bug tracker?
  2. Looks like we missed one image. Take another look.
  3. Can't speak for Enhanced Edition at this time but I'll make sure people are aware of these concerns.
  4. Correct, the BG and MH suits are exclusive for owners of each expansion. Everyone will get access to the ESA suit and you can add custom textures for the stock suit.
  5. Placing textures in the GameData folder and some cfg magic.
  6. It was a mistake. It's fixed now.
  7. I don't know the code myself but probably fixing another symmetry issue caused this issue since we are running with the limitations of the symmetry code I described. The long term solution is what I described before but unfortunately it's going to take longer.
  8. We have given a try to this and other symmetry bugs. Unfortunately we are limited by the design of the symmetry code. Fixing these issues will require rearchitecturing the symmetry code. We have a task in our backlog for this but we can't promise any dates yet.
  9. The work done for 1.8 is not void since that is the High Quality and that should still work with no major changes. That's why we created an Ultra Quality category because we are aware of the extra resources and performance required while trying to optimize it as much as we could. We picked this strategy because we wanted to give artists the ability to assign different textures to different areas regardless of the terrain altutude (we didn't want to be forced to use a tinted grass texture for the desert). This won't be useful in all planets but will be very handy for some of them as Kerbin.
  10. I just want to say we are reading the feedback, taking notes and discussing internally. This isn't the first or last time we will. All feedback is appreciated but it's impossible to please everyone.
  11. This bug is now fixed in the latest patch, however the duplicated parts will remain on existing saves. If you purchase the part the first time the part unlocks successfully, but the duplicated parts still show up as "purchasable". It is not required to buy the part again and suggest buying only one of each part. A fresh save file will resolve this issue.