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  1. been playing KSP 1.4.5, and like cadmaus its not working properly, no matter what I do, the parts simply don't show up. I have BDA, SMindustries pack, and maritime pack (with all the requirments, such as firespitter.dll) something wrong or am I missing something?
  2. dear BDA devs, in older versions I used to be able to drop bombs as fast as I could release them as the bombs only exploded on contact with the ground,water,etc. in the latest version the bombs explode of the explosion of the bomb(s) below it causinf a cain reaction up the dropped bombs back to the plane destroying it. I`ve been able to catch this on video. please note shadowplay was acting up so ignore the music, it shouldn`t have been captured. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MfCMibIkXVF_n6JsX6mN9Ykrj9SOvz25 yours, jonathan
  3. that`s why I ask for permission first instead of going at it right away. I totally understand and wish you best of luck
  4. @Johnny005611 permission to take the models into Blender and take a hacksaw to them to make mix and match parts?
  5. one of the things I love most about KSP is that it gives you a bunch of parts and a universe and tell you to go to town with it. with all the craft in this mod being single-part, that`s out the window. I could really use more ship parts to build up my navy. when I saw pics of this mod I was ecstatic ''wow, I can make epic ships with those parts!'' only to learn that they fully premade ships, not even hull and tower are separated.
  6. yes I know Im behind, but where can I find an older version of this mod for KSP 1.2.2 or does the 1.3.1 work with 1.2.2 as some mods do seem to. my game has 80+, Im not going up in game version anytime soon....
  7. I dont get chrash reports, so how can I get you the log file?
  8. dear Nathan,

    Im thinking of making a challange, but it requires a ship to circomnavigate kerbin, as you probably know there is a contitent that streches from pole to pole, so my idea is to make a canal between

    N 47,60 /E 69,16 and N 46 76 / E 88,64

    this is the shortest the continent gets. how possible would this be?





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    2. NathanKell


      I don't though. I use existing data. Ask on the Kopernicus thread then. :)

    3. jonathanmoon


      thanks, and you can delete this I missed the message button >.<

    4. Fergrim


      I'm thinking of making a challenge also, it's a work in progress, but I'm thinking I'm going to name it "The Spelling Bee" :D

  9. if the part is an engine I put in the stock folder for engines, like that. I have tried unzipping and placing it in the gamedata folder like any other mod, no matter what I do I always miss parts
  10. Ive got a small problem with the mod, not all parts are showing up. its a sandbox game so I cant be missing them because I havent done the research. in fact only the phenix hoverwings and the inline shielded dockingport are showing up. even after checking they werent empty files when I downloaded them and moved them into the correct folder for normal stock parts I still cant see the parts. Im afraid this isnt the first time some parts were missing, in 1.2.2 the hoverwing, liniar aerospike and cockpits were missing
  11. my current carrier base is 625 meters long, and 115 meters wide. made out of welded stock panel with tweakscale. I limit parts per weld to not stress it more than I help it. with bigger parts I can make bigger sections meaning it`d stil be less than the 250-ish parts I have now
  12. thanks for the sugestion, but these aren`t the paneled parts Im looking for. they are masive but I cant freely make any shape and form Id like
  13. would the mod work with the part welder? Ive got plans to make a massive aircraft carrier for laythe and I need it to keep the partcount down. my previous build is with tweakscale and stock plates, even after welding the carrier was over 250 parts
  14. this might be kinda hard to implement, but what about an S2 widebody deployable cargo ramp? Ive made a series of planes and roves that all fit inside the S2 widebody frame but getting them out so far has always consisted of breaking the ''pod'' open with a decopler. it would be nice if I could make a cargo plane/SSTO for them.
  15. the mod is incompatible with ksp 1.1.3 and causes wierd issues, if it works at all. the prpblem is mainly that fuel contents and modules arent working properly
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