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    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    No @The Minmus Derp
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    Misspell the Username!

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    why did i create this monster
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    Designing our own Spacecraft

    @NSEP I am really sorry. Damn I am an idiot!
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    Designing our own Spacecraft

    Oh ok
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    Designing our own Spacecraft

    THAT IS NOT HOW SCALING UP WORLKS. If you want to scale up, ask, as it is not linear
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    Designing our own Spacecraft

    Here: @NSEP
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    Designing our own Spacecraft

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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for pun.
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    Designing our own Spacecraft

    As in 2.5 times more gasoline than oxygen? I would not suggest using Gasoline and gaseous oxygen, because: 1. Gaseous oxygen has a very low density, and conpressing it at that level would probably make the tank blow up. 2. The mixture ratio would be more like 14:1 3. NO THRUST So, I would not use it except if you are trying to build a CAR. Instead, RP-1 with LOX is a better idea, since it creates TONS MORE THRUST and it has a specific impulse close to the one needed, is light and is versatile (unlike hydrogen). RP-1 is basically gasoline, so the only thing we need to change is gas to liquid oxygen. Only then the mixture ratio would be 1.65:1, if we use a less powerful variant of the F1 engine. Also, I need more information about how this rocket engine will be used (Lifter or orbiter) since i need to include TWR and include a thrust figure from this data. At maximum, a Raspberry Pi consumes around 2 watts. Not much data about operating temps tho, but the max minimum temperature is 0•C while the lowest possible minimum is -40•C, so it isn’t very consistent.
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    You Know You're A Nerd When:

    When you tune a car in Forza Motorsport 7 just so you could shave of 0.0000001 of a millisecond off the lap time.
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    Designing our own Spacecraft

    I'll do any rocket science you need!
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    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Wrong. Remember me? @dundun92
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    Hi, I am back on forums.

    REEEE-member me? I won’t be playing, but ill still be looking at the forums. Happy Christmas.
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    I'm back.