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  1. Will scatterer and/or EVE be implimented in a future version? When I don’t see visual, I cringe like when I do when I see an expendable rocket.
  2. I posted that before the update was released, but thanks for updating this wonderful mod.
  3. When will this be updated to 1.4, This is the only thing that is breaking my save file when I updated.
  4. That is very understandable, I'm not trying to push the mod maker to update the mod, he can take all the time he needs, I just wanted to know if there was a potential day that it will happen.
  5. When can we expect scatterer to be updated to Version 1.4? EVE got updated so whenever this is updated is when I update to 1.4
  6. Thanks, I'm still not ready to update from 1.3.1 until all of the mods I use are updated, but this is good enough untill 1.4.1
  7. Hi, the new MK1-3 command pod does look cool, but is the interior view still in progress because the Kerbal portraits won't appear. It isn't just me, everyone is experiencing this problem
  8. Thank go... I mean thank the kraken. Cross your fingers that scatterer doesn’t break again. Also, Kerbol rising started, Go team Tape
  9. Are there any ideas for future planets/moons or maybe an astroid belt in the rings of Lomina.
  10. Is there a way to fix the sentinel telescope for the stars since the code only lets the telescope work around the sun but the sun in this mod is not the sun anymore so is there a way to fix it
  11. One thing I don’t understand is why the kerbals would escape to duna sure, Mars would be a good place to go in our solar system, but in the kerbol, or I guess now archangel system. Wouldn’t the kerbals go to Laythe since it was many times more habitable.
  12. I'm Not using KSS configs to make planets, but I am using them as make-shift tutorials to learn how to make them. I would use other tutorials but The White Guardian's for some reason didn't work and other ones require Kittopia tech which for some reason doesn't work. Same thing for kopernicus Examples, plus kopernicus Examples configs are a Big mess, I can barely read them.
  13. I'm looking for that file I don't know where it is. I remember that !Body[Kerbin] {} is added than the new kerbin config is added. is it in the file KSS_Kopernicus in kopernicus files.
  14. Amazing mod. But there is one thing I am wondering about. How is it that you replace the stock planets with revamped ones? I am starting to use kopernicus and am wondering how this is done. In GPO how gameslikx did it was with the GPO config file in the folder that had the phrase (!Body[Kerbin] {}) I'm wondering how you did it since I can't find a file like this I your mod. Keep up the good work. One of my favorite planet mods. Can't wait until future versions and the new planets they bring. BTW, Keep people like the Loud Mouth Jar-Jar shown
  15. Soon I will Fly my tesla to Pandora. Jeb will probably love it there.
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