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  1. Hello sal_vager ! I'm Ives who is a big fans of KSP from China. It's my first time to write an English PM to Kerbal staffs and I hope to share three thing to you (Please forgive my poor English^_^). The first thing is that thanks for your following, it‘s my pleasure that a Kerbal staff can follow a fans. The second thing is that I set up a public account about KSP on WeChat(the most famous new media platform in China) one years ago, which share some KSP guides , Chinese fan's craft and video , and translate KSP devnote into chinese to our fans. Because many Chinese fans can't read English, and Chinese Internet have government control which mean our fans can't watch video about KSP on Youtube and can't follow facebook or twitter of KSP, our fans only get KSP news from social media in China like Weibo, WeChat, TeiBa et..I don't know if SQUAD support our public account to share KSP knowledge or news to Chinese fans, and I hope we can get official permission. If SQUAD want to share some news to Chinese fans, our publish account can be the agent of SQUAD. The third thing is that thank to SQUAD for Chinese localization , many Chinese fans can’t wait to playing KSP in official Chinese edition, they often ask me when KSP localization pack will release in public account, and I just tell them that wait for SQUAD dev team news. If SQUAD need Chinese localization tester , we can organize some Chinese fans to do that. In the end, thanks for reading this PM, hope to get your reply. Have a nice day!

    Oh, I forget to tell you my e-mail, you can contact me in this e-mail, Thanks for reading.

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    2. 坎星资讯菌


      Maybe you will be interested in this video which make by a Chinese KSP fans:sticktongue:.  Address:

    3. KroShan


      Very nice station...

    4. sal_vager


      I'll pass it along, @Badie is very interested :)