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  1. If you need mph for planes only sometimes, for fun, the easiest way is to change type of the vessel to the "rover", to check out mph and then to get back to the "plane" (all without summoning difficulty settings) if you want always to have mph instead of mach (despite engines max thrust achieves on the some mach) I can remake settings page for changeable mach/knots/kmph/mph for the planes
  2. Turn off "rover speedometer: km/h" in the settings, it enables mph for rovers
  3. flart

    Countdown mods?

    LGG was saying that after squad moved to the 3 months releases cycle, he will not be updating every mod for every release — only the broken ones. So if there is some problem with NASA countdown clock — create Issue on the github. A "Sound effect" thing is .ogg-files for every second and event. You could try to find and to cut the suggested sounds and PR to the repo. @linuxgurugamer
  4. Честно уже и не помню, в каком месте меня так раздражали наименования координат, что я аж баг создал https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/18276, и я давно уже на английской версии, поэтому если считаете актуальным плюсаните на багтрекере, иначе минусаните, будет отрицательный баланс — закрою баг.
  5. You was joking and don't need an answer, but there it is. I usually do something like that (similar squad did): 0.1.x - Alpha 0.2.x - Beta 0.9.x - RC 1.0 - Release 90% chance 1.10 will follow after 1.9, 7% chance they take more than 3 months for development, make a little more new features and call it 2.0 for the increasing sales 3% chance they just call it 2.0.
  6. Чтобы плагин поддерживал локализацию, нужно изменить код, перекомпилировать и ещё добавить локализацию тэгов в конфиг, типа такого: Localizer.Format("#SpeedUnitAnnex_Surf5") и Localization { ru { #SpeedUnitAnnex_Surf5 = Пов-ть } }
  7. @Sooll3 Потому что все относительно забили на локализацию и на подфорумы посвященные ей. То что на ажиотаже во времена ksp1.3 было локализировано — то в основном и осталось. Ещё мододелы на родной язык свои моды переводят, но не более.
  8. @Shizen Yes, it is 1.6.0 compatible, just change KSP_VERSION and KSP_VERSION_MAX in the ScienceLabInfo.version I will recompile it, but later.
  9. because you modified science experiments, you can add ScienceSituationInfo as recommended mod, and there is a large boom to the requested mods list, aka mods supported by CPT:
  10. I like what the SXT's dontstayputnik name has more sense than the stayputnik. "Sputnik" is, you know, a satellite, and not only the space-y one, but also the loved one — "sputnik of a life" is a popular Russian idiom about a life partner. And the most casual and usual meaning of "Sputnik" is "fellow traveller". Even more, "s-" is a prefix, meaning something like "with-". Sputnik = With-putnik = fellow traveller. Yes, "putnik" is a traveller, or maybe more accurately a wanderer, a pilgrim — an archaic kind of a traveller from a fairytale and with a hobo stick. Finally: dontstayputnik = "don't stay, Putnik" = don't stay there, traveller, go and live a full life, take adventures somewhere in the space stayputnik = "stay, Putnik" — what? stay where? why? I am a PUTNIK, I don't want to stay.
  11. Needed by me for making a Community Parts Titles support you have quoted only a second part of the sentence, the pattern is in the Community Parts Titles, that why I put a colon before. It is the pretty wordy arguments why Community Parts Titles is so cool I am talking about a new name for the part, because MH makes the new part, despite it has the same model. Beside my problem, somewhere in the universe can be a patch, what assume, what the stock structural part adapterSmallMiniTall hasn't any resources. If the new part has the new unique @name, I can make the CPT compatibility MM patch UPD. Getting rid of the stock name also will not work... new localization tags is the best solution. I can find stock titles for all languages for that part and post .cfg there.
  12. Another compatibility change is needed , this time for the Community Parts Titles: "Tanks" have a different title pattern than "Structural" (the 06-12 adapter belong between FL-S40 Oscar-B Fuel Tank and FL-T100 Fuel Tank) Could you make a separate localization tag for the fueled adapter (ex #MissingHistory_adapterSmallMiniTall_title)? Another possibility is changing the @name of the modified part to something new, then I could make changes in the spoiler on my side UPD. Was you considering Ven's atomic small engine (Shiba) before integrate Porkjet's one? Just curious.
  13. It's my settings.cfg for the plugin (it is used alongside with the difficulty section settings, which doesn't support needed input strings): USKAM { Regex = "^.?[Tt]est" Regex = "^.?[Ss]imulation" } I load the settings.cfg with ConfigNode[] configs = GameDatabase.Instance.GetConfigNodes("USKAM"); It loads ok If I placed the .cfg to the GameData/USKAM/, but the same file doesn't load from the GameData/USKAM/PluginData/ Why is that?
  14. CommNet Antennas Extension v2.0.0 The plugin was exluded from the CommNet Antennas Extension Salute the CommNet Antennas Info either of the two 500Gm antennas cannot be a base part now, as any other mod's and stock antennas update MM 3.1.2 CommNet Antennas Info v2.0.0: recompiled for ksp 1.6.0 Updated OP.