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  1. Is asteroid mining proficient?

    The larger the asteroid, the tougher it is to control. You'll burn a lot of fuel just catching and bringing one into orbit. I've taken Class E asteroids to the Joolian moons for contracts, but they barely have any ore left when I get there; which is part of the problem. Asteroids have a finite supply of ore. It'll run dry after awhile and you'll need to grab another one. I think you' be much better off using Minmus for refueling operations. Unless you just like catching asteroids, which I can understand. I do have some fun with 'em.
  2. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    I was thinking the same thing. There was so much info in this weekly that it was hard to take it all in at once, but that section jumped out immediately. It was a bit like a knock upside the head to get your attention. Kinda tough to miss. I don't know anything about the technical details guys have been talking about (I'll take their word for it), I'm just glad the game will continue on. Looks like the "KSP development is dead" crowd that always seems to be around will have to sit on their hands through at least one more update. No matter what actual changes this represents, I see it all as great news.
  3. Roads to Duna: No Moar Boosters (UPDATES!)

    I've wanted to do this challenge since it was introduced. I was in the middle of a Jool 5 and an Eve mission though, so I couldn't get to it right away. Not sure why this one appealed to me so much, cuz it's way outside my comfort zone. If you put my five modules together, it would easily be the smallest ship I've built since my first few weeks in the game (not counting satellites). I never try the "low cost" or "low mass" challenges, because it's just not my style of play. After all this time, I still enjoy the Duna/Ike system though, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Haven't looked at the other entries, cuz I didn't wanna be influenced by them, but I did look at the leaderboard. Then I realized I needn't have worried. Those entries are all ridiculously small. I won't be able to top 'em, but I think I had a pretty good mission. My largest module is 7.1 tons. Pretty sure I'm eligible for "Consistency, Good Sir", "Old School", "Slow Climb", "Justin Case", "They See Me Rollin", and "A Solid Plan". Kudos to @sevenperforce for an awesome challenge. After coming up with the idea itself, I think figuring out a way to score it is often the toughest part of coming up with a challenge. Not sure how you came up with all the different bonuses, but I definitely like 'em. It gives you a lot of different options to plan your mission (I'm gonna go back and see what everybody else did; I'm betting some of them are gonna be wildly different). One question I had was whether you had considered a bonus for sending the Duna Ascent Vehicle on a separate transfer from the crew and lander modules. Just curious. Anyway, here is my mission. Hope it measures up to the other entries. Here is the Duna Ascent Vehicle, at 6.3 tons. The separate transfer stage for the Duna Ascent Vehicle, at 7.116 tons. This is my heaviest module. Main transfer stage for the crew and lander modules, at 6.97. The lander module and rover, at 7.097 tons. The return stage, at 6.877 tons. Could've certainly made it lighter. It's a bit unorthodox with the 3 Mk1 Command Modules, but I kinda like the way it turned out. And I didn't need to worry about the lower heat tolerances of the Mk1 Lander Can and crew cabin during the return. Seemed like a good trade off. Full album below. Hope you guys dig it. https://imgur.com/a/u5iBA
  4. KSP Weekly: The Eridania Region

    I getcha. Believe me, every time I see a screenshot with the KER window open I think how much I would love to have all that info. It's not a part of the stock game though, so I don't do it. However, if it were a part of the stock game, I would gladly indulge. And though my opinion on the subject hardly matters, I'd like to be clear that I'm not against mods (except maybe Mechjeb ). I just didn't like hearing that you need a desktop and KER to play the game, because it's obviously not true.
  5. KSP Weekly: The Eridania Region

    I didn't dismiss them. I said they're covered by mods (something I understand you're a big fan of). I play stock because I like it. Mods are not stock and vice versa. Though I guess I was a bit dismissive of automated parachutes because, well, it sounds a bit superfluous. Apologies though, if you were offended.
  6. KSP Weekly: The Eridania Region

