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  1. hello! when will this mod be updated for 1.4.1?
  2. hey everyone! i have a question, will there be any celestial bodies added with KSP "making history" or 1.4?
  3. hey everyone! i have a quick question, is the "LEM hab" still a thing? or has it been scrapped.
  4. i did it! thank you so much.
  5. okay! i got it so i have the option to switch textures in the VAB. but when i click on "next color" it doesnt do anything.
  6. i have firespitter, i have everything from the ALT folder in the gamedata/tantares/parts/soyuz folder. what am i doing wrong? and im using 1.3.1
  7. hmm... still not working, how do i actually switch the textures in-game?
  8. thank you for the info! but im still a little stuck, where is the exact folder im supposed to put the ALT file in? (for the soyuz texture switch)
  9. how would i go about switching the textures for the soyuz? (from the stock grey to the light-blue and white texture set)
  10. thank you! and one more question, is this mod tweakscale compatable?
  11. i love this mod so much! but i cant seem to switch the textures of the parts, how do i?
  12. Daylight4449

    What did you do in KSP today?

    i got my first ever orbital space-shuttle to launch! i think i have the words "catastrophic failure!" burned into my retinas. also congrats everyone for your accomplishments!