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  1. Kerbin Aerospace Research Agency

    Very cool! I like the pictures in the VAB/hangar, they are very well composed. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to it!
  2. Please ignore, the problem was not caused by VSR
  3. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So...when falcon heavy flies...will more people want to launch on it? Looking at the schedule on Wikipedia...only three launches (although one is going to the Moon)
  4. KSP Fan-Art MkII

    Not sure what you mean, but I was drawing/tracing from this picture:
  5. The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)

    Yeah, people recognising me was one of the reasons i want to change it sooner rather than later, while I'm not very well known
  6. The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)

    I was thinking of changing my name, but I don't really know what to change it to. Having the name of a real-life/in development spacecraft seems a bit wrong. Feel free to move if this is considered off-topic.
  7. Why do they not fair engines nozzles?

    But...I...I'm not science fiction...just need a bigger budget... Back on topic, I'd agree with what's already been said. I guess that the weight is too much compared to the negligible aerodynamics improvements. And of course there's the cooling problems and such. Adeline was going to do this, but that's because it had to re-enter and land. Edit: Huh, just noticed my rep is now 503...halfway there.
  8. I think he means through the vacuum; the vibrations probably passed through the apollo 13 spacecraft, not the vacuum
  9. I don't think it was the generations of rockets being a problem... its more the rate of launching. At the moment there's no need for payloads over 3t. We just need more people wanting to launch satellites. And a video has already been posted of the first launch
  10. KSP Fan-Art MkII

    Longsword 1 Rocket
  11. Drawing my Longsword 1 rocket From this: To this: My first attempt at drawing without a background (normally I draw directly onto a layer in photoshop, this time i traced on a separate layer)
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I missed it (was during school here, half an hour too late for lunch)
  13. Edit: Ignore the below, I hadn't read your most recent post. Brilliant as always, by the way If you are in need of a mass driver, there's always this mod If you don't like the modelling or texturing you could always cover it up with panels