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  1. Some time ago I abandoned the idea of separation Extras/ because it is "highly recommended" extras, and some renaming rely on these patches. But since a bug with the search is discovered, I should consider separating Extras/ or only category_hide_cck.cfg
  2. thanks for the clarification. I moved @category = none patch to a separate file. @Frostiken For canceling "recategorization", remove 002_CommunityPartsTitles\Extras\ For only restoring search, remove 002_CommunityPartsTitles\Extras\category_hide_cck.cfg (since CPT v @whitespacekilla All is working on my side up to the last KSP 1.7.3. Do you have the mod path <GAMEDIR>\GameData\002_CommunityPartsTitles\Localization\... ? Also the mod is intended and was tested for the English version of the game. Using the mod with not-English game will entail re-title-ing only parts of mods, that do not support localization, because I was using plane MM patch for them. The stock parts and mods supporting localization will not be affected, because I was using English-language localization configs.
  3. @Kjonde564 Did you forget to enable other launch sites in the settings? Do you have last version of KSP, KK, MM, WLS ? Do you have any of Making History launchsites in the MH-launchsites-menu or any of KK launchsites in the KK-launchsites-menu? For the future, you could find how-to-get-support-read-first helpful.
  4. OP has the answer you seek: iirc it was ok before, and the parts still have "Universal Storage" or GORE in their name, so even if the tags somehow was broken, it still should be searchable. I shall have checked this, but it looks like a bug of search panel itself or some other mod is intervening. DMagicOrbitalScience pieces are available in the Science tab, DMagicOrbitalScience UniversalStorage compatibility pieces available in the Universal Storage tab, simple as that. The compatibility pieces was made specifically for putting into the US2-containers. A player want to make US2 Probe → they opens the US-tab and has everything they need.
  5. Until it is too late, maybe rename the mod to the Trim Pointer or something, there is already the TrimIndicator
  6. Version 0.4.4 updates: nf-solar 1.0 (CPT v0.4.3) new: DLC Breaking Ground Interkosmos ProbesBeforeCrew
  7. Version 0.65, problem with the water And add to the first post more info about graphics mods, does EVE and scatterer recommended or just supported ?
  8. @_Zee Hey, what do you have in mind about the mods, designed for making home planet trucks before any space exploration? (OSUV, Grounded, etc) They usually place their parts in the start node, and if you will leave that, there are enormous amount of science in the KSC biomes available right after start of the game from the grounded manned vehicles. Does there a way to nerf only the KSC biomes manned science?
  9. After downloading 1.5 hours, it breaks on 89%, without possibility to continue. Could you have a mirror? At least for a last version... I have 100 Mb/s but it downloads from the github on 350 kB/s
  10. @Poodmund update please HG-25 Antenna on the antennas google table, it is HG-32 with the 32M power, since Nov. 2018
  11. @winterchillz check how the CommNet works there: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/CommNet The max. distance between a satellite 2x32M and a probe 5M is sqrt(32M * 2^0.75 * 5M) ~ 16Mm, while MInmus is farther. For example, two 32M antennas on the satellite and two 32M antennas on the probe — then it will be enough: sqrt(32M * 2^0.75 * 32M * 2^0.75) ~ 53Mm
  12. If I try to prevent all ways to "cheat" the mod (there are plenty of those), it is going to be more complicated internally than I want it to be now, and I like that the mod isn't loaded on any scene except the editor, and doesn't create any long term data except the KAC Alarms. I should specify in the OP that the revert possibility in the stock setting needs to be enabled
  13. The DLC is not required. Do you have the last KK? Other planet packs doesn't supported. Try redownload KK, MM, and WLS. if it doesn't help, give me more description, maybe a screenshot and <game_folder>/KSP.log.
  14. That means that KVASS should works ok, and no other mod interrupts it. Only thing that should be changed, is additional payment when you click launch button in the editor in the simulation mode. You can notice lowering funds in the corner of your eye while miliseconds in the Editor after clicking launch button Also you could check settings, it is possible to make priceless simulation (or disable simulation) Did you press "Revert to Editor", but something did not reverted? It is the problem of vanilla reverting, because I didn't change that part.
  15. The tower is south of the runway and north of the Launchpad, so you will see it, but will have a hard time accidentally crashing into, so nothing will interrupt Valentina while she is gazing beyond the horizon