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  1. I really hope that in KSP2 I can build an interstellar spaceship that looks something like this beautiful craft: https://community.foundry.com/discuss/topic/61446/starship
  2. I just watched that video and it is absolutely stunning... :0
  3. I hope the UI doesn't look like this, because this looks incredibly painful to use.
  4. Hey @StarCrusher96, do you think you could add in the old medium sized plasma engine to this planet pack? I wanted to build something similar to the old KSS StarChaser and the large Flux II and the aerospike don't really fit in. Thanks.
  5. The new Tesla cybertruck looks stunning. 9/10

  6. I would make a mod using that good looking texture, but I just don't know how to.
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/IwBFsmF I can't get the embedded image to work
  8. Kopernicus has failed to load KSS. Likely an incorrect version of something. I have had this many times before, but of course not with KSS.
  9. K.S.S Into Darkness K.S.S Forward Unto Nebula K.S.S Stellar Navigator If these refueling parts are put into 0.8 (which is possible) then you could have a ship that had maybe one refueling tug that harvested He3 from gas giants. It would be really cool. A new idea that I just had is nebula harvesting. A large buzzard ramjet (or something similar) collects He3. It would have a very very low He3 income, however. A magnetic field would be required, which would need a kraken ton of electric charge. Somehow, the game would generate certain areas which are gas clouds. It may even be possible to do so with Korlon’s nebula.
  10. The name sounds like an old fisherman talking about his harbour. ‘N over ‘ere we ‘ave the ‘arbour!
  11. Tips for performance: • reduce quality settings •force DX11 (I can only help you if you have steam) • use less non-important mods (any mod that isn’t KSS :P) • don’t use environmental mods I have 8GB of ram too, I know knew what it was like.
  12. @Rakaydos The license that KSS has prohibits you from redistributing the mod. Anyone of any compatability patches for KSS?
  13. The game loads I rarely if ever experience crashes, only lag (but not too much) It’s not RSS!!!!!!!!
  14. To scare @The Minmus Derp into submission. Also @The Minmus Derp you could delete the modified Eve folders if you really wanted to, if your *mum* doesn’t like a modified Eve.