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  1. Jack Joseph Kerman

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    Happened not that long ago, when I was attempting to dock with an asteroid station I had made to attach a module. Since the docking port was aligned in a strange way, lining up with it perfectly was near impossible. Spent something like an hour and ten or so attempts before I got liquided, kicked a chair over and went to bed. (It was around midnight at that point.) Then the very next day I docked perfectly on my first try. I’m not sure whether I should be angry or happy about that.
  2. Jack Joseph Kerman


    Yay, more bugs, almost none of which will be fixed.
  3. Jack Joseph Kerman

    Just went the fastest I've ever gone @ Sea Level

    I’ve done Mach 4 or so near sea level, but up at 16 km, using jets only I’ve reached 1800 m/s (Mach 5.25) in a jet I called the Bullet Mk2. However, even up that high the plane was barely maneuverable at all because of its dinky, triangular wings that spanned up the entire fuselage designed entirely for speed. The design consists of an extremely elongated fairing serving as a heat-resistant nose cone, behind that was a heat shield and the cockpit. I then used many long Mk2 fuel tanks with most fuel taken out of them to decrease mass.
  4. Jack Joseph Kerman

    Can't place maneuver node

    Have you upgraded your tracking station and mission control to level 2? Without that you can’t add maneuver nodes.I remember having this problem a while ago and thinking my game was broken.
  5. Jack Joseph Kerman

    Do you ever chuckle at your old missions or concepts?

    I remember my first few attempts at a Mun landing, sometime in early 2016, using a terribly designed and over engineered rocket. My first attempt was a total failure, as I wasn’t paying attention and timewarped straight into the Mun and crashed. The second time I thought I could keep the navball in orbit mode and I could land just fine. Nope. Ended with me crashing into the ground at about 70 m/s and tumbling for a while before the pod exploded because I hadn’t cancelled my horizontal velocity. Oof. The third time I actually landed in one piece, but since I was on Steam, when I pressed shift+whateverbuttonitwas to take a screenshot, I throttled up and ended up destroying my engine on touchdown. In addition I had also used huge amounts of fuel trying to land because it was night and I didn’t know where the surface was. Wouldn’t have mattered anyways though because I didn’t put a heat shield on it and used the drogue chute for some reason even even through I already knew they were ineffective. P.S. Why does seemingly everyone I’ve seen start playing KSP (myself included) use only the top-mounted drogue chute? Why couldn’t anyone read the description, realize that was a stupid idea and replace it?! Honestly that thing could be removed from the game and no one would miss it. Also, people’s first few missions wouldn’t end in fiery death because the evil death trap known as the Mk.25 Drogue Chute had to exist. I despise that thing and have never used it at all since I was a total noob.
  6. Jack Joseph Kerman

    Closest you have gotten to the Sun

    I can’t exactly remember the closest I ever got, but I believe it was around 300,000 km. However, in the New Horizons planet pack, as far as I can tell the sun’s luminosity is greatly increased in order to keep solar panel output the same at Kerbin, which orbits a gas giant Sonnah that is much farther from the sun than Kerbin normally is, almost 3x farther. This means that it would normally receive 16x less sunlight than normal (if it were exactly 3x farther with the stock sun) and solar panels would be highly ineffective. I also noticed this effect through the increased solar heating when I sent a ship to Arin, another planet added by the mod. It got so hot my Kerbals had problems staying on EVA for more than a few minutes without risking death by overheating. When I finally sent a probe to Ernus, the hottest and closest planet to the sun in NH, I built it as if it was doing a mission to get as close to the sun as possible, (with massive radiators, a service bay to try and protect the fragile science equipment, and a sun/heat shield) ,despite Ernus being around 800,000 km away from Kerbol. But with the increased luminosity the heat levels were akin to being only 270,000 km or so from Kerbol. So, technically Ernus is the closest I’ve ever gotten to the sun if you’re talking about how severe the heating was. Highly recommend the New Horizons mod, I have gotten a lot of fun and challenging gameplay out of it and it gives the game a whole new experience.
  7. Jack Joseph Kerman

    What gameplay rules do you impose on yourself?

