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  1. This bug is now fixed in the latest patch, however the duplicated parts will remain on existing saves. If you purchase the part the first time the part unlocks successfully, but the duplicated parts still show up as "purchasable". It is not required to buy the part again and suggest buying only one of each part. A fresh save file will resolve this issue.
  2. So far everything points to the High Quality terrain shader. @Treehouse46 during your tests do you know if the terrain shader was set to high?
  3. We do have a bug confirmed related with AMD graphic cards. This one: It's interesting that people are mentioning AMD graphic cards here, the issues are probably related. We have seen that changing the graphic settings can reduce the crashes incidences. We are already working alongside with Unity to find a solution, we will keep people informed if we find a reliable workaround.
  4. What about Player.log?
  5. Posting your log files will help nailing down the issue. One common problem is that when people try a clean install they don't erase left over files from Steam. You can also try that.
  6. Thanks for the info. That matches what we have seen in some other reports. We are still investigating this issue. This is the bug if you want to keep track of it. In the meantime the only workaround we have identified is lowering the terrain shader quality or the render quality.
  7. The KSP Store is being worked on at the moment. It should get back on line in a few minutes.
  8. Yes, the game pauses when editing action groups.
  9. Because of some technical difficulties reactions have been disabled until the issue has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.