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  1. Weird. I think there may be a conflict between this mod and the old 6-Crew Science Lab mod; and the conflict really messes up CKAN's idea of which mods are really installed. Cleaning the directory up a little helped, but chances are perhaps there is a collision of some ID or GUID. Mod works for me now but it took me half an hour to get CKAN to consider the right mod as removed and your mod as properly installed.
  2. When I play this, I ONLY get the MPL-LG-2, and not the original and smaller labs. Is there a dependency I am not satisfying?
  3. Classic problem that many of these old "ALL" mods have: Grindy Science no longer works as of KSP 1.11.
  4. I exclusively play career. It's the best game mode, though only with mods is the contract choice pleasant enough to entertain.
  5. No, it's a great suggestion and it comes close. I'll try it in my next career save.
  6. I finished my Duna Program today (even though 6 Kerbals are still orbiting, I will need to run a crew rotation) This is the first time I landed Kerbals on Duna after... many hours of KSP. Super happy, because this was connected and made possible by the large station I built around Ike (and moved to Duna) earlier this week. Over 60 mods active, in particular USI Life Support, which made this mission challenging because of Habitation, Homesickness, and Supplies. Full Album with lots of Gifs: https://imgur.com/a/7Vc5bNh No other game gives me the sense of accomplishment that KSP gives me, and man that new terrain shader sure makes Duna's vistas beautiful.
  7. Yeah grouchy Kerbals glitch out for me, too, I use KML or Sublime edit to fix them if that happens. I'll provide some logs if I get the issue again.
  8. Cool! So that's an intentional feature. However, the NPE gets thrown only in that case. So at least I spotted a little bug (can't narrow it down much, the code is a bit wild down there :))
  9. [EXC 21:42:38.096] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object LifeSupport.LifeSupportMonitor_Editor.OnGUI () (at <293124646a844ce6b8853ebbceabb423>:0) [EXC 21:42:38.096] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object LifeSupport.LifeSupportMonitor_Editor.OnGUI () (at <293124646a844ce6b8853ebbceabb423>:0) Yep. (interestingly, Nancy was badS, but not a vet, and Isaus was just a plain Kerbal)
  10. And also I have a bug where I don't even understand what's going on internally, because "indefinite" should only show if there is no effect for that Kerbal; but some habitat modules seem to make it go indefinite for Nancy Kerman, a normal Pilot, but not her Engineer, Isaus Kerman. Quick video of this: https://imgur.com/NlEyoui EDIT: Ah, according to the code, that's the "default" value for the Hab string, so probably there is either an execution path that falls through, or execution is diverted (Exception thrown)
  11. Well but the values are very, very wrong. This makes planning super difficult and this display is basically useless. Also I can never know WHEN my Kerbals go MIA or Grouchy on me... I think it's somewhere around this code from the mod... but I think it's maybe the time conversion afterwards, but this code can miss a lot of connected resources, as flowState I guess really isn't the way to go anymore. private double GetResourceInVessel(Vessel vessel, string resName) { if (vessel == null) return 0d; var amount = 0d; var count = vessel.parts.Count; for (int i = 0; i < count; ++i) { var p = vessel.parts[i]; if (!p.Resources.Contains(resName)) continue; var res = p.Resources[resName]; if(res.flowState) amount += res.amount; } return amount; } ... and I think it should rather work like this (though I'm not so sure if that catches things that are set to "no flow"): private double GetResourceInVessel(Vessel vessel, string resName) { if (vessel == null) return 0d; int id = PartResourceLibrary.Instance.GetDefinition(resName).id; vessel.GetConnectedResourceTotals(id, out var amount, out var max); return amount; }
  12. I keep getting "EC Expired" even though there's PLENTY of charge on the space station. It is in a separate module, though. In fact, I put a small lander to the test and oddly the numbers are way out of whack. It can easily go all night without running out of EC, yet the USI LS mod thinks it's 30 minutes before the lights go out. Do I need to be worried? This is significantly worse after I set a 10x higher EC value (0.1) of course, probably because I now need to check my station every 5 days.
  13. I did NOT go to Duna today. Mission Album: https://imgur.com/a/TiDKBsj
  14. The way other mods do warps is pretty simple and ingenious. As soon as you hit that warp button, you get your own time bubble. Everything on rails is directly visible and interactive there, and can even be updated from the past by other players. There is a question what will happen to stuff that will be changed in the future, but that generally isn't an issue either - just flag a craft that it has future maneuvers done to it; or override the future with the past changes - both make sense, and players prefer one or the other. You can click a button to catch up (fast forward) your time to another player's time bubble if it is in the future from your vantage point. (no reverse time travel - that's the magic, meaning players will always coalesce roughly around the same future time line) Just try it. It's stupendously intuitive even in older mods like DarkMultiplayer.
