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  1. What do you think about adding cck-universal-storage to CCT for using by Universal Storage, Universal Storage II and DMagic Orbital Science?
  2. тут на самом деле всё довольно просто: украинцев приблизительно в три раза меньше чем россиян, если к россиянам мы добавим всех остальных, не знающих украинский, но присутствующих в рунете, доля уменьшится до четверти-пятой части. Т.е. где-то четверть сможет в полной мере заценить dV карту на украинском. И ссылка на карту в OP вряд ли будет кому-то мешать, а кого-то сверх обозначенной четверти даже позабавит. Аналогично можно предположить, что dV-карту на белорусском заценят 5% местных обитателей, хотя позабавит она может и большее кол-во. Но при этом прямо вот этот опрос в самом верху страницы выглядит лишним. Хочешь - делай, но специально спрашивать не стоит. З.Ы. у тебя какие-нибудь исходники dV карты со слоями есть? Inkscape? Круто. Может я по фану белорусскую сделаю... З.Ы.2 там на главном форуме есть ещё эта же dV карта, но в виде мода как страничка КСПедии. И в СКАНе она тоже есть, хотя и для 1.3.0. С этим бы ещё разобраться ...
  3. flart

    [1.4.x] SM Para Motor

    Another idea is a skateboard or a kick scooter for KIS
  4. "captureMinRollDot = 0.98" and "snapOffset = 45" allows docking in (45° × n) ± 2° angles or I misunderstood captureMinRollDot field? So this mod can prevent me from docking in 30°, but can't prevent from docking in 45,5° ? P.S. I know, there is "Konstruction" and "Dock Rotate", but what about this patch?
  5. flart

    Kerbal Fried Chicken v1.4

    Version 1.4 - Challenge update text & bugs fixes "objectives" fixes additional points for reaching closer to Sun. How close can you get and succeed the mission?
  6. How I understand it, they on purpose update RSS after a next version is released, it's make RSS kind of LTS-ish. Also RSS&RO is a very large piece of work, so I understand why they need this LTS-ish cycle. After 1.4 was out they update RSS to 1.3.1 in few days. So I think there would be RSS for 1.4.5 after 1.5 will out. So, I propose you add [temporary] tag to the title. Or if your aim is to support LTS-ish RSS for active version with or without RO, please write it in the OP.
  7. flart

    Kerbal Fried Chicken v1.4

    Version 1.1 - Parker update now for max score you also need to reach Parker Solar Probe periapsis (scaled) - 612,000,000 m
  8. Version 0.9.2 Added on CKAN Added on Spacedock Patched for separate RemoteTech Redev Antennas — it's dependency, link in the OP.
  9. New in the last Beta-5 (since Beta-2) Added on CKAN Added on SpaceDock new: JX2Antenna Airplane Plus Missing History updates: SRBs, Battery, S3-Engines, Antennas, OpenCockpit ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @BlackHat I personally don't use KW, because SpaceY + FuelTankPlus mostly overlap it. if you want to make this for KW, start with making localization support and committing to KW repo. Then making convention-ization will get easier.
  10. Add solar pannels. or make a nuclear oven, like mine https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1434436374
  11. @TaxiService RemoteTech-Antennas into RemoteTech folder? But RemoteTech-Anntennas is not for working with RemoteTech... And this can fail "conflicts": [ { "name": "RemoteTech" } ], "depends": [ { "name": "RemoteTech-Antennas" } ] Maybe better GameData\RemoteTech2\RemoteTech-Antennas\ or GameData\RemoteTech-Antennas\ ?
  12. flart

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    stock way of launching sea ships: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/19482
  13. Yes, it is. Then I can make it a dependency
  14. can I include these assets to the mod? Or did you mean to add a second download link for the RT Redev parts, and to convert my mod to MM-patches + VenAntenna + Plugin? Then I can't load it to ckan or Spacedock...
  15. @Mecripp, looks like I am ok there: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/aies use is free to all users to Kerbal Space Program — I am doing that it <AIES-mod> is not allowed for commercial use and distribution through other unknown links — I am not distribute AIES-mod through other unknown links. @carmics did I understand you correctly? @TaxiService can you say there, what this is part of RemoteTech and I maintain it? Or even separate RTparts from RTmod on ckan? Then I can make RTparts hard dependency.