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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! *spams download button*
  2. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    k... HOW IS EVERYONE ABLE TO STUFF THERE PC FULL OF MODS WITHOUT CRASSHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a side not i carnt launch a ship with a drill or the the game rejects it
  3. Eyes Turned Skywards - The Missions

    is the soviet pack going to be revived?
  4. congrats on release, really well made mod, I can tell you have worked really hard on this!
  5. Actually they added control from here in command seats and your not allowed to EVA in a faring for some reason, plus this does need a 1.3.1 update
  6. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    K thanks works epic
  7. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    not sure, probably 5.44 but how get 7.2
  8. Ok thx but what lifter to use for the scope and thanks for the patch
  9. Ok thx how did cobalt wolf het the idea that the scope was manually docked
  10. Ok is @raidernick‘s skylab even compatible with the Saturn lifter?
  11. There is a problem with the honakuli orbital workshop (i think that’s how its said) the telescope is meant to be on a pivot so it may rotate to its position but i carnt do that .
  12. [1.3.1] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: DADV-1

    Will there be a launcher for this BUTIFULL MOD!!!
  13. Ok so now i will use Galileo’s 1.3 patch
  14. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    How do i reanimate the lander legs
  15. You need to download RN dependencies 1.3 and then download soviet rockets and probes then take out the folder and put in game data