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  1. make sense, probably I didn't touch it because several planes mods have plenty mk1 cockpits, and they all appears there, so I just leave it alone. On the next update I will look into that.
  2. Version 0.13.0 added option for appending to the queue of planning, instead of prepending fixed queueing bug when created non planning alarm updated localization splitted settings on 3 columns ksp 1.9.1 option to show calculation message, when creating new planning alarm (None, Short, Expanded) Version 1.0.0 bump version to v1 (reimagined v2 coming soon)
  3. Yea, I was thinking about it. My idea was to add fake ModuleDeployableAntenna to static antennas, that doesn't really deploy anything, but enables/disables antennas. It didn't work. Probably it demands a real pivot and an animation for the module to work. Making new ModuleDataTransmitterDisableable is out of scope, because I don't want to make it not compatible with the NF: Exploration
  4. patch, that tell HideEmptyTreeNode to not hide "tier number nodes": @TechTree:NEEDS[UnKerballedStart&HideEmptyTechTreeNodes]:FINAL // FINAL should only be used for user MM scripts, if ever!!! { // Hide all empty nodes, initially @RDNode,* { @hideEmpty = True } @RDNode:HAS[#id[tier*]] { @hideEmpty = False } } Are you sure CBK patch should be there? It's helpful, I am having similar patch at local folder for larger systems, but how it related to the "Unkerballed Start"? em16s light duty motor from the Braking Ground on the Adv. Landing, different brunch from all other motors on the Actuator and Adv. Actuator moving SAS-L2 Probes from the NF Exploration to OCTO2: @PART[nfex-probe-dsk-1,nfex-probe-rkt-1,nfex-probe-chfr-1]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree&NearFutureExploration&UnKerballedStart]:FINAL { @TechRequired = unmannedTech } @PART[nfex-bus-dsk-1,nfex-bus-dsk-2,nfex-bus-rekt-1,nfex-bus-rekt-2,nfex-bus-chfr-1,nfex-bus-chfr-2]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree&NearFutureExploration&UnKerballedStart]:FINAL { @TechRequired = unmannedTech } Maybe move smallest NF-Electric solar panels early? It too boring early career with only stock solar panels
  5. Extras-Consumptor/CommNetAntennasInfo/ suppose to be merged with CommNetAntennasInfo/ in the GameData, like GameData/CommNetAntennasInfo/Configs/ModuleGeneratorAntenna.cfg possible that it's the reason of the warnings, though exact path there should not be important. Otherwise, I need log
  6. Why? I always disable other ground stations, and start career with placing equilateral triangle relays constellation around the homeworld, for getting a signal everywhere on surface. Or it could be any other regular polygon, or some polar orbits. Same with the homeworld moons or other option is ahead and behind the moon.
  7. Commnet Antennas Info v2.4.0 ksp 1.9.0 CommNetAntennasConsumptor: disabled consumption for the INTERNAL antennas DIRECT consumption reduced by 2.5 times.
  8. Version 0.6.0 It dawned on me, that using MM regex replace I can easily replace part numbers within descriptions, to correspond titles. Like so: @description ^= :RT-10:Hammer: new: SmartParts 1.9.14 Regex-replace for the stock descriptions: titles corresponds descriptions now. updates: ksp 1.9.0 renamed cfg files SCANsat 19.0 beta Restock+ 1.0.3 kOS 1.2.1 US2 Beta
  9. I just checked cool new features. Is imager LowRes also planned as new part, or as a module for the ScienceLab/Pods ? From the progression point of view probably it makes sense to remove anomalies scanner from the biomes scanner for making new Imager more important and useful.
  10. Hi, would be nice to see there also hiding the CommNet lines of hidden vessels I know, I could click few times, and choose Mode: None, but the purpose of the mod is hiding stuff with one button, right?
