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  1. Is it possible to board the Kerbal Ball in-flight ? Also I have problem to build a vehicle in the construction mode. I have made a patch for volume, but default orientation is probably different, transparent arrows would help with the orientation.
  2. Transfer Station and 4 vehicles docked: a rover, a miner, and two Eve's one-off landers: unmanned and manned with the same design:
  3. I was able to make it work because of this line in the OP, but it is much easier to just have arrow as in the Kerbal Foundries, and note in the description of the part, to make sure the arrow points up.
  4. could you put an arrow pointing up on the wheel, to make clear how it need to be placed?
  5. Is Eve looks like it should ? (it's Scatterer 0.8, I don't know how it should looks like on the Scatterer 0.7)
  6. people, that works with any large machineries and gets fuel for free, live like that
  7. Janitor Closet имеет вкладку с фильтром по ресурсу, и, кажется, работает с двигателями
  8. Version 0.9.5 on CKAN and spacedock update masses and costs add scaled 3.75m parts add @thumbs for an inventory icons CCK supports CrewToDeploy req.
  9. oh, so "physics issues" from the previous thread is the bouncing up and down after loading onto the launch pad. Never knew it is related to the mass of the launch clamps, thought that just some bug. Removed changing mass in the v0.3.1 until further investigation. yes, I know, I have used them as base for the patch, and have added always enabled small EC generator. The patch removes all generators from the clamps, and adds unified generators to all of them. Someone could PR relative LaunchClampGenerator_Power, on the other hand, I like them to be equal. https://github.com/.../FreeLaunchClampsGenerators_opt-in.cfg Version 0.3.1 on CKAN and spacedock Remove changing mass because of the found problems
  10. Continuation of the almost-free-launch-clamps, with some tweaks and more mods support. Recently, I have heard a few people grumbling about how launch clamps add to the total cost of your vessel in the VAB, sometimes resulting in not having enough funds. After discussing with many experts, colleagues and kerbals, we have come to the conclusion, that launch clamps should be free and not count toward your total launch costs. Kinda. If you play with "entry purchases required", you will only pay the entry fee, otherwise it's free. ALWAYS. Pretty lame. Its not hard to imagine that the launch clamps are reusable, and should technically be a part of the launch pad. Launch clamps capable of transferring fuel to the vessel, this can be considered cheaty, but I'll tell you anyway. Draining the tanks in the VAB results in huge launch cost savings and fueling up on the launch pad is free, but its immersive in the fact that you have to wait for you tanks to fill up. Changes from AFLC: opt-in system for generators, add 3 generators to all clamps: always active slow EC changer, fast EC changing, fueling maxTemp = 4000, kerbals are making clamps from something in-between of hafnium carbide, tungsten, and cactus Supports: CommunityResourcePack (LH2/LCH4 Generators) FASA, FASALaunchClampsContinued, BDB SpaceY ModularLaunchPads RealScaleBoosters Download: Releases page: https://github.com/yalov/FreeLaunchClamps/releases Donation: Patreon
  11. If you want to install Kerbalism on CKAN, you need to remove CAI/CAC first
  12. yes, it has 33 empty slots, and no crew as it is now. Could that be a problem?
  13. Stock "feature": target prograde/retrograde buttons doesn't work for small speed, lower than ≈1 m/s. It could be 0.01 m/s
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