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  1. Okdoky that’ll be all from me now...unless i have more questions just gonna sit back and wait for the buran...AAhh
  2. Uhh so when is it comming out plus does it fit on the launch pad cuz DECQ,s didn’t: reason for launchpad!
  3. Actually i HAVE cormorant areanolagy exept i just want one that’s super detailed like the ones DECQ used to make, THEY EVEN CAME WITH A LAUNCH TOWER!! AUUGG SOO COOOOLLL!!! Indeed i was, I actually LOVE deatailed mods and wile this is stock alike...ish I actually love the mod as a replacement as a 1.3.1 FASA!
  4. Ok so i guess i just wait Oh ha ha. Ps DECQS Apollo is better than yours! That was a quick like PPS your mod is actually REALLY good, it reminds me of interstellar extended cuz it has multiple mods in one...PLZ DONT STOP!! To cobalt wolf
  5. Post Your Satellite Designs

    Does any one know a cheaper way to launch midget satellites cuz making a whole midget booster is really irritating
  6. 1.3.1 compatible plz
  7. Oh so when have you got the orbiters/Apollo planned for?
  8. Naw I was just getting excited about an actual 1.3 compatible buran or shuttle that looks so DETALED! cuz DECQ used to do it but *sigh* sadly like all the greats (bahamudoD) they eventually get tired of KSP and quit guess I’ll have to wait ANOTHER! year or miss an update Are you at least going to add launch clamps or something
  9. [1.2.x] Real KSC in KSP Dev Continued

    is this fully dependant of RSS of can I use stock planets
  10. why do you not want to use a detailed orbiter like the buran or shuttle
  11. I like to make my own things so no single buran!
  12. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

  13. Oh thank the GODS cuz DECQ’s spaceshuttle and buran ain’t workin on 1.3. So if you have the buran...then where is it cuz I cannot find it, if it comes in an update what is the planned date for release?
  14. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    Wow, are these actual science experiments that you can run inside the craft? Also first post on topic
  15. How real can it be?

    Ok thank you cuz I ain’t know where this belonged.