  11. @Deimos Rast, it looks pretty good, I made few changes: If the parts within the group are the same size, I usually trying to sort them by techtree level or cost. the parts with "(craft)" postfix also have part/stage/craft switcher. I would remove (part) and (craft), and make SRB with an index P: SMTR-05P I usually change the description if they mentions changed title, but you provide a fix of descs for the current functionality of parts, so I will ask lgg does he want to merge them. And the desc of the km_smart_srb is the same as original. @linuxgurugamer there is update of the descriptions of the 3 parts, could you update it? Parts/Smart-Controller/km_smart_ECFloorDetector.cfg old: Fires an event if the Electric Charge of the whole craft has drained below or been increased above the defined threshold. new: Fires an event if the total Electric Charge for the entire craft has crossed a specific threshold. You could limit function of the device to the current stage or the single attached part. Parts/Smart-Controller/km_smart_fuel.cfg old: Fires an event if the tank or battery it is attached to has drained. Works with any resource. new: Fires an event if the total specified resource for the attached part has crossed a specific threshold. Parts/Smart-Controller/km_smart_ResourceFloorDetector.cfg old: Fires an event if a specified resource of the whole craft has drained below the defined threshold. Also, this can be set to fire an event if the specified resource of the whole craft has been filled above a defined threshold. new: Fires an event if the total specified resource for the entire craft has crossed a specific threshold. You could limit function of the device to the current stage or the single attached part.
  12. I have never used Smart Parts, but PR are welcomed. The mod doesn't have localization, and patches looks like en-us_patch_kOS.cfg
  13. Love this mod, there is some features I miss: changeable text fields. Mostly it is about name of the vessel, if the vessel name was changed ("fixed") on the flight, I want it to propagate to all mentioning in the Space Age. But not always changing of a vessel is "fixing". records on the Chronicle (max mass, cost, etc) is showed without the vessel name. And again, changeable text. Score is just some number. I miss max score value and % of the max score. Per planet and/or total. And the big one, I'm not missing it, just cool feature: some steam-styled hidden achievements or "dignity titles", showed on the score tab. The logic there could be infinitely rich, like ContractConfigurator or ModuleManager rich, so limiting to combining several scored first achievements make sense. For example: hierarchical ones: Engineer of <Planet> ("All probe first achievement of all bodies in the SOI of <Planet>" (including moons)), which replaced by "Master of <Planet> ("All first achievement of all bodies in the SOI of <Planet>" (including moons)), which merge to Ambassador of inner planets and Ambassador of outer planets, which merge to Grandmaster of Kerbol, or something like that. standalone ones: Terra Nova (something about Laythe) Effulgent (visit "radiactive" planet) Can't feel my legs (land on Gilly) King of Captured Asteroids (Bop, Gilly) and so on.
  14. Also there is Space Age with two achievement tabs (screenshots on the topic is outdated) And about the OP, I could imagine, that if this "lock" plugin for a tech tree would be available, than tech-tree modders will have even more tools to their work for making interesting and balanced tech-tree, what force player to go outside Kerbin system earlier. Firstly, do not forget, that we already have tech tree divided on 3 parts, bases on Facility level (aka 2 global locks). So it is probably in the area of @sarbian 's Custom Barn Kit, to make an option for the tech tree facility upgrade depends on visiting some other planets or some set of achievements. (example: first upgrade: fly-by any other planet, second upgrade: manned return home from any other planet) And secondly, I think the main problem with the stock tech tree is not lack of tools, but that it isn't balanced (people are saying, I am not remember already), and the main problem with modders tech tree, that people often have some similar but different ideas, and everyone make their own tech tree, which support many but not every mod. And having even three unsupported less popular part mods could ruins balanced tech tree. My dream is that at some point all modders that made all UnkerballedUnmannedProbeAndAirplanes_BeforeCrew_AndDividedIntoBranches_TechTree will get together, make a Team, and create The New Community Tech Tree, with almost all mod supported.
  15. Thank you for the mod, it's very useful for making perfectly balanced plane/rocket. One GUI request: [+] and [-] buttons for the fields in the -/+ column, the buttons will divide/multiply the value by 10.