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  1. Banned for having the word ban more than 3 times.
  2. Oh. I honestly don't know then. Is it a problem with the game, or a mod?
  3. 8/10 I see you all the time! I used to be here as well a year or two ago, but I left. Now, I'm back!
  4. A picture of the graph in the SPH in detail would be great. Also include center of lift and center of mass "dots"
  5. Can I run RP-0 on this with a 1.6.1 setup? RP-0 is only rated for 1.2.2
  6. WOW! Nice! So does this mean that I don't have to download module manager?
  7. Flare replacer by Galileo is a pretty good mod. You can't use it with scatterer