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  1. Where I am, we got 23 inches of snow a around a week ago, but it’s since warmed up into the 50’s and it’s almost all gone (except for in the woods). When the snow first fell, however, there were parts of my backyard in which it was literally waist-deep. And it was wet, heavy snow too- makes me wonder how much it would have been if it had been light, fluffy snow instead. This whole winter was pretty weird- it started off pretty normal, then it got unseasonably warm in January, then we had a crazy cold front come in that sent temperatures plummeting to 15 below zero in my town (40 below with windchill), and just in the last few weeks, most of this winter’s snow fell.
  2. Banned for editing the default profile picture.
  3. Here’s your super-critical plutonium cor- I’d like one Kraken egg omelet, please.
  4. Finally recovered from a sickness I've had for almost a week now, and went to Goodwill in order to donate a bunch of old clothes, books, toys, and other stuff I had just lying around, some of which went back to all the way when I was in elementary school. I had three garbage bags filled with stuff I no longer needed, which took up a pretty good chunk of the trunk in my car. Looking back at some of this stuff, I probably should have done this years ago, or, at the very least, back when I graduated from high school and went to college in 2021. I suppose it's never too late, however. After doing that, I just went for a run and got a quick workout in. I never really liked running for most of my life, presumably as a result of middle school cross-country being such a disaster for me, but, recently, I've found myself liking it more and more. I'm currently trying to get my distance up, as I plan to (eventually) run a half-marathon at some point this year. The farthest I've currently gone is around 5 miles, but I feel a 10K is definitely well within my reach already.
  5. I’d say I’m most excited about multiplayer because I can finally play with friends. Also pretty hyped for interstellar travel/ that feeling of being in uncharted territory I’ll get when I leave the Kerbol system for the first time.
  6. Unfortunately, yes. At this time I do not know of a way of resetting the positions of parts to their initial state if the game has already been loaded with them in a distorted state.
  7. A bit late for this now, but during my Kerbin circumnavigations, I found that saving and reloading the game frequently seemed to greatly accelerate the rate of the distortion. Although it can be hard to do, keeping quicksave loading to a minimum can greatly reduce propeller blade distortion. Another thing I found is that stopping and activating regular time warp automatically resets the positions of all parts, which can be helpful in preventing propeller blades from moving out of position.
  8. For my Last Hurrah (and my YouTube 100 subscriber special), I decided to go all out and send 100 kerbals to Tylo, which is way more kerbals than I've ever had on any mission, let alone a mission to Tylo. The craft shown here, when combined with the 100 ton rover I added onto it, has almost 900 parts, and has a mass approaching 1,000 tons when it is fully fueled. Because of how many parts it has, combined with the fact that adding dozens of Kerbals to a craft seems to really lower framerates, I decided to launch it in three separate parts: - The crew module and landing system. - The "Odyssey Evolved" rover, a callback to my magnum opus of KSP 1. - The "AtomTug" transfer stage, which will haul this beast all the way to Jool. I could refuel the lander using its ISRU systems and return the crew to Kerbin if I really wanted to, but this mission has already taken so long to put together, and even longer to edit, so I decided to just end the video on Tylo.
  9. Charcoal gray as a base, and dark blue as an accent/stripe color.
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