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  1. Hello! I would like to ask how I get reflections on visors in 1.5
  2. @blackrack when can we expect a release of the new lighting and fixing of the terrain edge?
  3. @Omega482 Um will the custom roads and crawlerways be coming with the alpha release?
  4. so um @Nhawks17 are you redoing the mod now for just big updates or are you back in full blast or is this a one time thing?
  5. @Omega482 A beta release would be amazing because then we can test it to see if it works with other kk mods. (TSC) *Cough cough* an excuse to play with them *cough couch*.
  6. 1. That is the sexiest falcon 9 replica I've ever seen in KSP 2. What fonts did you use for the logos?
  7. @damonvv Are you also going to work on the retired block 4 booster? maybe with darker soot and more defined lines on the first stage
  8. @TheBigElon so how is it going? sry that I keep asking I just want to make a cinematic using a high res starman.
  9. Yeah the devs switched everything to be more like real rockets which I like that they are doing that but I feel like they are ruining the comical effect ksp used to have. Also I'm currently customizing my ksc with TSC.
  10. Be aware this mod is designed to be stockalike not a perfect replica if you want that go install launchers pack.
  11. Now how can I change terrain texture to the KSC green instead of dark green?
  12. I'm trying to make a flat area to create a new KSC
  13. @Ger_space Is there a tutorial somewhere to modify terrain using KK because I can't figure it out.
  14. @damonvv I think it's something to do with lift properties on the broadside of the vehicle just like Gojira having the spinning problem.
  15. yeah in mine it refuses to go heat shield first and goes broadside like Starship. wait how is it stock if you have TE installed? do you mean no other mods than TE and it's dependencies?
  16. I mean go from partial to full retract right at liftoff where the pad lets go of the rocket. How do I do that? Action group or stage it
  17. @AlphaMensae how do I get the 2-step falcon 9 strongback to fall back to 45 degrees at liftoff? my tower just stays at 88.5.