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  1. Is there a graph/chart anywhere of the day and time at which launches have taken place during the week? It would be interesting to see if there is any pattern at all.
  2. Just thought some of you might want to know... Stage and a half designs are now possible; here's a bad example:
  3. Some testing reveals that, as far as I can tell, engines can fire through decouplers now (they have an actual hole in the collider rather just a visual one). I decided to make a sort-of Atlas II, and it did work, although the half-stage completely broke apart after staging: As far as I'm aware this was not possible with stock decouplers before 1.4, so I'd be interested to see what kind of rockets you all can create (hopefully without an RUD of the half stage).
  4. Edit: Accidental double post, delete if possible
  5. https://imgur.com/a/hOvSV https://imgur.com/a/p3W45 Not ordered albums, largely taken from different attempts missions. I do love this mod.
  6. Are there supposed to be other buildings as well? At the moment all I have are the landing pads, although there are two files 'combined building3 Emissive' and 'combined building3' which look like they are for a building. It could be that I'm just not noticing any other changes.
  7. Any plans to make recoverable fairings? You could have thrusters, parachute and probe core all in one part
  8. Are you still making the guide? Wondering because I just installed it and was unsure of how to attach a decoupler to the gigan trunk because nothing seemed to be flush
  9. Question: if SpaceX wants to really up the launch cadence-around once a day-could it be possible to just not do a static fire?
  10. People have been thanking specific mods and the modding community in general, but I'm thankful that we have the opportunity to mod at all. Without the possibility for modding, it would be a very different game.
  11. Well I'm not sure what this is a picture of, but it says FH on it so its part of the Falcon Heavy, probably the centre core I was about to say that it was an attachment point for the side-boosters, but then it shouldn't be in line with the flag. Now that I've seen it there, you can just about make it out on this picture: ...though without the black/grey square around it. Looking at this picture: ...you can see there are two smaller struts coming off of the attachment struts (I know there is a proper word for 'strut' but I can't remember what it is at the moment). I presume these will push the attachment struts down after the side boosters separate. So the thing above the flag may be for attaching the smaller struts.
  12. I finally launched my reusable Minmus lander which I've been waiting a long time to do (I just added the science module to a station at Minmus on the career save). Using Ven's Stock Revamp with the extra parts it gives you (I think the feet of the landing legs are added parts)
  13. Well, if the BFR does what Elon said it will do when he said it will do it (even if it's delayed), by the time I can afford a NS flight, there may be a ticket price equal to an airline flight for a BFR flight.
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