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  1. heard this close to when I woke up and has not left me alone since...
  2. Awesome, glad to see this fantastic project alive! As for the GPU computation, I guess you're right in saying that GPU compute probably wouldn't help. My rationale for suggesting that is that I know that n-body simulation for example can really benefit from massively-parallel computation, so I didn't really realise it wouldn't help much here. Thank you anyway!
  3. I realise this has been asked before, but it was only done quite a few years ago - if development on this is still active, would it be possible to utilise GPU acceleration for the optimiser, such as OpenCL? Especially when the population and iteration numbers have been set to high values, it'd cut down a significant amount of time.
  4. Fixed the problem! For anyone that stumbles open here, here's what I did: 1. Re-installed all the mods MANUALLY and on versions I knew for sure would work (not using CKAN) as quite a few of the mods were corrupted // relaunched game and still did not work 2. Deleted settings.cfg to reset graphics settings // no luck At this point I realised that the problem may lie with the shortcut settings that I'm using in steam: %command% -popuwindow -force-opengl (The above simply gets rid of the PDLauncher and forces the game to render using OpenGL 3. So I removed all the above shortcut targets // game actually launched, but was incredibly laggy and took extremely long to load due to it being in D3D11 - nevertheless, at this point I set all the graphics settings to how I'd like them to be set as the game had already launched 4. Forced OpenGL rendering // game launched, again, and faster, but still had some lag due to the AWFUL PDLauncher 5. Added the %command% -popupwindow to launch the game without the launcher // game launched, no lag, and quickly, and is now working perfectly fine. I don't know how, or why, this had fixed the problem? I'm sure glad it did though, and I think I won't question it too much.
  5. So this problem started a few days ago, and I thought with reboots and setting a slightly larger page file (as i thought it was a memory problem), it would be solved. However, this problem persists. I've done a clean install and it DID actually work then, including being able to open saves - however, when I install my list of mods it all breaks down and it just refuses to go beyond the loading screen. No KSP.log is produced; the Player.log has been provided in the following file: https://www.file.io/RpRW/download/AkI2Uc4LgKiU I've downloaded all my mods from CKAN and the only problem I can think of that might have compatibility issues is MPE, but even then, it was working perfectly fine in my saves before it started just refusing to load the game. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am almost certain that what is happening is that the body of Kerbin is blocking your probe from connecting to a location on the ground. This has happened to me often, especially if the occlusion modifiers in the difficulty settings of the save don't allow for much leeway. My workaround to this was to take a much steeper but less efficient ascent that reaches a higher altitude (100km is good). This allows your probe to view more of Kerbin's surface at once while remaining relatively close horizontally to the KSC - though your mileage may vary.
  7. guess you wouldn't have guessed me! @Minmus Taster
  8. Because it's more difficult to make a real plane fly than a grand piano, and some people just don't want to spend ages making sure their plane flies properly/doesn't turn too fast, etc. Maybe as a save option, it'd make sense, but I personally really hope they don't make it so that it's too hard to wrap my head around
  9. came here to ask exactly this question lol, I'm worried my laptop may not be able to handle it
  10. My pick for today: Klaus Schulze is an absolutely legendary figure in the entirety of electronic music and many things we owe for music nowadays wouldn't have been here were it not for his contributions
  11. These two songs have been living in my head rent-free today. Could've been worse.
  12. https://technorch.bandcamp.com/track/church-of-hal Could not ask for a better song to be stuck in my head.
  13. Aphex Twin just hits different: This one is out of the Collapse EP released in 2018.
  14. Can I have my name changed to Regor please? Thanks.
  15. Designed and landed a rover with science equipment for my WIP moon base project that I am starting. Built with durability in mind, it's one of the most stable rovers i've ever made, and pretty much the only thing that can really cause any damage is a direct hit of the front/back of the vehicle directly into the floor. Houses 2 people and has ALL science equipment. Top speed of 49m/s, but VERY slow acceleration. Flipper capability provided with landing gears. KIS/KAS capability and can be used to tow. Some nice shots of testing: On the moon: IT FLIES!!!!: (it landed this jump, somehow. Kerbal physics amirite : P)
  16. looking back on this, how is among us still a thing. like. it's been 5 months. how
  17. @ManEatingApe It seems I have made an error... If we remove the thermometer from the recovery cost as well (with the recovered cost of the thermometer seen in the album), I would have recovered 2572 funds, which would mean the overall cost of the mission was 5435-2572 = 2863 funds
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