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  1. Abpilot


    this mod is fairly old (not really) it has been developed ever since 0.22 with bobcat starting it, then decq inherited it and now alcentar, with its extensive life time it is not likely to last any longer however you can use this with older versions...but i dont know what your doing wrong as it is working fine for me, must have installed it wrong or something? can you retract the landing gear at all?
  2. you have to understand that these developers are not paid and they can A: do what they want and B: @harpwnerhas been developing this mod for a while and has been trying to fix it ever since 1.3 [snip]
  3. how did u get the SRB's to fit in the fire holes of the launch pad i may ask? mine always clipped into the pad and caused the kraken to smear the shuttle into the 5th dimension...
  4. Abpilot


    works fine in 1.7 just needs KJR
  5. https://imgur.com/a/J3n4RRG two foes exchange gifts, shuttle endurance and the buran orbiter carry two modules to carry on to build the interkerbin space station or ISS
  6. i havent found them but this mod was revived already by @Alcentar
  7. Do you still have those RSS/RO configs for the Buran?