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  1. I know what my problem , that when i install Scatter my target port not working , i can't lock target and send gps , can i fix it?? Here my log :
  2. When i install Scatterer my bdarmory get error and not working exactly , can you tell me why?? here my log: My Bdarmory can't use target port and locktarget that only error
  3. I put the camera on top , and i trying to lock at hangar but it still like the picture... In the water and it still not working . Possible some mods else do it??
  4. What happend to my targeting pod?? i can't lock target and send gps...
  5. Here exactly what my problems :
  6. How i can fix when i press "W" my boat will going down...
  7. Picture here : BDArmory. Version 1.4.4 Mod list :
  8. All , plane very good , but the boat when i type "WASD" it will bug
  9. Natso

    S-400 Triumf

    I think this is frist S-400 missile system working like this in Kerbal Space Program , it can attack target stealth without needed radar. Parameter Missile was build with Bdmodular missile , and Pwing 48N6 missile : 5-23km range 48N0 missile : 12-34km range 48N9 missile : 5-12km range ( only stealth target ) 48N1 missile : 2-8km range Using cold launch , throw up missile to 12m and engine will begin
  10. I Found BdmodularMissilePart Part ProceduralMissileSRB thrust limit small is 1000KN , but i want to 100-200KN how?? please i dont know what to do with CFG file please