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  1. What kind of computer do you have and what kind of performance do you get with it? This is really cool
  2. Wow, I like the modelling and engine stats - so I will download.
  3. Hey @leatherneck6017I love the particle effect. Thanks for keeping it updated. Would you mind telling me where the effect is located? It mentions in the description that it uses an unused stock particle effect but I can't find it. Thanks.
  4. Do the shiny effects have a significant/any performance impact? I'm running a mid range i5 laptop which runs KSP decently well, even with graphical mods although I am starting to get a bit worried about the performance of KSP2.
  5. Do you have plans to add the laser core antimatter engine? It has an ISP far above other concept antimatter engines while requiring less radiator mass. Also, are these engines meant to be for interstellar missions? The beam core antimatter engine has an ISP of half the KSPIE Daedalus even though in real life it has one of around 10 million according to Atomic Rockets. If they are meant to be for going interstellar then it is really annoying having to stack so many small fuel tanks on one ship which increases part count drastically and lag. Would you ever consider making larger tanks?
  6. Thanks for responding! Do you have plans to include a Daedalus style inertial confinement fusion engine? I think there is some form on intertidal confinement engine at the movement but it isn’t a Daedalus style, and I’d love to be able to make a ship look like the Daedalus without using IE.
  7. Hey @Nertea Far Future Technologies is absolutely amazing. The engines, reactors and fuel tanks all look amazing and incredibly stockalike. I am new to this thread and was wondering if you have plans to add plasma or gas core antimatter engines to the mod. You may have answered this before but I can't find any mentions of it.
  8. Hi @Nertea, I use Ven's stock revamp and I love the textures of the stock modules and I also love using this mod for the containers and centrifuges. Which textures or config files of Station Parts Redux would I have to remove to get the Ven part textures back? Thanks.
  9. I really hope that in KSP2 I can build an interstellar spaceship that looks something like this beautiful craft: https://community.foundry.com/discuss/topic/61446/starship
  10. I just watched that video and it is absolutely stunning... :0
  11. I hope the UI doesn't look like this, because this looks incredibly painful to use.
  12. Hey @StarCrusher96, do you think you could add in the old medium sized plasma engine to this planet pack? I wanted to build something similar to the old KSS StarChaser and the large Flux II and the aerospike don't really fit in. Thanks.
  13. The new Tesla cybertruck looks stunning. 9/10

  14. I would make a mod using that good looking texture, but I just don't know how to.
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