    Laptops aren't legit gaming computers? All that matters is what's under the hood; not how big your car is. After a year and a half, my gaming laptop is still a monster because it was outrageously expensive. It's huge, and I never take it anywhere, but some of us don't wanna be married to a desk (and you'd be surprised what they can fit into a laptop in this, the digital age). You tend to get what you pay for with computers Beyond a certain point, laptops can't compare to desktops because they're out of room, but I would never reach that point because, though I'm crazy enough to spend $2,500 on a computer, I'm not crazy enough to spend $5,000. And even though it's now "old", it still plays everything on "Ultra" without a hiccup (though I probably can't have any more kids because of my now cooked crotch). Which brings us to KSP. A game that is notoriously tough on processors because of all the physics calculations, and the fact that you can only use a single core. It's all about part-count. If you favor large vessels, like I do, you're gonna need some serious computing power. Graphics enhancements need computing power as well; not just your GPU. I regularly launch vessels with over 1,000 parts (my Jool-5 had over 1,900), and it works just fine. However, I created a separate install for graphics enhancements to see how good the game could look. I added SVE, EVE, SVT, DOE, Scatterer, Planetshine, Kopernicus, Real Plume, and Engine Lighting. If you know this game, you can already guess what happened. It looked absolutely fantastic, and fps dropped to about 4. I consider that unplayable, but it looks great if I want a pretty screenshot or video. Different people care about different things. Some care how great it can look, some care about having high part-counts with zero lag. We all play differently. Which brings us to mods. Differing gaming styles is where they shine. This game is already tough on processors; if graphics enhancements were stock, people would complain that they couldn't play the game without turning everything off. And not everyone can afford a high-end gaming rig. I doubt Squad only wants to target the elite. A game needs to be playable for as many people as possible. Individualization is done through mods. If you want automated parachutes (has that become a legitimate concern?), then mods can provide it for you. And if you play enough that you can't go a week without the game while you wait for your mods to update (I'm with you there: a day without KSP is a dark day indeed), then instead of asking for these things to be stock, why not make a donation to the people who actually create and maintain these mods? Not only would you be showing your appreciation, but perhaps the mod makers will be more motivated to update their mods quicker at the next update. And one last thing: do you know the Delta V and TWR of my Jool 5? Neither do I. Just like I don't know the numbers for any rocket I've ever built, because I don't use mods (and I already spend enough time on KSP that I'm not gonna learn to do the calculations). I've only seen a couple of Scott Manley videos, but I'm sure he can play without KER. I'm sure it saves time and can help you make your rockets more efficient, but it's not necessary. Knowledge gained through experience (and a bit of guesswork) is all you need. I actually enjoy a bit of mystery and adventure in each rocket. And really, we're sending rockets to other planets. Shouldn't there be some danger involved? I never know until I get there if I cut a certain stage a little too close, or my TWR is a little too low (testing landers is always a good idea). It's the way I've always played, and I love it. There are probably plenty of others who do as well. There's always one thing we can all agree on, because although we all play differently, we all love this game. The money for the "stupid" expansion has been burning a whole in my account for months. I'll be buying the moment it's available. As I would for any new KSP content. I guess even automated parachutes.
  7. How do you get badges below your name?

    You just have to complete the associated challenge. Once you do, the challenge-maker will give you permission to use the badge. You can then put it in your signature. Look in the "Challenges and Mission Ideas" subforum. There are tons of different challenges to choose from. Just pick one that sounds fun and go for it.
  8. Have your contract window open when you dock. From what I remember (been a while since I refueled on the way out), the "newly built" light will go off when you dock. Then, when you undock, it will light back up. Meaning your station is once again considered "newly built after accepting the contract". Should work fine.
  9. This is a bit tricky. It should revert when you unlock the transport vessel, but I've heard other players say you can't dock to anything, ever, or it negates the contract. All I can tell you for sure is that I used to refuel huge space stations and bases at Minmus before heading to whichever planet they were going to, and it never caused a problem. I always completed the contract just fine. So, in theory, you should be able to use a tug-type transport vessel.
  10. No, I wouldn't try that. It'll give your entire station a timestamp from the older part and you won't fulfill the contract.
  11. Ship rotates on EVA

    Welcome to the forums! Tap timewarp for just a second and turn it back off. This will stop all movement on the ship. If it begins to move again, something is moving it. Perhaps you have RCS engaged on the ship?
  12. RCS problems

    When you see weird things like that, switching to another ship (or the space center), will often make things act like they're supposed to again.
  13. Do I keep working on this Eve ascent vehicle, or get to bed before my girl passes out and I'm outta luck? Either way, tough choice.
  14. Docking with Richfal - Orbital Rendezvous II

    Docking is one of the toughest things to do in this game; until you get used to it. Then you'll wonder why you had such a hard time with it in the first place. It's all about relative velocity. You already know to set your navball to "target" mode. Once you do, and you near your rendezvous with the other ship, burn retrograde until the navball reads zero. At that point... Just move slowly, and don't give up. You will learn to dock. And when you do, it'll open up a whole new world. There'll be nothing you can't do, and all the other things will follow.
  15. Time to LKO? Real time.

    I've always preferred PC games to console games, and so for years I've played on sorry machines that could barely handle games that were 8 years old. Even then, most games would give me the dreaded "graphics settings turned down...blah blah blah". Some wouldn't play at all, saying "upgrade your graphics card". Yeah, sure guys. No problem. So finally, I decided I had had enough. I saved for months, did my homework, and jumped out the window with an insanely expensive MSI gaming laptop. I figured buyers remorse would set in immediately, and I'd wish I'd never done something so crazy. Instead, a year and a half later, it's still a monster, and I consider it one of the best purchases I've ever made. Not everyone will have the means, obviously, but for anyone who has a steady job, I would recommend saving up to buy something great that you'll really enjoy, instead of getting by with substandard machines that just leave you frustrated. Pretty girls take all your money, but they're worth it.