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  1. Hooray! Now on to the hardest difficulty!
  2. Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    "Our plane reached space, but it exploded midair for no reason. Parts of the plane are about to leave the solar system."
  3. The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 92 - Echoes

    Welcome to the forums. May your days here be punctuated by great stories, unanswerable questions, and rediscovery of forgotten threads (but not revival).
  4. I feel like this is KSP game of thrones based on the number of kerbs dying. Good job!
  5. The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 92 - Echoes

    Adopting a bit of @Geschosskopf's mythos, are we?
  6. The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 92 - Echoes

    I have to agree. Good luck with the song, you've just given the earworm back to me after months of trying to get it out of my head!
  7. You Know You're A Nerd When:

    When you play KSP, Universe sandbox, Space Engineers, and Oxygen not Included.