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  1. May I know more of these limitations?
  2. What does everyone have against Unity?
  3. There is quite a nice free variant with a improved graphics and a great modding community: Oolite Yeah, but that's not really Elite. It's similar, but it's not Elite.
  4. Okay, fine, going back and forth to expand the base. We don't need to shuttle stuff back and forth between x and y 100 times, which is why not having automation is silly in a game where you're going to have to go back and forth between an orbital construction platform and where you're getting resources for said platform.
  5. GU isn't restricted to interplanetary travel, but KSP is. But it will always replace human reaction times and human irrationality. Yeah, but what about going back and forth between Space Station V and Munbase Alpha for an indefinite time to supply parts and resources? That's extremely tedious and you don't learn much.
  6. That's easy to say if you've been playing for 500 hours and have no clue what newer players experience.
  7. I am too, I wonder why they did that? It's possible that the blue tint of the sea level sphere wasn't enough to make the ocean look wet. Imagine sand and dirt colored water all over the surface.
  8. Makes me wonder if Virtual Heroes and Army Game Studio still exists.
  9. I was just starting to accept the new subpar texturing and modelling, and now I'll be stuck noticing this on lots of my lifters!
  10. Purple Green Blue Cyan White Red Yellow Orange Gray Light Greyish Cyan
  11. As I said, NASA has nothing to do with the tts.
  12. 1. NASA only published MBA. Virtual Heroes and Army Game Studio (according to Steam) made the game. 2. No, KSP was created by Felipe. In short, NASA has nothing to do with anything other than putting MBA on the store.
  13. Too bad that MBA's tts is copyrighted...