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  1. Precise landings are what I’m worst at without a doubt. While not very difficult when the body I’m landing on has no atmosphere and low gravity (like the Mun, or even Moho I’m fine with), the problem arises when there’s higher gravity and an atmosphere, because it becomes a lot harder for me to predict my path. On the flip side it does give me an excuse to build rovers more often than I probably need to..
  2. Definitely version 1.2. Not only was it the first major update that came out after I started playing (right after 1.1 was released), it also brought a bunch of features that changed the game forever. Firstly, there’s the text changes. While a small feature, this update made the text considerably better looking and easier to read, which I quite enjoyed. Also, the addition of probe telemetry added a little bit of realism to the game, and meant you couldn’t just fling a tiny probe to the outer systems on a booster, you first had to unlock better antennas, meaning progression became much more regular and logical.
  3. Around 18 years, which was for a direct transfer from Kerbin to Keelon, a planet added by the mod Kerbol Origins that is insanely far away and has something like 2.7 G of gravity. The transfer in question was for a probe I sent there, which almost burned up on entry.
  4. Yes, but only the inflatable shield because otherwise it would just get in the way and make it impossible for me to land safely.
  5. Over 1,400 according to Steam, since I started playing in June 2016. Most of this was earlier on, when I played the game a lot more often than I do now. At one point, I would play over 70 hours every two weeks according to Steam, which honestly just baffles me today. Nowadays I’ll probably play 10 hours in 2 weeks, maybe even less.
  6. Yes, I do play with them enabled, mostly for the realism regarding kerbals fainting from G-force, as this adds some limiting factor to turns in maneuverable planes and re-entry velocities. Overall however, I wouldn’t say it adds that much difficulty to the game, especially with the part limits, as 40 atmospheres (which I believe is the pressure limit) is only obtainable deep underwater or when you’re about to reach 0 altitude on Jool, at which point you’re doomed anyway. The 50 G limit is negligible nearly 100% of the time, too, unless you’re attempting some crazy steep entry into an atmosphere at ludicrous speed. As far as disabling it goes, can’t you just turn it off in the difficulty settings, or is this some change I’m not aware of?
  7. Commie detected * now my post doesn’t make sense lol
  8. So what if a mod for this already exists? It’s a small, purely visual change that in no way changes the actual gameplay. A mod for something already existing shouldn’t immediately eliminate the possibility to add it to the stock game. Features from mods have already been added to the game before, so why should this be any different?
  9. To get around this problem, maybe have a setting on the module to deactivate during time warp, similar to having probe cores hibernate during warp. Once you come out of warp, the modules would start generating heat again using lots of electricity and gradually your craft would warm back up to nominal temperatures, meaning the game doesn’t have to passively manage heat at all times during flight.
  10. I may give this challenge a shot when I get back from vacation. I’ve done Eve surface missions before, but they were all done by landing at over 4000m, with ISRU and 4 kerbals in a 2.5m service bay. Definitely a new challenge for me which I’ve never tried, might go for level 3 or 4.
  11. I’m honestly all for adding decay to RTGs. Currently, as they stand, they are a free source of power with virtually zero downsides, apart from a rather high cost in career (which even then isn’t really an issue because of how late in the game you unlock them) Adding such a downside to RTGs for long missions could give players more incentive to use things such as fuel cells, which I currently forget even exist most of the time because of how overshadowed they are by RTGs and solar panels.
  12. About four or five days after I first got the game in June 2016, if we’re talking just landing successfully. That in itself took me three attempts, and I didn’t even make it back anyways as my engine was destroyed after a hard landing after I pressed shift and took a screenshot, which was the same button as throttle up.. The next day or so I did it just fine though, after I began to realize that MOAR BOOSTERS is not always the answer.
  13. I’m a madlad, I’ve done several Jool 5 missions before and two Eve returns. However, I doubt I’ll ever achieve Super Madlad because of the amount of patience it takes which I just don’t have, unfortunately. Have you seen what those people can do, it’s a whole new dimension of insane. It’s kind of like how I am skiing in real life, I’ll get down double black diamonds no problem, but will never have the skill to ski off of cliffs and crazy crap like that.
  14. Happened not that long ago, when I was attempting to dock with an asteroid station I had made to attach a module. Since the docking port was aligned in a strange way, lining up with it perfectly was near impossible. Spent something like an hour and ten or so attempts before I got liquided, kicked a chair over and went to bed. (It was around midnight at that point.) Then the very next day I docked perfectly on my first try. I’m not sure whether I should be angry or happy about that.
  15. Yay, more bugs, almost none of which will be fixed.