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  1. Landing a small science base on Tylo. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? Well, it shouldn’t have been, at least. Turns out that, in all my wisdom, I forgot to add any SAS modules to the descent stage, and on top of that, the only engines I was using were Aerospikes, which don’t have gimbal. Yeah. Wasn’t fun. Must have taken me at least five or six attempts to get it right, made no better by the fact that I couldn’t throttle my engines to 100%, as that would destabilize the craft more than its probe core’s puny reaction wheels could handle.
  2. I made some potential logos for the Anti-Dres Awareness Society that we can use as flags to plant on Ike and next to ruined Dres bases. The original logo I made, complete with the ADAS name and a slogan I came up with. Simplified version, without the slogan or name. Simplified version but with a crosshairs instead of a circle with a line through it. Ike version, with the text “Long Live Ike!” displayed. Simplified Ike version Anti-Dres propaganda Meme version Whichever one we like best we can make the official one
  3. Well, the fact that you can randomly crash into invisible terrain 5 kilometers above the actual surface would seem to suggest that the moon is indeed haunted. Not only that, but one time I went there during my Peregrine mission (which was a grand tour of the stock system + OPM wherein I visited Jool first so I wouldn’t have to lug the extra mass of the Laythe lander and Tylo descent stage around any more than I needed to), the second my kerbals set foot on the surface, they instantly died. After reloading the quick save a few times, Bill could finally set foot on the surface without being t
  4. 1,630 hours according to Steam, or just under 68 days. I started playing at the beginning of June 2016, let’s say.. June 5th, (I don’t remember the exact day but I’m pretty sure that’s within a week of when I got the game) in version 1.1, 4 years, 2 months, and 12 days ago at the time of this post. (1,534 days ago.) After doing some math, that means I’ve spent, on average, 1.06 hours playing KSP per day since then, or, in other words, about 4.4% of the time. Honestly a bit of a lower percentage than I expected, but I guess that isn’t a bad thing after all. That percentage
  5. I’m currently playing completely vanilla, but I usually fall into the “lightly modded” category. Visual: None (I would love to use them but my computer’s graphics card sucks) Parts: KIS, KAS Gameplay: OPM, Better Timewarp, Sigma Dimensions I’ve never really been that into heavily modding my game for two reasons: 1. Having a lot installed kind of feels unnecessary in my opinion 2. The game takes forever to load when heavily modded and crashes are more common, as well as framerates are often lower. I’d rather have good performance than additional content that
  6. So, I've been working on a planet pack for the past four or so days, and each of my custom-made planets (apart from gas giants) has the same issue: in ScaledSpace (map view), the lit side of the planet faces one uniform direction and does not follow the sun, as if it were ignoring the existence of the sun in favor of a light source at infinite distance. I haven't had any other issues making them, apart from a few stupid mistakes I made which were easily fixed. (such as wrong atmosphere color, no biomes, etc.) A few pictures so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about: http
  7. Have you tried putting an inflatable heat shield(s) on the back end of the craft? That usually helps balance it during entry, I have used this trick in both eve return missions I’ve done. Be sure to include sepratrons on both shields so they eject properly and don’t crash back into your base. Also, adding a lot of reaction wheels or RCS could help.
  8. Precise landings are what I’m worst at without a doubt. While not very difficult when the body I’m landing on has no atmosphere and low gravity (like the Mun, or even Moho I’m fine with), the problem arises when there’s higher gravity and an atmosphere, because it becomes a lot harder for me to predict my path. On the flip side it does give me an excuse to build rovers more often than I probably need to..
  9. Definitely version 1.2. Not only was it the first major update that came out after I started playing (right after 1.1 was released), it also brought a bunch of features that changed the game forever. Firstly, there’s the text changes. While a small feature, this update made the text considerably better looking and easier to read, which I quite enjoyed. Also, the addition of probe telemetry added a little bit of realism to the game, and meant you couldn’t just fling a tiny probe to the outer systems on a booster, you first had to unlock better antennas, meaning progression became m
  10. Around 18 years, which was for a direct transfer from Kerbin to Keelon, a planet added by the mod Kerbol Origins that is insanely far away and has something like 2.7 G of gravity. The transfer in question was for a probe I sent there, which almost burned up on entry.
  11. Yes, but only the inflatable shield because otherwise it would just get in the way and make it impossible for me to land safely.
  12. Over 1,400 according to Steam, since I started playing in June 2016. Most of this was earlier on, when I played the game a lot more often than I do now. At one point, I would play over 70 hours every two weeks according to Steam, which honestly just baffles me today. Nowadays I’ll probably play 10 hours in 2 weeks, maybe even less.
  13. Yes, I do play with them enabled, mostly for the realism regarding kerbals fainting from G-force, as this adds some limiting factor to turns in maneuverable planes and re-entry velocities. Overall however, I wouldn’t say it adds that much difficulty to the game, especially with the part limits, as 40 atmospheres (which I believe is the pressure limit) is only obtainable deep underwater or when you’re about to reach 0 altitude on Jool, at which point you’re doomed anyway. The 50 G limit is negligible nearly 100% of the time, too, unless you’re attempting some crazy steep entry into an atmospher
  14. Commie detected * now my post doesn’t make sense lol
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