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  1. How do you call Jebediah and Valentina in short (aka Jeb and Val) in Japanese? Are ジブ and ヴァル ok?
  2. @HebaruSan You could publish this as 3 mods: _base recommends _clouds and _dust, _dust depends on _base, _cloud depends on _base. @panzer1b if you want to upload to another website, than https://spacedock.info/kerbal-space-program is good place in many ways.
  3. it show/hide the atmospheric tab in the the editor Basic dV setting panel, and doesn't toggle the atmospheric mode (vac/atmo), is it indended? I still think the mod needs onscreen button/checkbox for toggling vac/atmo, like in the KER Is this possible to make the same for the KER? @jrbudda instead of the title and the unit in the dV: 1,090 m/s there can be just numbers 1090/2200 or 1090/1.35
  4. the nullref should be fixed in the it was about entering a vessel after EVA in the target mode.
  5. changing www. to dl. or ?dl=0 to ?dl=1 sometimes helps for getting dropbox direct link
  6. @HebaruSan, check this links in few hours: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q274mnh5wkp59c2/AABFRfvTHqW94bSl1Z2gFadSa/SiFiVE-1.4.zip?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q274mnh5wkp59c2/AAB3DhYhU2_DyQl_s2Jdw99Aa?dl=1
  7. flart

    [1.3] Collide-o-Scope [v1.1.6]

    You don't want participate in putting your mods in the CKAN, or you don't want for your mods to be on the CKAN (aka do-not-index list)?
  8. @linuxgurugamer I couldn't reproduce a nullref. Do you have last version compiled against ksp1.4 — 1.2.0?
  9. flart

    [1.3] Collide-o-Scope [v1.1.6]

    Hey, what do you think about adding this to CKAN?
  10. ... and where is it in the localization configs? moduleDT.CommType.ToString() is a capslocked English name, I can get ToTitleCase(moduleDT.CommType.ToString()), but I can't find something like moduleDT.GetDisplayCommType(), and even worse, I can't find these type names in the stock localization files. How do the game show them in the first place? They should be in the localization file, somewhere.
  11. Version 1.1.0 (Plugin Update) shows modified ratings (if you have changed power modifiers in the settings) shows all DSN levels (Custom Barn Kit supported) shows DSN ratings, hightlights active DSN level, shows range to Built-in antenna for relays compact version for internal antennas
  12. Не могу найти, под каким номером в стоковом локализационном файле находятся типы антенн: Internal, Direct, Relay или где это название вызывается из кода