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  1. There is a different system to stop kerbals from sliding, they should stick better to the ground when in a slope lower than 45 degrees if I recall correctly. It would be great if you could report the bug if you are seeing something different.
  2. The animation runs depending on the position of the engineer. Sometimes it won't run since the laser would be obstructed by something else.
  3. Yeah, that's a typo we will get that fixed.
  4. Thanks for your summary, it's very useful. We are already investigating all of those. Would you mind writing a feedback ticket in the bug tracker?
  5. Looks like we missed one image. Take another look.
  6. Can't speak for Enhanced Edition at this time but I'll make sure people are aware of these concerns.
  7. Correct, the BG and MH suits are exclusive for owners of each expansion. Everyone will get access to the ESA suit and you can add custom textures for the stock suit.
  8. Placing textures in the GameData folder and some cfg magic.
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