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  1. It will be part of the base game. More details about the actual functionality will be released later.
  2. I am very excited about the future of KSP and glad to be part of it!
  3. Yes, that's what we are aiming for.
  4. You shouldn't assume that is going to be the case. Despite what some are saying we are actually listening. We just don't impulsively react after one or two rant posts. We, as a company have to consider the options and try to pick the best alternative based on several factors and that takes some time.
  5. That's exactly what it says.
  6. I am waiting for the Mac Book Pro shadows to be fixed, but I think that's only me and a few other guys.
  7. I am here, what about @Squelch?
  8. We haven't cancelled any language yet, but we don't have a release date to announce at this point.
  9. I can only speak about the time I have been working with Squad, but I can assure you that here at Squad we plan new features the best we can and we are always trying to improve our work and planning practices. Thanks for the analysis anyway.
  10. Hello, I like the original intention of this post, listing facts and rumors. I want to add with a few facts that I can confirm with my role as the Game Producer for KSP. Fact: Chris (porkjet) left a few weeks ago in a totally unrelated event. He told me he had a new working opportunity. Not sure why he is listed with the rest of the group. Fact: Sebastian (sarbian) was invited as a temporal dev to help fixing bugs until 1.2 was released Fact: From the remaining 6 devs, 2 were working part time on KSP Fact: 1.3 is confirmed, there are already devs working on this new version Fact: Squad has been looking for new devs since june, new people are already working and more are coming Fact: RoverDude (or any other team member) was not forced to make any comment about this topic Fact: The team actually grew in comparison to the beginning of the year, even after these departures These are just facts, I am not making any judgement. I was great working with all of them and I wish them the best of luck on their future endeavours.
  11. We will provide a few patching options to make things easier.
  12. For Windows click on one of the links below, not the icon ; )
  13. Hola! We have read all your messages, and we appreciate your patience. I just want to give you a brief update about consoles. Xbox One The patch has been doing great in our internal tests. We are getting closer to submitting for certification. PS4 The patch is giving more trouble and we still don't have a final solution. The work done on QA has been helpful but we are still not there. We expect Flying Tiger to find a solution to continue with the process. PS4 on Europe We have made a lot of progress on this, but we want to have the saving issue fixed before actually submitting the game for certification. We are working on all that as our priorities. Saludos
  14. Hola, I am Nestor the producer for KSP. Based on the inquiries about the status of KSP on Xbox One and PS4 I wanted to give more information regarding the current status. First of all, I understand the frustration some of our console users are facing with the save issues on PS4 and Xbox One. We are doing the best we can to resolve this issue, but this is a difficult and time consuming process. Unfortunately we didn’t spot those issues during the internal QA, external QA and certification QA. But, as soon as we knew about them, we began following the bug reports on the tracker, the forum, reddit and support email. This has allowed us to reproduce and isolate the problem, and we have been working closely with Flying Tiger Entertainment on a patch for both consoles. We have been doing internal and external testing of the patches for the last 2 weeks and preparing them for certification. Unfortunately we can’t announce any release date yet as we have to finish the QA process to submit the patch for certification. We regret that we can not give you a date for the release, but be sure we are doing all we can to keep our players satisfied. We will give more information as soon as we can.