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  1. It's not only bigger textures, the high quality version is also doing extra calculations in the shader so you should expect some difference in performance but as always it depends on your specific hardware. That's why we are giving players the option to choose what works better for them.
  2. 1. We haven’t announced a date yet. 2. The feature is about controlling existing Part Action Window functionality with KAL. 4. Some things can be tested and some can’t 5. In this example turning was achieved by rotating a probe with a hinge.
  3. This isn't magic, it won't fix all sliding bases but should help a bit. Other parts and terrain. Everything that has a collider on it.
  4. They are new parts that you can place for extra friction.
  5. Yes, the idea is giving the people reporting the bug the chance to try the fix themselves. If a bug is sitting in Ready To Test for a while then we will mark it as Resolved eventually. Internally we keep copies of the bugs and we have already mark those as Resolved but we prefer the reporter to confirm it's fixed for him/her too.
  6. We still can't reproduce. More info will be much appreciated. Game mode? Installed DLCs? Selected Suit? existing save/new save? And logs would be very useful too.
  7. Sounds like you had bad files. Could you try to reproduce again after verifying file integrity?
  8. Yes, Making History 1.7.1 is the version you need for KSP 1.7.2