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  1. looking back on this, how is among us still a thing. like. it's been 5 months. how
  2. when the the sus!!11!1!!
  3. @ManEatingApe It seems I have made an error... If we remove the thermometer from the recovery cost as well (with the recovered cost of the thermometer seen in the album), I would have recovered 2572 funds, which would mean the overall cost of the mission was 5435-2572 = 2863 funds
  4. @ManEatingApe This vessel originally costs 6,345, but 2861 were recovered, leaving a total of 3484 and has a total dv of 3315 m/s in atmo (but around 7000 in vaccum). It also houses a thermometer and has only 10 parts. The battery and solar panel exploded during entry but I think that is fine, as the rest of the vessel survived (this means that the descent angle and the survival of my kerbal was incredibly hard, as there was no SAS control left). However it should be noted that this for another challenge which had a challenged to include scientific equipment, so I added a th
  5. Exactly, it will be weakened by exactly the ratio that was recollected.
  6. Please don't tell me you believe in infinite energy machines as well.
  7. Actually, you can EVA with physics timewarp, which is the case here. you just can't with on-rails timewarp. Also, you can eva on kerbin with complex level 1.
  8. At this point you are LITERALLY making things up. Stop digging yourself into a hole and retract your statement. If you are so skeptic about Stratenblitz using mods, you will “disprove” or hitherto fail to with literally any other entry, and you will never retract your statement. The whole world isn’t filled with hypocritical liars... which is ironic because you are failing to retract your statement under your terms. I know I would personally think much more highly of you if you retracted your statement, than what I think of you now...
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