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  1. I always had this "problem" as well. KAC is my only mod; and I wouldn't wanna do without it. However, it really can slow your progress if you let it. I learned to put a stop to it with a pretty simple cutoff switch; money. Once I have an unGodly amount of cash, I start warping more. This also coincides with Reputation. Once your Rep is high enough, it doesn't hurt you to warp for long periods. This also has the added bonus of letting you cherry pick through the available contracts. If you keep getting the same ones, you can let 'em go and wait for something better. I've also found, once you start heading further out and warping for longer periods, you will reach points where there is an exciting blur of activity all at once. You'll have ships arriving at Moho and Duna while you're in the middle of a few missions around Jool. And now your ship at Eve has a window home, while the next launch window to Eeloo just opened. I really love it when you get to that point. Sometimes I jump to an alarm and can barely remember building a certain ship or what it was meant to do. It's a lot of fun. So if you've got the cash, act like a fat-cat. Thumb your nose at those piddly contracts and move on to bigger and better things. It's more exciting.
  2. I hear @RoverDude's a musician anyway. He probably lives in a van.
  3. And that people no longer "like" your posts, but "react" to them. Did Facebook trademark the term "like"? And is that real pizza? Or the crap everyone outside of Chicago eats?
  4. Hey, @TriggerAu. Looks like you guys added the Advanced Tutorial to the Mission Builder. Much appreciated good sir. Sincere thanks.
  5. Is there anything more exhilarating than booting up Steam and seeing that KSP is updating? Of course there is. But it's tough to think of them while KSP is updating.
  6. Squad has consistently, and publicly, stated that they will not negotiate with terrorists. All the same, though. Couldn't hurt.
  7. These review-bombs are infuriating. It's not only dishonest, but downright despicable. It undermines the entire review system. I don't trust a game developer to tell me how awesome their game is. I trust you, my fellow gamer, because I assume we're honest with one another. This is the same crap that happened the last time KSP had a negative review spike. Then, it was Chinese players angry about changing that "you must be a real man to get to the Mun" thing in the 1.3 version. This, I think, is even worse. A lot of those players had just bought the game for the localization of 1.3 in Chinese. This time, these are actual players. One guy has over 600 hours. If you actually play this game and give it a negative review, you are a liar. This is not an opinion. It is a fact. Someone can say this game is not for them, and that cannot be argued, but you cannot say it is a crappy game. I don't play GTA5 because it's not for me, but I've seen it played enough to know that is obviously a good game. These reviews matter. It was Steam's bombardment of ads that showed me KSP when 1.0 was released, but it was the reviews that sold me. I watched the first video on the store page like I always do, then scrolled down to the reviews. I always read a few good reviews and a few bad ones. There were no bad reviews near the top at that time. By the second review I knew I would buy the game. It simply said "I think I have a problem". I didn't get it at first. Then I looked at his hours played. It was well over 1,000. That seemed to me to be absurd at the time. I now have over 3,000 myself. These reviews matter. Giving a negative review to an obviously great game is an outright lie. You are stomping your feet to show how angry you are; and disparaging an obviously great game in the process. And you could also possibly be depriving would-be Kerbonauts from ever experiencing what amounts to a life-altering game if it really gets ahold of you (and God help you if it does). In short, if you wanna do something that matters, get off your couch. Make a sign and go stand outside Take2 headquarters and shout at their executives as they come and go. This might actually accomplish something, but it would also require you to actually do something. At this point, I have zero respect for you. Now get the hell away from my game. And good riddance to ya.
  8. The expansion is still "stock", since it was released by Squad, and I consider it such. However, the Wolfhound is not now, and never will be stock to me unless its performance is lowered to somewhere in the "normal" range. If I wanted a modded engine, I'd install a mod. On the other hand, I'm really enjoying the Cheetah. And all the 1.875m parts really. I think they were a great addition to the game. The Mk2 Command Pod was much needed as well, and I've been using it quite a bit (though I'm not too fond of the color). I was left a bit disappointed that there's no good landing engine for that size to mimic the Terrier/Poodle. I generally have radial tanks and engines anyway, but It's something I'd like to see in the future. As for the giant Stayputnik-looking Vostok pods; not really sure yet. I can see them as cool escape pods for space stations, but I haven't used them too much yet, though I did send one to Eve in my "Top Secret Mission to Gilly" in the Missions forum of the Making History section. Mostly just to see if it could "survive the dive". It did.
  9. Sorry for the late response. Got killed at work today. The difficulty thing is more of a "label" than a "setting". It's a little slider that you can slide back and forth so that the mission is labeled anywhere from "beginner" to "expert". This lets other players know how difficult the mission is going to be. It's in the "Mission Briefing" menu.
  10. Kerbal personal parachutes we're included in the 1.4 update. So they're stock now.
  11. See the "Export" button below? It's in the Mission Briefing menu (hit the little icon at the upper right to open it). A pop-up will show you what the filename is going to be (you can change it if you want, obviously). Then, in your KSP folder, open the "Missions" folder. Inside will be one called "_Exports". Inside that folder will be your mission. When you open it, choose "Extract All" to unzip it. Then copy it, go to Drive.Google.Com and paste it there. Then, copy the link and post it here on the forum (generally down in the "Missions" subsection of the "Making History" section). It sounds quite a bit more complicated than it really is. You'll get the hang of it pretty quick.
  12. When you have your mission settings window open, hit "export". This will zip the file, and it'll be ready to export to whichever file-hosting site you want to use. I used Google Drive because it's free and I already had it on my computer.
  13. Are there any plans to add functionality to the Mission Builder in this update? There are a few things that don't work quite right, some that don't work at all, and a few that are needed (at least, imo). Also, has anyone thought to move the Making History section of the forum a bit higher up? I didn't know it was there for over a week. A bit of promotion certainly couldn't hurt.
  14. @Sirad, I'd like to apologize now if my comment above was a bit harsh. I don't mean to knock the way you play. We all play differently, and one way is as good as any other. If you learned via Mechjeb, then so be it. There's no way to say something is right or wrong in this game; just whether it's fun or not. If you're enjoying the game, that's all that really matters. I just get a bit heated when I hear that the stock game is not playable or fun. Has nothing to do with you personally. Plus I work 12 hour days, so maybe I'm just tired. Anyway, time to pass out. Hope all goes well, happy landings and whatnot.