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  1. [1.3.1] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    scaling bug: feature request: checkbox, for not hiding NASA-clock until Gravity Turn do its job after launching, abort-button disables Gravity Turn It's for not opening Gravity Turn window
  2. Mod has been Kottabosed! ——————————— New version 0.9.8 add knots for airplanes (settings) Worldwide, the knot is used in meteorology, and in maritime and air navigation fix bugs
  3. Version German localization (thanks to @Isabelle.V.Fuchs)
  4. SpaceDock.info (Mod Hosting Site)

    400px is the visible height (image can be larger), 1920px is the width for no-tiling at FullHD monitor. Have at mind what left-side 600px doesn't show up for 1366px-monitor so it should be not important staff. All above is ok, and 1920x400 looks like recommended variant. Problem is when you trying to get pretty small mod's card picture too. It doesn't use cutted 400px-height variant, but the full image, what you loaded and get some middle part of it to fit mod-card ratio so even if you guess positioning, text still become not-readable (too small). It is better to set them separately. @VITAS Is there any possibility to do that? Or to make movable yellow rectangle, corresponding picture-card. Movable yellow rectangle shows up while you setting up preview picture.
  5. SpaceDock.info (Mod Hosting Site)

    What are the preview image resolution and ratio recommended for 100% fit in the mod's page and mod's card at main page? (no tiling, no cutting) UPD. ok, figured out - that is inconvenient and maybe impossible. feature request: spit them in the settings: top wide mod's page picture and small mod's card picture at main page
  6. Addon Localization Home

    Hi, Speed Unit Annex already has Russian and German translation. Translations to any other languages are welcomed! github, 20 lines, 50 words
  7. Welcome aboard, @solarise helm Mach 3.0 is indeed ~1000m/s at the ground level. The Mach number at which an aircraft is flying can be calculated by where: M is the Mach number u is velocity of the moving aircraft and c is the speed of sound at the given altitude So speed for same Mach number is decreasing with increasing altitude and for altitude 16530m for Kerbin Mach 3.0 is ~870m/s. Also, without atm the speed of sound and therefore the Mach number have no meaning.
  8. Another mod (fork) in the family of SpeedUnitChanger and SpeedUnitDisplay. It doesn't change main xx.x m/s line, but add (annex) some new speed unit and helpful value to the top line, depending from navball mode and the vesselType. Also it has difficulty setting page. Surface mode Rover — km/h or mph (setting) Boat/Submarine — knots Plane — Mach number or knots (setting) Kerbal (EVA) — name All, except Rovers and Boat — Above Ground Level (setting) Orbit mode Apoapsis and Periapsis (setting) Target mode target vessel name a distance to target (setting) Notice, sometimes KSP doesn't recognize vessel type correctly. Then select it manually using "rename vessel" option. Note: Screenshots: Video (@Kottabos): Download: Releases page: https://github.com/yalov/SpeedUnitAnnex/releases Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1662/Speed Unit Annex Languages: English, Русский, Deutsch If anyone is interested to translate into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (S) (or the other languages that will be supported): github.
  9. v1.0.1 all mode-names ("None", etc) still are unlocalized https://www.dropbox.com/s/4klbh3jwpz9b2ba/screenshot91_cr.png?dl=0 Yes, I'm talking about usual translation in /localization/en-us.cfg, etc. Other languages will be commited by users.
  10. Localization is forgotten Also it breaks the stock CommNet type names Localization
  11. Consider making lightweight separate mod for this, without Constellations
  12. @rsparkyc have not been here since July 18, 2017. @linuxgurugamer, are you interested in picking up?
  13. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch

    Did you include https://github.com/Starwaster/ProceduralParts/pull/19 or just recompile ?
  14. It is not deployable aka extendable aka folding \Squad\Parts\Thermal\FoldingRadiators\. They are ok. It is \Squad\Parts\Thermal\RadiatorPanels\, they can't extend. They just turn on and off, and mod doesn't support them