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  1. landers hopping

    Ah, the greatest Civ of all time. I think I'll still be playing the "Rise of Rome" and "Genghis Khan" scenarios 20 years from now. As for your bases, do you have any screenshots of the troublesome ones? I see these threads all the time, and the bug is well known by now, but I don't really experience these kinds of problems. I currently have bases on Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Gilly (for God's sake), Pol, Bop, and Eeloo. With a large rover/mining base on Moho, and a little one on Tylo. I can use any of them without a problem. Since 1.3.1 I do see a tiny hop when I switch to them. I would equate it to the hop you see on large rockets sometimes when you revert back to the launchpad. Normally, when I see these threads, I assume it's one of the members of the Axis of Evil: autostrut, part clipping, or mods. I think changing the spring strength on legs can do this as well (as I saw someone in another post have this problem because of it). I wonder if I don't see it because I always have my drills in the ground? I'm not sure, really. It has me curious about the cause. Why some and not others?
  2. KSP Weekly: A Private Space Race

    The name-change was a bit of a red flag.
  3. KSP Weekly: A Private Space Race

    Do we have numbers yet for the capacity of any of these tanks? They all look good, by the way. We seem to be getting a lot of new parts with this expansion. Sadly, patience is not included; cuz waitin' on it is killin' me.
  4. Thank you, kind sir. (Sorry for the delayed response; work got nuts). The mission was alotta fun. The launch, as you already surmised, was not. I've got a laptop that was pretty much top-of-the-line when I got it 2 years ago (i7, 24gb RAM, 980m, 1.25tb SSD), and is still a monster even now, but launching a 1,400 part behemoth (even with just KAC installed) was a freakin, chore. I can't remember how long it took, but I timed a 1,900 part ship (from hitting the spacebar until stable orbit) at almost exactly 30 minutes. This one was probably about the same. And the really fun part is the staging. You know from playing that it can get a bit confused on large ships. I think I launched 3 or 4 times cuz I kept staging engines. It was a blast.
  5. And @Victor3, if you wanna see a sort of extreme example of Apollo-style, this is my Jool 5 below. Wanted to make all the landings with the Mk1-2 (which is absurdly heavy), so Apollo-style was the only way to go. Obviously, a Mun lander would look nothing like this, but here ya go. https://imgur.com/a/Yog1d
  6. Just built your ship like normal with a docking port on the nose. Then grab another docking port of the same size. Hit the S or W key twice to flip it upside down. Now bring it to the top of your rocket. It should connect to the other docking port easily. Apollo style is a lot of fun, and has a "cool factor" but, for the record, I'm in agreement with @Rocket In My Pocket. I prefer single launches and direct ascents for simplicity's sake. I only go Apollo-style when I need to make multiple landings without refueling or docking. It is a lot of fun, though. And the first time you split one ship into 2 really opens your eyes to how cool this game really is.
  7. Will this craft land on Eve?

    Those antennas sticking out are unlikely to survive. In fact, anything not behind your heatshield is in peril on Eve descent. If you are allowed quicksaves, just set a high Pe (like 80-70km), and let Eve bring you down slowly. If you can't quicksave, though, this'll be troublesome, because you won't know where you're coming down. Eve has huge continents, but it's got a pretty big ocean, too. The slow descent will use up more ablator, though, so you'll need to balance the pros and cons. As said above, to land on Eve is easy, leaving it is much more difficult. For a small probe, I generally prefer a heatshield one diameter larger than my fuselage. This usually ensures an easy atmospheric entry.
  8. Not only can it be done, it's pretty much a staple of the game. You can have 100 command modules if you want. Docking ports are the best way to go about connecting them during construction, so that you can reconnect them later. There are other ways, as well. When you detach, as long as it has a command module and pilot (or a probecore), with power, engine and fuel, it will be a completely operable and separate vessel. And they can be reconnected later. It's actually a lot of fun. At work now, so I can't put up any screenshots, but someone surely will. Or just look around the forum. As I said, this is a staple of KSP.
  9. KSP Weekly Challenge Suggestions

    Any chance the brunette will be involved in this challenge? If so, count me in. She's got that late-60's-British-hot-chick thing goin'. I'm diggin' it.
  10. Problem getting back to Kerbin from Mun

    No two burns are exactly alike. By changing the inclination of your last burn, you ended up in a slightly higher orbit. You just needed to burn retrograde a bit more to get your Pe back around 35km again. When you make an escape burn, look at your projected orbit. You want your orbital path to be a straight line following Mun's orbital path to the retrograde side (or prograde if you wanted to raise your orbit). The same applies to interplanetary transfers as well. The closer you are to a straight line on your escape, the more efficient your burn is.
  11. landers hopping

    Guess I shouldn't be surprised a guy with a rocket in his pocket beat me to it.
  12. landers hopping

    If you play on Steam it'll update automatically when you log in (once it's released and you have auto updates enabled). Otherwise, just keep an eye on the forum so you know when it's ready. I think you'll get the update from the KSP store (free, obviously). The expansion is supposed to be out early in the year (I'm hoping that means by the end of March), and the 1.4 update is required for it to work. So they'll either be released simultaneously, or 1.4 will be out just before the expansion. I think that's probably more likely, as they like to do a pre-release (which you can enable, if you like) to try to iron out the inevitable new bugs that are introduced. Seems to be a never-ending cycle but, as long as it keeps making the game better, I'm all for it.
  13. How to complete put satellite in x orbit contract

    Minmus is actually a great place to start. Very easy to maneuver around. Try right-clicking your engine and setting the thrust limiter really low if just pressing the shift key once is still too fast. And 5km is a lot. You'll need to get it much closer. And as @Geonovast said, the direction is often a problem. Hover over the node of the desired orbit and make sure it's zero. Then you just need to tweak your orbit to match the target.
  14. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    Hey, @Raptor9, was it your friend's cousin's girlfriend's coworker's roommate who recommended watching Ant-Man? If so, I'd cut ties.
  15. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    I've been thinking about this as well. If a creator is willing to put in the work, it sounds like you could do just about anything with these missions. If they really can be strung together, I think you'll be hearing a lot of "hey, you gotta try so-and-so's campaign; it's awesome". I'm really hoping it's true, cuz I'm already looking forward to it.