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  1. I am awfully sorry but it is still being a pain in the cheeks, new output log https://www.dropbox.com/s/fd7trrqil20mo9y/output_log.txt?dl=0 I deleted the old 000_AT_Utils file and installed the new one Does precise manoeuvre node have anything to do with the buttons because I believe that is the most incompatible mod i have? Your effort alone is worthy of my admiration!
  2. I think I sorted out the KAS issue, the unity engine is a bit beyond my knowledge, I should look in game data and try to find unityengine stuff in there somewhere? Here is another link to my game data https://www.dropbox.com/s/fd7trrqil20mo9y/output_log.txt?dl=0 I went in to the game -> tracking station -> a few satellites (had no issue) I then went back in to the main screen and used Bon Voyage to switch back and forth to a WBI Buffalo rover and thats when it all went wrong You know I love you right?
  3. Here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlbctnvujc8149q/output_log.txt?dl=0 Thank you so much, I was trying so hard to be a good boy
  4. It's the one from here "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data" I can see a debug file under "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program" but no output file
  5. Hello amazing community For some reason on every scene change KSP has started duplicating all of the stock buttons on the toolbar (i'm 90% sure i didn't install any extra mods), most of these buttons don't work, please see attached pic; https://imgur.com/6M3yO0Y and this gets worse on each scene change and persists; https://imgur.com/MMQZCbH Here is my output file (i think/hope) https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlbctnvujc8149q/output_log.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/og8g85kcg2qlxnv/output_log.txt?dl=0 Mod list; KSP: 1.7.1 (Win64) - Unity: 2017.1.3p1 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit 000_AT_Utils - 1.8 ClickThroughBlocker - Toolbar - 1.7.18 USI Tools - 1.1 ToolbarControl - Airplane Plus - 24.0 AtmosphereAutopilot - 1.5.12 Aviation Lights - 4.0.7 B9 Part Switch - 2.7.1 Bon Voyage - 0.14.4 Community Category Kit - 4.1 Community Resource Pack - 1.1 CommunityTechTree - 3.3.7 ConfigurableContainers - Contract Configurator - 1.27.1 Contract Pack: Clever Sats - 1.4 Contract Pack: Field Research - 1.2.1 Contract Pack: Kerbal Academy - Contract Pack: Bases and Stations - Contract Pack: Tourism Plus - 1.5.2 Easy Vessel Switch - 1.11.7052.36539 Firespitter - 7.12 GroundConstruction - 2.4 KAS - 1.3.7050.3681 Kerbal Construction Time - Kerbal Engineer Redux - 1.1.6 Kerbal Flight Indicators - 17.0 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 4.0.10 KerbalKonstructs - KerbinSide-Complete - 1.5.1 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.22.7090.200 KRASH - KSP-AVC Plugin - MagiCore - Infernal Robotics - 3.0 MarkIVSystem - 3.0.2 NearFutureProps - 0.5.1 Precise Maneuver - 2.4.1 RCS Build Aid - ResonantOrbitCalculator - SCANsat - ScrapYard - 1.1.2 StageRecovery - 1.9.1 StationPartsExpansionRedux - 1.2.1 Surface Mounted Lights - 1.13.7052.37376 TextureReplacer - 3.7 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.10 Transfer Window Planner - 1.6.3 USI Core - 1.1 USI Exploration Pack - 1.1 Konstruction - 1.1 MKS - 1.1 Sounding Rockets - 1.1 Unmanned before Manned - Waypoint Manager - 2.7.5 WildBlueTools - 1.73.1 Kerbal Actuators - 1.7.4 Buffalo - 2.7.1 Classic Stock Resources - 1.0.5 Airships - 2.15 [x] Science! - 5.19 Please help im really enjoying this save
  6. oooh normally when I get it wrong using these it just throws the docking craft off in a random direction, I was wondering what was causing it.
  7. It's possible but means moving the part then kerbal and repeating but that becomes awkward. I used to use it to make modular craft to go to duna etc so I could launch the payload, transfer it to a inter moon transport then transfer it to a lander on arrival. You could also use it to make upgrades on space craft like upgrading probe cores, adding fuel and moving engines, was a very useful thing.
  8. There was a space dock that acted like a kerbal with a tool, was REALLY useful not having to rely on a kerbal and being able to build thing autonomously, it scaled up the weight and distance it could reach as it got larger
  9. Hey, I've used this mod for an age now, been afk a bit, The workshop is asking me for equipment for some of the science modules to be made but I can't find it. I'm using most of the USI pack (apart from the asteroid bit) and angels buffalo and airship mods amongst others, any ideas what's going on?
  10. there was a mod called "space dock" that let you use a giant space dock as a kas engineer, it made moving pay loads SOOOOO good for a while but no posts since Jan
  11. angel, and you are such, how do I make the scientists not "fat finger" all the science I'm a science lab? I believe it is BARIS yeah?
  12. I absolutely love this mod, especially bow I've started using BARIS and KCT. Slight issue though, whenever I place a kerbal it crashes the game. It create a a lot file I can edit in to this but is it a known conflict with one of those mods?
  13. absolutely love this mod, a heavy lifting "easy to control" (after tweaking), recovery ship is simply fantastic. I reckon the only thing on my wish list would be a longer lift (atm I put hangers upside down with winches on lol)
  14. PERFECT timing lol I need to work out a few bugs I'm having then I'll be back baby!
  15. LOVE this mod, having one runway is crazy when irl we have loads to use (and they do). My new save I'm using KCT and BARIS, I'm not sure if they're causing it but I can't "park" planes I'm the hangers which is kinda frustrating as I then have to rebuild a plane I just landed. Any ideas or do you want a full mod list and folders?
  16. love this mod angel!! I haven't got it completely sussed yet but when I do!! (for some reason I can't fix a rocket broke on the lanuchpad before the towers detached, engineer maybe a noob but no option to repair is coming up) I love making rockets with 4/8 engines on the 1st stage and stuff, just like the do irl.
  17. Do you know or wish for me to PM you a link to the modification that the other mod does to your code? I'm pretty sure you can guess what hes done but it maybe a new look (i dont understand it and training as an accountant atm leaves no room to learn coding)
  18. yep yep yep, i'm all over that on my next save (a WBI save), so many people using USI, WBI needs more love IMH as its just as good (and i actually prefer the rovers, airships, BARIS etc)
  19. I've been using a mod called space dock for a while, it had a mod for kis that enabled the aforementioned space dock to act as an engineer with a tool in it's hand. issue is the mod developer has gone ark, I asked some other mod devs I know and they can't help, one suggested I ask you if it's possible to put a "switch" in to kis to enable mods to make parts act like a kerbal engineer. many thanks in advance, love this mod!
  20. I too lack any coding ability whatsoever I did ask the KIS dude (im an accountant in training and am awful with names) to add a "switch" of types but didnt get a reply
  21. Sir I Love you! But (always a but ) have you managed to update the KIS patch to allow the spacedocks to work as an engineer with a tool in its hand? Or is it that I'm using 1.3 and the patch only works on 1.3.1?
  22. no 1.3 is recompiling something I could do with some kind of software for my own "enjoyment"? I am kind of recreating the concept Reaction Engines ltd (the company that owns Skylon) have for there Mars mission on my twitch stream this dock is a major part in it tbh
  23. I truly love this mod! Beautiful design etc, I also love using it to unload my space planes etc. now the bug report, to make the spacedocks perform as an engineer with a tool in its hand i need a new .dll but the link in the op doesnt work and the one i dug up from your github doesnt appear to work either.
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