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  1. Question!! Why do my probes, DIE At reaching DUNA

    Everyone knows that Duna is cursed. You can’t send satellites there, there’s this weird jammer thingy pyramid on it somewhere that disables all antennae. Also an invisible boulder orbiting Ike absorbs any signal coming from the Duna system, I don’t know why, you can only go there with Kerbals if you expect to do anything. This shouldn’t be new information to anybody, it is proven fact. if you couldn’t tell somehow I’m just messing with you

    There should be a Mk 1-2 Pod memorial statue next to the Mk1 Pod’s.. RIP MK 1-2 POD 2012-2018
  3. Poll: Do you like the new DLC?

    I like the Mission Builder and have already made a mission or two, but it’s sort of buggy and annoying (upon loading craft I get an instant “Success”), which, you know, kind of defeats the purpose. The new engines are pretty underwhelming, especially the Skiff... geez that thing barely puts out more thrust than a Reliant and I used Vectors as my J2 engines instead to keep TWR high enough. The new crew capsules are amazing though, great job Squad on the modeling!
  4. Woomerang launch site

    I think they should have made KSC 2 the alternate launch site. I mean, it’s just.. there. Been there since almost the beginning, most people forget it even exists.. Already has a VAB and tracking station, so no work would really need to be done to the buildings themselves.
  5. Stock Timewarp Takes too long

    If you want to get to other planets faster, plan your maneuver in such a way that you will get there before you reach your Ap, not after wasting a bunch of time above your target’s orbit. Cannot stress this enough, you can cut your transfer times to Jool in HALF with this method. Stock time warp is plenty fast enough if you do things right.
  6. Jool-5 Mission Questions

    Five landers? I recommend just using two, one for Laythe, and one for the rest of the moons, but with an extra stage attached for Tylo, but I’m sure it’s possible to use just one for the entire mission. (The lander can then re-dock with the mothership and refuel again to land on Vall, Bop and Pol, it’s easy to make a lander that has enough dV for all three) You also don’t need that amount of delta-v anyway if you take advantage of gravity assists, and use the ISRU unit to refuel on a low-g moon like Pol.
  7. landing on the mun

  8. What is Your Favorite Moon?

    Pol. The topography is bizarrely amazing, with amazing views, especially with terrain scatter enabled, and the low gravity makes it an ideal place to refuel at. Not to mention the extremely steep hills allow me to actually have some fun there by sending a Kerbal tumbling down it and seeing how far from the flag at the top they make it. My personal record is about 8km I think
  9. When you’re trying to do a Tylo gravity assist to get a Jool orbit for free, have your Pe be about the same as that of Tylo’s orbit. It makes it THAT much more effective, and I’ve been able to get straight into a Laythe-crossing orbit over and over again. This technique also saves effort when sending a whole fleet of craft to Jool, as you’ll end up with about the same trajectory every time.
  10. Have you ever ejected a kerbal from the solar system?

    Is that even a question? Why, of course!
  11. The Good Old Days

    Stop Putting A Capital Letter In Front Of Every Single Word
  12. What is the most HORRIBLE way one of your kerbals died

    One time I was coming home from a mission to the Jool system, and I had 5 kerbals on board my craft. That is, until stage separation right before re-entry, when I noticed that I had only included 3 seats on the re-entry capsule. Panicking, I EVA’d the two remaining crew from the doomed ship to the command pod, and had them hold on to the ladder for re-entry, on the side of the capsule that wouldn’t be facing the heat, except they were separate vessels so that didn’t even matter. Yeah, needless to say, that didn’t end well for them.
  13. What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    Deploying satellites from a vessel around another planet, just to find that I forgot to put a damn probe core on them.... Or putting solar panels on drop tanks, and realizing you just jettisoned them. Sigh.
  14. Ksp need to fix the performance

    I think the bad performance has to do with the way Unity works, where it collects garbage every few seconds and that results in a stutter. The more parts you have, the more garbage Unity has to collect and the worse the stutter gets. I do think it’s outrageous that my KSP sometimes freezes for a good half second every 5 s or so with a vessel that has <50 parts. As for force calculations, there’s really no excuse for the game to perform that badly considering the only forces that have to be accounted for on parts are thrust and torque.