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  1. obney kerman

    Eeloo Fleet

    You might need more relays. I recommend sending a relay carrier, with multiple powerful antennae to be placed in varying orbits.
  2. obney kerman


    TOTM! This deserved it.
  3. obney kerman

    Eve Fleet

    Just because it can land at Kerbin doesn't mean the rover will work at Eve.
  4. Very convincing. I liked it. … I need to add a santa hat to my avatar now, don't I?
  5. I see what you did there. Welp, there goes the fourth wall. It lasted surprisingly long.
  6. obney kerman

    Conquering Whirligig (Chapter 19 - Another Discovery)

    That about sums it up.
  7. Wow. I had no idea how bad I was at installing mods. Fixed, and it works great.
  8. That is the most intimidating thing I've ever seen on this website. EDIT: In case it helps, here's the error message itself: The thing I thought was my output log was the Logs/Kopernicus this error message told me to post.
  9. //===============================================================================================================// //===== Kopernicus 1.5.1-1 - (BuildDate: 24.10.2018 15:30:43; AssemblyHash: a9owHe+pY7/aruYPXrcjOdWclo0=) =====// //===============================================================================================================// [LOG 17:28:49]: Logger "Kopernicus" was created [LOG 17:28:49]: Injector.Awake(): Begin [LOG 17:28:51]: [Kopernicus] RuntimeUtility Started [LOG 17:28:51]: StarLightSwitcher.Awake(): Begin [LOG 17:29:04]: Injector.OnDestroy(): Complete
  10. I'm using the latest version of kopernicus, but after ksp finishes booting up I get a message saying that Kopernicus couldn't load everything correctly. This is with Kopernicus, as with version 1.5.0 the warning that it won't work comes as part of the loading screen.