  15. I've been thinking about a mod that makes Science a more valuable resource, and to make craft a little less "perfectly mechanical". Every part starts with tolerances of about 10% for each instance of it you place on a vessel. The core game play idea of the Mod is that you can spend science to reduce these percentages by an order of magnitude, e.g. Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 1%, Level 3 = 0.1%, Level 4 = 0.01%, Level 5 = x*0.001%. This could work using the existing and very neglected part upgrade mechanics, or by maybe for starters just paying the same amount of science AGAIN repeatedly on a tech tree node. Example - OX-STAT Panel has +/- 10% applied to its output and +/- 10% to its weight when it is first loaded into a vessel, same goes for Reliant engines, (+/- 10% for weight, +/- 10% for Thrust, +/- 10% for fuel flow, +/- 10% for ISP, literally for everything). Now please note each of these are random ranges generated for most relevant values on every part. We should probably have it that there is a bit of a curve, maybe quadratic or normal distribution, meaning the extreme outliers are possible but rare. The question is, would a craft like this be still controllable? I think it would, but it wouldn't fly straight up without controlling it somehow in most cases.
  16. I finished my Ike Space Station. Mission album: https://imgur.com/a/hcsBSGs (over 75 pics and vids) 13 Launches 4 Launch Vehicles 66 Mods installed, including USI Life Support HARD game preset, but with some difficulty tweaks (120% reentry heating, but also double DSN Range, and allow Saving and Loading because by Kerman, this game glitches a lot)
  17. Funny, I wanted to suggest the same. It would make uncontrolled descent "easily" programmable. For instance, on "Loss of Signal", I'd like certain antennas to unfold. (kind of a safe mode switch that I could set up) On "Loss of Energy", certain solar panels or other parts. On "Touchdown", certain decouplers etc.
  18. Is there a chance this will lose the B9 Partswitch dependency at some point? It strikes me a kind of obsolete, given the many ways to switch part variants now. A lot of cockpit cams have this issue since KSP 1.8, I think it's a clipping plane problem on the camera side.
  19. Wow that explains a lot of problems I have had with payloads that I saved with their fairings.
  20. Career literally is THE game mode to play as a beginner, because it does set fun and achievable goals to you and doesn't overwhelm you with things to place or do. (science mode is a close second, but lacking things and instructions to do. Strategies in stock KSP are worthless; only with mods like Strategia do they add to the complexity). The only advice regarding career for newbies is - don't play on "HARD" even if you change the rewards etc to easier settings afterwards, if you press on HARD first, all the building upgrades are much more expensive. All other difficulty modes will easily shower you in funds to keep you flying comfortably, but you occasionally need to take specific contracts to pay for an upgrade etc. Regarding OP: You're doing great! Try to angle your rocket a bit (press D, maybe to 70°, due east, the 90 on the nav ball one quarter of the way towards the horizon) right after takeoff while the SRB is still burning, don't fly straight up. The flatter trajectory usually means you cover more distance in thick air, meaning you get slowed down more. If you right click on the SRB in the editor, you can limit its thrust down to maybe 30% to give you a smoother, longer burn (or limit the amount of fuel so you don't fly as crazy high before you get controllable rocket parts). You can also right-click the parachute and change its deploy min pressure to ~0.2 or something, from the deadly 0.01 it is at (which means it will deploy at the top of your trajectory if that is a "safe" time (usually is: slow, and there is air), and then burn up before it can slow the craft enough as it falls down. You can adjust parachutes in-flight, but not solid boosters. I always wondered why the hell Squad didn't at LEAST set 0.1 or 0.2 as the default min pressure for parachutes. Also, you can grab a little bit of science right on the ground without launching by putting thermometers etc. on the rocket, or taking a crew report.
  21. Yeah, but have you seen just HOW TERRIBLY things and objects in Star Citizen move? They are having the hardest time to make stuff interpolate, interact, and simulate even remotely realistically; stuff bounces around, falls through platforms, sinks into each other ALL THE TIME. And I think the double precision bit really is just for their per-system general placement of physics bubbles, which then are probably going to be much simpler beasts than KSPs at long range, and at short range classical 3D-shooter-esque collision simulations. I mean, the thing is basically build on CryEngine==Lumberyard.
  22. The game runs like cheeks right now even on my i7-8068k, I don't consider the Xbox version even remotely playable, other than for a few basic launches. Just as I say they are going to have much better performance in KSP 2 than KSP 1, I also say we can't expect it to run 4x faster. And that means for consoles, to pass CERTIFICATION, the game still needs to run at a decent frame rate in most scenarios, especially in multi player because that service actually costs extra on most console platforms. The people behind star theory are known to make engines and games that are well-architected and scalable, but in one of the articles/videos, star theory literally said it's for "up to 4 friends". I'll try to find that video. Of course this is likely to change.
  23. Capable yes, but it requires specific coding. GPU physics are generally for visual effects, not gameplay effects. But Unity 2019 supports them; especially with the DOTs stuff. So exploding stuff can be accelerated. Gameplay... not so much (even though that is also possible; getting the data out of the GPU back into the memory where the game runs is usually the hard part, hard being "it's slow").
  24. There's some code that bugs out when you have no crew on your vehicle. It seems like it tries to always assume 1, but does a division by zero for the fertilizer calculation.
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