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  1. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    you can add @PART[km_smart_*]{ %rescaleFactor = 0.5 %mass = 0.005 } in some .cfg file at the end of the gamedata directory. So when the mod is updated your parts stay the same. I have a "zmyfixes.cfg" file in the last directory of gamedata: // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Kerbal Space Program // Part files fixes // needs "Module Manager" // ----------------------------------------------------------- @PART[km_smart_*]{ %rescaleFactor = 0.5 %mass = 0.005 } @PART[*chute*]{ %category = Ground } @PART[*battery*]{ %PhysicsSignificance = 1 } @PART[graphotron]{ TechRequired = start } So you can tune things at your desire, without having to do that each time a mod is updated. Of course, a 50kg altimeter is quiet unbalanced.
  2. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    It's juste an issue of zero vertical speed, so an option in a speedometer would do the trick : "only V-Speed" or "only H-Speed" or "total Speed". With a "on VSpeed zero decreasing", you have the apoapsis time.
  3. Helicopter Design

    13 parts (including 4 floats and 2 "useless" wings) 11 seats "Huey" :
  4. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

  5. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    Working on something like that. More to come.
  6. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    Sure. *somewhat* balanced, then I know the mods are quiet not new and that the basics won't change. Just talking about "distros"... Ok I have the 1.9.5, but it should be ok in this version. The speed seems to change less. I'll try the
  7. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    I think the altimeter should go by 100 meters to at least 2000m instead of 1000, because there is a gap : one cannot fire an event around 1500m for example. When in the altitude range of mountains, I would prefer to have some precision... And one could need that for a plane... (Couldn't it be in the part.cfg file? Your parts are really GENIUS but 50kg and such a size for a timer.... Bargain Parts has lighter pods... I think there could be a place to discuss balances between parts, and their category too : for me a surface light is electricity. NP, I do correct the files for coherence, but I think there could be a kind of "distro" with BALANCED classical mods, from Bargain Parts to RemoteTech and with some contract packs) [for the moderator : sorry there are several subjects, but linuxgurugamer is between them all] [edit] Speedometer "zero" test (failed) (didn't PASS the threshold...?)(this part would be really usefull for auto-deployment of antennas for RemoteTech) Speed oscillates between 0 and 0.01. I suggest some smoothing of the values.
  8. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    I just tried the timer, and it works beter than expected. I think it works when near the launcher, and not at 5km or so. Has it someting to do with RemoteTech, or with the game mechanics? Test assembly there : (BTW about the extended actions groups : Action Groups Extended)
  9. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    CKAN one. It talks about updating the mod. Prolly a useless warning.
  10. [1.3] RemoteTech v1.8.8 [2017-09-03]

    I'm quiet in the exploration phase of the game at the "comm" level, will I have to make a choice between CommNet and RT ?
  11. Little things

    I don't care. I shouldn't have initiate this subject. You know the game, I know navigation and real flight in light planes. I did just want to suggest one little thing, easy to do, that I'm going to do. And also some other little things just useful to fly a plane without GPS, for example. I don't need nobody to do that. But if someone wants to see, juste ask. Later. You know? When I'll have some motivation to work for KSP. You guys feel agressed because you don't understand what a noob (me) says, and you thought you knew everything on the game.
  12. Little things

    Shut up. A pilot goes where he looks. And I'm not talking about that, you ignorant moron. You can fly without compass or GPS. And you can use a compass for positioning. Or to know where you have to go. Go play GPS and little toys. And did you evr land manually with a plane the KSC Runway without breaking nothing ? Or even made a carreer including planes....
  13. You can stop the error message by editing the "Toolbar.version" file to ... "KSP_VERSION_MAX": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 99, "BUILD": 0 } }
  14. Little things

    I don't need to be helped to understand, I know what I'm talking about, as a qualified naval navigation instructor. Navball is a "compas de route", I want a "compas de relèvement". Doing a ergonomic altimeter, than showing you.