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  1. I cant wait to play with these new station parts...and that lifting body capsule...well done!
  2. whats wrong with a reusable titan? be no different than a reusable falcon 9 first stage..
  3. gotcha.. after implimenting the other suggestions to try and fix my booster smackage issue..I am hung on one thing. timing. I cant nail the timing required with the prograde trick to properly and cleanly stage the boosters, so I gave in and concealed a stock seperatron in the nose cones of the boosters, which gives them just enough force to make a 'nose out aerodynamic pull' on the booster, which in turn pulls it free..which was exactly what I wanted in the first place. in the end, it all falls on the timing..which I just cant hit. thank you for your time in helping diagnose the issue.
  4. disclaimer: bluedog design bureau, its makers, and suppliers(of goods, both legal and illicit -wink-) are not responsible for any of the following should career saves be used with dev builds: rapid unscheduled disassembly explosions REALLY good suntans(read sunburn) rocket pogo rocket seesaw hard overs lawn darting head-desking kerbals spontaneously tapdancing swan lake in steel toed boots whilst wearing pink tutus depletion of coffee supplies overcharging by one's therapist. the therapist charging you for their therapist loss of sleep loss of girlfriend girlfriend taking over computer and proving to be a better rocket scientist than you --- bluedog design bureau, its makers and suppliers disclaim any and all warranties, expressed or implied when using a dev build. the user assumes all liability and responsibility therein for any side effects that may thusly occur.
  5. ..and second do I enable autostrut/grandparent on the srbs? edit: never mind, I had to turn on advanced tweakables..still need that scale question answered mind.
  6. does that one even work still? its not seen updates in some time..and while most parts packs work irrespective of game versions, I have observed sometimes the game gets weird with the packs until they're updated..
  7. I cant wait for this to be released..I'd love to build a new glenn, and to finally complete my vulcan aces and vulcan centaur rockets.
  8. what I want to know did I scale this properly for what vulcan is supposed to be and do...had to guess on alot of her.
  9. prior to uploading the requested craft file, for curiosity's sake, I did a test flight with seperatrons on the nose cones..they pushed the boosters away cleanly... the craft linked here has been sanitized of everything not sstu, that means not even launch support structures of any kind are included. you'll need to set those up as well. also please note I've even gone so far as yanking the controllable 'dummy' test payload.
  10. yeah..gimme a bit, have to go yank off a few parts added for night time launch 'quality of life' lights cause I cant see bubkiss with black on black(copper at night is black) do you need the loadmeta file as well? I'll be including it to be on the safe side.
  11. suggestion..maintain a backup copy of all work for the mod on a file hosting service of some sort..such as google drive, that way if your computer goes sideways again, you're not losing all that work. again.
  12. lemme know what happens.. literally tried everything I can think of on my end.
  13. that was my thought as well @Shadowmage but I am fairly religious about proper srb/decoupler seating, I know when the SRB gets twitchy during attaching, that I'm on the decoupler, not the core. that said..I'm attempting to replicate as close as I can, the vulcan..from the reference images I've found, this is actually proper positioning...I could be wrong, the available reference images are..rather unhelpful there. when I had stock seperatrons attached as dummy weights..they practically fell away from the core, so its not an attachment to decoupler issue(to the best of my knowledge) attached is a screenshot of the booster attachment. vulcan srb attachment. by XRaiderV1.7, on Flickr edit: clean static drop release on SRBs clean srb sep by XRaiderV1.7, on Flickr
  14. literally tried everything off the top of my head. here's the video. had ONE clean launch..ONE. everything else failed.
  15. gonna try shifting my srbs down as suggested, will be taking video of this as well so you can see what exactly is happening.
  16. does this come with the BE-4 motors new glenn runs with?
  17. otherwords, my srbs are dead tap centered on the I have that right?
  18. ISDC worked..thank you! now..I have a slight..issue with the SRB contacting the center core..and I'm reasonably certain its something about the radial booster decoupler...dont suppose you can hazard a guess whats causing it? vulcan centaur 462 srb by XRaiderV1.7, on Flickr