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  1. well, im gonna have a hard time competing against that ferris wheel. but i'll try to do something unique for this challenge!
  2. im so hyped for the BFR update! are you working on a system that can make the two bottom "wings" actuate? and would they be attatched separately or are they going to be one large part that mounts on the bottom of the BFS' tank?
  3. hey everyone! i have a question, will there be any celestial bodies added with KSP "making history" or 1.4?
  4. okay! i got it so i have the option to switch textures in the VAB. but when i click on "next color" it doesnt do anything.
  5. i have firespitter, i have everything from the ALT folder in the gamedata/tantares/parts/soyuz folder. what am i doing wrong? and im using 1.3.1
  6. hmm... still not working, how do i actually switch the textures in-game?
  7. thank you for the info! but im still a little stuck, where is the exact folder im supposed to put the ALT file in? (for the soyuz texture switch)
  8. how would i go about switching the textures for the soyuz? (from the stock grey to the light-blue and white texture set)
  9. thank you! and one more question, is this mod tweakscale compatable?
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