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  1. You're getting ridiculous inclinations relative to the moons because I assume you aren't doing a mid-course correction. For me, I find about the time I cross Dres's orbit the best time to set up a maneuver node and plan and encounter that will bring you along Jool's equatorial plane. Laythe, Vall, Tylo, and Pol are all located near the equatorial plane of Jool, so you won't have insane relative inclinations with them. You do need to make sure you're coming in in the correct direction, if you're coming in retrograde (the wrong direction) the AN/DN will read almost 180 degrees. Also make sure your Pe isn't too out of whack with the moon you're targeting, as you will be going very fast relative to it when you get there. Also, nice job even getting to Jool with only 54 hours! When I had 54 hours I had just done my first Minmus landing! Good work!
  2. What's your most stupid thing ever you did in KSP?

    You did say the stupidest thing I've done, so here it is: I made a giant 300-ton truck creatively called the "SNOWPLOW 9000" and smashed a bunch of planes with it.. and due to game logic, a lone Kerbal that was on the runway got hit.. and was fine. No spaghetti bug, no instant death, no. Just flew away and landed unharmed. LOGIC. Not to mention putting solar panels on drop tanks and watching them fly away...
  3. Are there solar eclipses in ksp?

    This is probably the 30th eclipse thread I've seen... Yes, they do happen frequently because the MÜN has no orbital inclination or eccentricity. One thing I was lucky to catch however, was Minmus, not the Mun, eclipsing Kerbin. Only seen that once, may never see it again because I got rid of Scatterer for 1.3 because I couldn't get rid of those annoying halos around the atmospheric worlds.
  4. How do you suppose Kerbals engrave the plaques for flags?

    The alloys are for when a rival space agency tries to get rid of your flag by blasting it with a giant SRB at full power...
  5. How do you suppose Kerbals engrave the plaques for flags?

    They use a lawn mower to chisel away the plaque, which is obviously made of dead grass regarding its golden color. How did they get the lawn mower to another planet, and why can't we see it? Well given that Kerbals can collect science data through a giant fuel tank, anything's possible, right?..
  6. [WIP][1.3.0] Sigma Dimensions

    Turns out I was using the wrong version of the mod. Updated it and it works fine now. Sorry for wasting your time.
  7. [WIP][1.3.0] Sigma Dimensions

    Whenever I try and resize anything, the game loads, but when I go into a save or start a new one it refuses to load.
  8. What game scale do you most prefer?

    Stock. I've landed and returned from everything in the stock system numerous times, and I played RSS without RO for a little bit, and could barely reach orbit. Though I'm now on the fence again about jumping up to a bigger scale, but I'll definitely be using more parts mods with it.
  9. The Death Dive

    Yeah, a ridiculously low periapsis around Kerbol results in some pretty stupid re-entry speeds. The fastest I ever did was 9.5 km/s, and my periapsis was only just below Moho's! Good job circularizing Disappointed that we aren't cooking Kerbals anymore though..
  10. The Death Dive

    I had an experience like this a long time ago. Unfortunately, at over around 8-9 km/s, your heat shield will always overheat and you will die no matter what your periapsis is. So yeah, you'll have to send a rescue mission, unless you want to cheat and turn off reentry heat. My rescue vessel needed 14 or so km/s of dV to intercept the shipwreck and slow down before reentry. I'd recommend using asparagus staging on your nuclear stage (only 1 engine). It's very slow, but it will save you. Good luck
  11. I'm so dumb!!

    Try putting solar panels on boosters for a nuke stage, then realize you just jettisoned them.... *AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH*
  12. Fastest Lithobrake

    Ever wanted to make crashing useful? This challenge tries to do just that. Just remember that your pod/drone core has to survive the impact(s), which Jeb may find problematic. Rules: 1. You may use Hyperedit/debug menu to place your craft in orbit around one of the following bodies: Minmus, Dres, the Mun, Vall, Moho, or Tylo. 2. The "No Crash Damage" cheat is not allowed for obvious reasons.. 3. Engines are allowed, but remember, the lower your impact speed, the lower your score. 4. Your craft does NOT have to be crewed, but your pod/probe core must remain intact. 5. Craft must be under 150 tons and have less than 300 parts. 6. No Autostrut or Unbreakable Joints cheat. 7. Must be stock parts only. Scoring: Velocity of initial impact (m/s) + velocity of subsequent impacts (as many as are needed to stop) times the surface gravity of body in m/s2 (Minmus: 0.5, Mun: 1.63, Tylo: 7.9, etc.) Example: Suppose I try this challenge on the Mun, and my initial impact speed is 300 m/s, and I then have 4 subsequent "bounces" with speeds of 180,100,70,and 30 m/s. 300+180+100+70+30 = 680 Multiply by gravity in m/s2. 680•1.63=1,108.4 points. Bonus points if you still have a working lander with a sufficient TWR to get off the ground, 100 again multiplied by surface gravity in m/s2. Happy crashings!
  13. What is your favorite planet in KSP?

    And so is Moho. And Gilly. And Bop. And Tylo. Ah screw it, TOO MANY POTATOES!!
  14. What is your favorite planet in KSP?

    Moho. I love a good challenge. Depending on your angle and where Moho is in its orbit, insertion dV's have ranged from less than 3,000 to OVER 7,500 M/S in my experience. It's a good place to send a science lab because of how high its science multipliers are, and... man, who could forget the Mohole? Got a probe in there once and exploded about halfway to the bottom. Also Jeb loves cooking bacon on the hull of his pod in the heat. Useless for gravity assists or refueling though.