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  1. Either way it doesn’t matter what i ment i was just bored and wanted to check my favourite mod...lol i have school and really shouldn’t be doing this in class but what the heck. Also how would i do modeling for a shuttle cockpit in blender? Want to create me own mod for a buran on LCA project. BTW congrats with doing the Enviromental/language/systems.

  3. How long dose it take to load up your game?
  4. [1.3.1] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: DADV-1

    How would you create, say a shuttle cockpit? I carnt get the model right.
  5. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    Hey @NathanKell I would like you to consider the last one of shadow zones video seeming that RSS is now becoming impossible to install along with the RO franchise I can apriciate what shadow zone is saying here.
  6. ... how does one run THAT many mods and not crash...
  7. It really shouldn’t because @Pakhas even made a part (extended mission supplies) to help extend your flight time with said life support...I think you should look at paks flight profile mission in cooperation with the DLC making history expansion...there are also plenty of mod reviews for this mod that include a stable orbit launch so you should follow those and how they build the craft...it all comes down to the payload usally, there’s a payload launch chart out there somewhere for it i just don’t know where.
  8. Energia project v1.5A / MIR v4

    @DECQ has finished his career in the forums i think and probably wont respond and i think you could probably speak to @Vanamonde and ask him about liscencing and the wrights reserved thing and liscensing and if you may have the models/textures. What’s funny is that all other mods that @DECQmade in this version work fine, take his Saturn V mod or ANAGRA they can work fine in this version of 1.4.1
  9. May i ask...I haven’t seen any pics of the landing gear... how r they
  10. [1.3.1] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: DADV-1

    *wistles* how do you get the detailing so good...i use blender and have yet to crate a mod...
  11. Usually its with SAS...i would use more powiful reaction wheels and-or turn SAS off all together in upper atmosphere
  12. Nothing should be wrong...just get the lates ksp.wheel plugin and its all ok Yes sorry you will need the latest SSTU...working on a plugin firstly for my self only because I haven’t got any permision form @DECQto have it released on here. The plugin is for replacing textures.