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  1. I disabled the central plume, and find out that really there are vernier plumes, but they are hidden behind the large central Exhaust. Probably Squad/FX/ks25_Exhaust was changed on the last few ksp updates, and it's no more fit to the Bollard. Can it be scaled down? UPD. hydroLOXFlame instead of ks25_Exhaus, and changed stat of Squad/FX/Monoprop_small
  2. Just curious, could QuickSearch fix the ksp feature, that parts with category=none unsearchable? making category=none patch is a popular way to hide parts from their original category if they are added to a CCK category
  3. It's only one category for all non-2019-released games, and ksp pretty fits there. "This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years" Give ksp some love after years of the labor of love: https://store.steampowered.com/steamawards/nominations
  4. on the forum, the oldest one is Wobbly rockets, half-month after initial release. It was merged into NovaPunch
  5. There are 14 mods on curseforge dated May 6, 2014. 10 mods aren't updated (some of them was continued and renamed or move to other sites) and 4 mods still is updated MechJeb kRPC DMagic Orbital Science TextureReplacer Where mods had been hosted before May 6, 2014 ? UPD. KSP release on steam - April 27, 2015 (v1.0) KSP initial release - June 24, 2011 (v0.7.3) KSP first compile - January 17, 2011
  6. Was Bollard having more distinguished nozzles plumes before: separate plumes for central nozzles and side verniers?
  7. Portrait Stats doesn't work for external seats and on EVA log
  8. While the DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric patch by @Jognt fixes the "Magnetometer Boom" issue, but, for example, "Micro Goo Containment Pod" uses DMRoverGooMat, and still has the same issue: experiment showed up, but do not performed via [x]science gui.
  9. On the KSC scene F5 works as "Save as", and Dated quicksave doesn't work: the dialog with the "quicksave #N" showed up. idr, probably the mod just don't work with the "Save as" dialog. Could it be possible to add the support? An default text in the "Save as" dialog would be new SaveAsTemplate in the config
  10. @HebaruSan v1.3.3 and v1.8.0 need epoch 2 on the CKAN
  11. There's very little information available to show in the editor and the way the vessel is represented in the API is very different. I meant, It did work at time 1.3-1.4, and was mostly empty, but on 1.7.3 it interrupts screenshoting inside the editor and image isn't saved. it's a good idea sorry, I haven't figured out why or when it happens
  12. On the clear save and clear install it indeed start at 100km, but on my hardmoded save it's still like 4.5462157m by default, and every time I need to write 100km. could I fix saved value somewhere in the config?
  13. The problem is not only that I need to make all changes again after reverting, but also that I need to wait 2 scene change (reverting and launch again) to have it saved to the save file. I have see this mod as button somewhere on the flight scene, which saving the staging and the action group to the .craft. You make some changes, and if they are important, you press "update .craft", and the flight is going on. Probably it's not about stages and action groups, but about saving the active craft to its file. You launch a vessel, fix staging, kaboom a redundant part that accidentally pass through, save to the .craft and go with the launch without 2 scene change.
  14. Waypoints isn't showed up on a BigMap on the KSC scene. (it's ok on the other scenes) Does it possible to enable BigMap in the editor? KSP.log
  15. Also the greenhouses and the aquaculture from the StationPartsExpansionRedux isn't very helpful, when LS mods aren't installed. Something like increased maxAmount of RadiationShielding, a loneliness multiplier (talking to veggies), and a recuperation (being around plants) for the greenhouses, and I'm not that modules make sense for the aquaculture.