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  1. Don't be annoyed. These modders and their mods that you are talking about, realise how hard modding is. They also realise that Kopernicus is a hugely complex mod that takes weeks or months to compile for a new version. Simply version unlocking is completely futile.
  2. Sure, Courier New TUBM has to wait for at least 15 mins for kerbal to load
  3. Yes TUBM Is playing kerbal right now
  4. Now, I know this has been overdone to death, but I feel like I should say something as well. As I have looked through different social networks, it pained me to see that in almost all, banter, bullying, swearing, all-out death threats (sometimes) wre commonplace. I felt like there was no good in the world. However, I was acquainted with Kerbal Space Program (possibly my favourite game ever). As a result, I was soon exposed to the forums as well, to see if it is worth it to stay here. What I saw is the most helpful, kind, respectful, intelligent and loving community, possibly on the whole internet. People helping each other out with questions (something that, let me tell you, does NOT happen in stackoverflow) and being generally kind with each other. Let's be real, this would not happen without the awesome moderators, checking threads for any signs of aggression and helping people out. So this is my thank you to you, the mods, for being such great human beings. mabdi36
  5. Hey, uhh @Petabyte... It wasn't me that landed on the VAB in 5 seconds, I haven't even attempted it! It was @dnbattley! Edit: Also, It wasn't @ralanboyle with the 17.5 second launch, it was @Klapaucius
  6. First, I landed a probe in the Dres Canyon: Here it, is tipped over in all its glory, and, I built a science "jetpack" of some sorts, one that works on both Kerbin and (most) other celestial objects (mainly intended for Minmus, Ike, Gilly, Dres, Moho, etc.)! With 1400 m/s of ASL dV!
  7. banned for "taggi ng" rather than "tagging"
  8. Hello! Sorry if this is too much to ask, but is it possible to add Space Y Heavy Lifters support for Simplex? That would be awesome. Thanks!
  9. Of course TUBM is in self-isolation.
  10. @Fraston Banned for... wait, what the hell is that profile picture??!! Banned for dank pfp