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  1. obney kerman

    Dissapearing ships?

    Oops, forgot about this. I can see the icon, but not the ship itself, and the ship cannot be switched to without using the tracking station, which would cause the original ship to no longer exist, despite neither ship being listed as "debris". Was 250, just changed it to 1000. No effect. I can see the squares, just not the ships. It's like the game thinks the ships exist, but they don't. I also tried turning off the "Clear out debris" function. Still no effect. EDIT: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! The problem was "Physics range extender", a mod I had been using to help with BDarmory. Removed the mod from the folder, and it worked fine! FINALLY!!!!1!!!!!11!!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!!
  2. And now, the next challenge, which some of you have... already done? LF only SSTO! Make an SSTO which uses only LF, no oxidizer, and carries at least 4 passengers. You have one week, so get to it! Complete the challenge within a week to be awarded the unique mission patch! EDIT: This challenge was suggested by @AeroGav!
  3. The challenge is now closed! Thank you for participating. The new challenge will be up in an amount of time.
  4. obney kerman

    Kerbal amateur rocket team. (KART)

    That escalated quickly.
  5. Great chapter, keep them coming!
  6. Sooooo sorry for the delay, I had like 5 prior commitments! Anyway, Challenge 2: Kerbin 3 circuit! For our second challenge, we need you to land on the Mun and Minmus and return to Kerbin. This is a simple challenge, but not easy. Good luck to all!
  7. obney kerman

    What are your kerbals named?

    Um, what?
  8. obney kerman

    What are your kerbals named?

    I'm named after a pilot in my current save game, Obney Kerman. The name is from the generator.
  9. Great last(?) chapter. I'll miss this series, as the first series for me to watch beginning to end, without it dying halfway through. Thank you for making my day a little brighter.
  10. obney kerman

    Project Intrepid (Chapter 54 - Terms and Conditions)

    Most of my concepts don't get further than the drawing board, so good job making yours a reality!
  11. Yay, I'm leaving Kerbin's SOI in an untested refit of the Excursion which includes completely new and untested engines, a reactor, and more dangerous things! Wait, why does that sound so bad?