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  1. Some MM errors with the MiningExpansion [LOG 13:20:21.369] Applying update RationalResourcesParts/CRP/Converter_Opt-in_Default/@PART:HAS[#RRConverter[Set]]:NEEDS[!KerbalismDefault]:FOR[RationalResourcesParts] to MiningExpansion/Parts/Mk2Refinery/ISRU.cfg/PART[SMX_Mk2ISRURefinery] [ERR 13:20:21.377] Error - Skipping a patch subnode with unbalanced square brackets or a space (replace them with a '?') in @PART:HAS[#RRConverter[Set]]:NEEDS[!KerbalismDefault]:FOR[RationalResourcesParts] : +MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter]:HAS[#ConverterName[Lf+Ox] [LOG 13:20:21.382] Applying update RationalRes
  2. I use it in the fairing, so, for example, for 1.875m or 2.5m rockets I just put 1.25m variant, but on the request I added 1.875m and 3.75m variants in the version 1.2.3
  3. It is working. Probably you forgot one of the dependency Click Through Blocker ToolbarController SpaceTuxLibrary
  4. @hemeacDo you have time for a hot fix for the new Cryo Engines 2.0.0? (Cryotanks 1.6.0 gives Methane variants for tanks, but kiwi replaces them with its own)
  5. yes, as OP says, search doesn't work for parts, affected by No Dublicate. the restock is doing that
  6. Another suggestion is showing changelog as is: KERBALCHANGELOG { showChangelog = True path = relative/path/to/changelog } for mods which already have changelog in the text (or .md) format https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yalov/KVASS/master/ChangeLog.md
  7. There is cck-* tag in the Surface Scanning Module part. (MM-cache, line 339518) tags = isru mine )mining (ore prospect resource scanner sensor cck-usi-wolf So there should be "WOLF" category (created by USI Kolonization), with the Surface Scanning Module.
  8. trying to shot in the dark there, the RationalResources mod adds Rational Resources CCK category, and Surface Scanning Module can be found there, so the CPT: No Duplicates hides the duplicate from the science category. Otherwise, please share ksp.log, player.log, and ModuleManager.ConfigCache — it is possible that there is some patch order problem with some unique set of mods.
  9. The mods have different identifiers on CKAN and "Conflicts" relationship, so once one of them is installed, another is unallowed to be installed. For switching conflicting pair of mods on CKAN, a safe way is delete one of them, and then install another.
  10. ModuleManager is included in the archive, there are no other dependencies. Try to create new sandbox game, and check there. If that will not be working, share ksp.log and player.log please
  11. Version 0.7.0 new: FarFutureTechnologies 1.0.1 SystemHeat 0.3.7 Kerbal Reusability Expansion 2.9.1 updates: KerbalAtomics 1.2.1 CryoEngines 1.2.1 Dev (MethaloxEngines) CryoTanks 1.5.6 NearFutureSpacecraft 1.4.1 NearFutureLaunchVehicles 2.1.2 CommunityPartsTitles Extras Category: Disable NFLV simple view CCK category. You could use Extended NFLV category. If you want the NFLV simple view CCK category back, remove the 002_CommunityPartsTitles\Extras\category_no_
  12. MLP has a nice synergy with the SmartParts: it has a stageable smartpart, able to call AG or stage with a delay. So for example, on the last stage I put an LFO engine, and a smartpart that will stage in 1 second, on the next stage I put SRBs, decoupling from the launch base, and a smartpart that toggle AG10, on the AG10 I put togglers of arms and towers, So everything is moving just in one 'space' button.
  13. Поставьте в настройках клавиш управление колёсами на другие кнопки, например на 8 4 5 6 на нампаде. САС останется на wasd. Это исправит какие-то из ваших проблем: можно будет подать "газ" на колёса без одновременной команды на переворот, и QE остаются активны для изменения крена для удачного приминмусения после прыжка
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