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  1. My mistake, I remember a time when Cryo was an optional extra On a separate note, any plan to do the ASTP docking module?
  2. No worries, BDB has an inbuilt "Blue SMURFF" that automagically balances rockets to modded solar systems. You probably want to install Cryogenic Engines to give upper stages some more kick. At that scale you also want the rescaled Saturn V from the "Extras" folder that will give you the spare DeltaV needed. Happy Mooning!
  3. This is the best schematic I could find of the original progress used for Salyut-6 Photography from the time is sadly lacking...
  4. Now we know why tantares is grey ;all the soviet pictures were greyscale
  5. Had no idea you were still schooling I do a bit of tutoring for some A2 students as some extra cash. I would be happy to help in any way I can
  6. Hey Beale, love your parts, building my own Mir right now Got me interested in how they made the star shape if only one port on the node on the core module could be used for docking and came across this beauty From Wikipedia: "Each of the Kvant-2, Kristall, Spektr and Priroda modules was equipped with one of these arms, which, after the module had docked to the core module's forward port, grappled one of two fixtures positioned on the core module's hub module." "The module's main docking probe was then retracted, and the arm raised the module so that it could be pivote
  7. @Doc Shaftoe working perfectly now, can't wait to pretty up my shuttles!
  8. Presenting the STS Death to SRBs Mods are Cormorant Aeronology (Shuttle and ET) and Bluedog Design Bureau (S1C)
  9. Any update on this? Would love to see these parts back
  10. Do you mean this? or this? Both still work as of 1.2.2. You need the github community fix of Infernal Robotics and Kerbal Joint Reinforcement available here: Edit: My mistake it seems RKE Kanadarm needs a few fixes
  11. @DJ Reonic are you using a bigger solar system? There are no difference between these parts and "Stock" CA. P.S. @MrMeeb that payload adapter looks amazing! Is it going to be gold and shiny like the real deal?
  12. @MrMeeb thanks for the configs, working perfectly now. No idea what the texture was, but its gone now. Keep up the good work!
  13. @MrMeeb there was a patch made to the DIRECT Parts in that mod's forum thread that updates fuel value for new versions of CryoEngines, what do you think? https://github.com/LouisB3/LB_KSP_Configs/blob/master/DIRECT_Rebalance.cfg Also, I noticed your Mk 3 Cockpit resolution is a bit off, any idea what might be causing this?
  14. Personally I prefer the thinner realistic Spekr module, but maybe I'm wierd Also looking at that bottom right panel is really telling as to the state of repair on Mir
  15. Thanks for this, but is there any way of having just one layer ParaSci style? The multiple layers is too much for my machine to handle
  16. Hey @CobaltWolf, love the Mod, been noticing this error message on boot, any idea what is going on? http://imgur.com/gSuESLn Keep up the good work, especially you @MrMeeb, I need my launch tower
  17. @MrMeeb There doesn't appear to be a Canadarm mounting point on the CRG-150, do you have any idea what might be overriding this?
  18. Tantares config seems to be wrong Looking at the tantares packs for Proton and Soyuz, Proton is kerolox and Soyuz N2O2/UDMH... Wrong way round
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