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  1. How can i lift an object? I have a truck and i want to lift something into the truck , like missile at the ground and lift on the truck . It possible?
  2. Someone can show me how use refuel for aircraft?? . i need video tutorial please
  3. Plane very hard to control , bot Al can't control plane to fight..
  4. Yep it work but function spawn craft not work and i don't know why... :(
  5. I'm use Vessel Mover lasted version but when i choose craft and i can't spawn ( craft not load ) . I need help please
  6. How i can delete effect missile ( i circle the red ) it possible?? thanks https://uphinh.org/image/2jote0x.M64PL9
  7. I know what my problem , that when i install Scatter my target port not working , i can't lock target and send gps , can i fix it?? Here my log : https://secufiles.com/mtT1/KSP.log
  8. When i install Scatterer my bdarmory get error and not working exactly , can you tell me why?? here my log: https://secufiles.com/mtT1/KSP.log My Bdarmory can't use target port and locktarget that only error
  9. I put the camera on top , and i trying to lock at hangar but it still like the picture... In the water and it still not working . Possible some mods else do it??
  10. What happend to my targeting pod?? i can't lock target and send gps... https://uphinhnhanh.com/image/3GcTex
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