    I tend to limit the size of rockets i allow myself to use to make them look like they’ll fly in real life unless what I’m trying to launch in one go is ridiculously heavy. In addition I usually don’t bother with reusability considering I play mostly sandbox mode, and also try to avoid using nuclear/ion drives unless I’m building a futuristic/gigantic ship. The last rule I impose on myself is a bit of a weird one: I cannot allow myself to play through a save very long before I decide I have to make intentional Kessler syndrome in LKO in order to feel that I have successfully launched more than a few good missions. In general I’ll usually leave some debris sitting on the surface or in orbit of anywhere I go as well.
  8. Jack Joseph Kerman

    What game mode do you prefer?

    I used to play career and science modes all the time, but ever since I completed the tech tree on both and landed on/ returned from all the planets it’s lost its appeal and I play almost exclusively sandbox.
  9. Jack Joseph Kerman

    HyperEdit Discussion!

    Gave Jool an ocean and was able to go below -250m.. try it if you don’t believe me
  10. Jack Joseph Kerman

    Standard orbits for Interplanetary shuttles & Fuel stations?

    When I’m just launching an interplanetary ship, I usually won’t put much thought into what orbit I’ll put it in. Usually around 100km is the orbit I’ll go with. For space stations however, it isn’t as simple as just having one ideal altitude, although I wouldn’t bother putting one below about 120km due to lag and lack of time warp, like others have said already. If you’re going for a basic scientific/crew station, I wouldn’t bother going much above that. However, I like putting fuel stations in much higher orbits, usually 500-1000 km in order to make them easier to get to when coming down from a Minmus base to refill their tanks.
  11. Jack Joseph Kerman

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    Definitely a rational type guy, although occasionally I’ll go full Danny and break the game, most of the time by accident. I say rational mostly because I don’t like building ridiculously huge rockets or space stations/bases in a single launch, it feels like cheating to me and is less rewarding in my opinion. This is a change of pace from my old play style, which did involve massively overbuilt rockets and single launches, until I finally completed my first Eve return mission, when I decided to begin building things that weren’t absurdly ridiculous. Of course, sometimes I’ll break that rule, but for the most part I wouldn’t count on myself launching a 400 ton fuel station to Duna in a single go, I’d take my time and do it over the course of 5-10 launches. One time I was using a 5x rescaled system with sigma dimensions and finally taking multiple launches to construct an interplanetary vessel felt normal.
  12. Jack Joseph Kerman

    What did you do on your first KSP Flight?

    Died. Need I say more?
  13. Jack Joseph Kerman

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    Leaving kerbals on the Mun forever after my first successful landing (who hasn’t) Intentionally creating a massive Kessler ring around Kerbin by launching a frag rocket into orbit and blowing it up Sending a Kerbal into low solar orbit (Less than 1000 Mm Ap) Sending a Kerbal on an interstellar journey (legitimately, used a close flyby of Kerbol and then accelerated, once I left the solar system, I was still doing almost 60 kilometers a second) Testing an aircraft of any kind when I was a terrible designer 30+ G re-entry from a horribly inefficient return trajectory at over 9000 m/s and surviving somehow
  14. Jack Joseph Kerman

    What was your first KSP easter egg that you found?

    Besides the Monolith at KSC that hopefully everyone has found, the first Easter egg I came across was the Mun arch, as I was about to deorbit I noticed it on the rim of the big equatorial crater, and landed there instead. Being the incompetent pilot I was back then however, I overshot it by 10 km or so, and had to use the EVA pack to get there instead. once I got close enough to get a good look at it I planted a flag and took a screenshot before returning to the lander.
  15. Jack Joseph Kerman


    Eve skrub Closest I ever got to Kerbol without cheats is around 500,000km