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  1. obney kerman

    Project Intrepid (Chapter 44: Driven by Loneliness)

    Well... interesting.
  2. The most on topic but also off topic post since the great debate of gun recoil in space over on Kerbfleet.
  3. Mods are OK, just not autopilot or rendezvous assist.
  4. Sure! Making it into an asteroid is probably even more difficult than making it from scratch.
  5. I'm inclined to say no to Mechjeb, what does @Alpha 360, @kerbalstar, and @VelocityPolaris have to say?
  6. Challenge 2: Mun station!! My current mun station, the Mun Orbital Research and Refueling Outpost (MORRO) A space station is an important part of your progression in the game. For this challenge, I need you to build one around the Mun! Prerequisites: Must have at least 2 modules. Must carry at least 4 kerbals. Must have a storage of liquid fuel and oxidizer for refueling. Must have at least 2 open docking ports for arriving craft. The rest is all up to you. Complete the challenge and you will be awarded an ENCC medal! EDIT: Don't worry @4x4cheesecake, it only took 7 hours!
  7. I'll post the challenge this afternoon, or in ~10 hours for people who aren't on central time.