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  1. Version 2.0.2 Recompile for ksp 1.12.3 MM 4.2.1 safety changes, that probably fix nullref, mentioned above
  2. that is why coping is default but if you want to save some drive time, and you use Better Load Save Game Renewed instead of F9 quickload, than the 'rename' option is helpful
  3. the game does not allow to put an inventory into inventory, so it is stock limitation the checkbox add parts to the partVolume_v2.cfg, that could be manipulated in the construction mode, but could not be put in the inventory (internally they have volume -1) small parts could be in stack - several items in one cell in the inventory grid only calculates the volume for stock parts with missing ModuleCargoPart
  4. Kerbalism by itself replace the info panel as it want it to be, and it includes CommNetAntennaConsumptor functionality, so CAInfo/CAConsumptor is not recommended for the Kerbalism. I will add Kerbalism to conflicts in the CKAN for them. I'm not familar with the AmpYear, but looks like it need some work for supporting Commnet Antennas Consumptor, @JPLRepo
  5. No, I did not include DOS experiments, and I don't use Kerbalism
  6. that explain why I have D lighter than C. These are masses of asteroid I have captured A Tiny 5,153t B Small 21,685t C Medium 251,060t D Large 179,966t E Huge 3,517,898t Comets don't supported by Kopernicus
  7. sspx-expandable-centrifuge-5-1 miss the ModuleKerbalHealth - Microgravity module
  8. there should be CCK-KAS category from the KAS mod (if you don't have the KIS) search is not working for the parts, hidden from their default categories, it is known "feature". I have not found suspicious mods
  9. that because you use KAS without KIS. I have fixed the bug, check new version 0.9.2
  10. beside the nullrefs, that I reported before there is a new nullref spam: ksp.log https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-iCL9GZ9t7clVFpmX
  11. up and running https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KSP-WarpDrive/releases
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