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  1. Let's cut interstellar travel, scenes with tens of thousands of parts, graphics, etc. out of KSP 2 so it can support your old office laptop. Games aren't going to let themselves be dragged behind by those who won't upgrade their systems. Some people can't afford the necessary systems, yes, but some people can't afford games altogether. How about we just don't make games at all. Now that wouldn't make you happy, and neutering KSP 2 wouldn't make potential players happy either.
  2. Have you not been listening to the news, or...? One of the most obvious things about KSP 2 is its faster and better timewarp.
  3. For a start, the Mammoth engine has been made redundant and won't be in KSP 2.
  4. I am not. ^^ This. I don't play this "forever-early-access" game any more. From 0.18 to 1.7.3 I played each and every update. Thousands of hours played. Never got bored. The only thing that made me left the game was the endless wait for the next update to fix one or another bug, the constant hold, wait, before starting my new mission, base or whatever, hoping that there will be a stable version some day that can be used to play a very long save. That version never came. And 1.7.3 is the last version I installed. I seriously doubt I would play this game any more, still I have it installed and come to the forums once in a while, and with each new update, hoping for the best and finding the same as before, just new bugs. It's sad to say that about a game I recommended to everyone I know. Now I think I recommended a never-ending project of a game. The number in the version before the first dot doesn't make the game finished. For every single minor feature or cosmetic update we get a bunch of new bugs and some old ones revived. All those bugs mentioned here before (and some others) prove one thing: KSP is a (bad) beta. The fact that many people are still playing 1.3.1 should have made SQUAD think seriously about it, but they chose this insane strategy. Even games developed by only ONE person get more hotfixes for critical bugs than this one. Why? I don't know. And I don't care anymore. KSP2 will be finished before KSP, despite the delays, and by the time, as KSP buglist is constantly growing, KSP2 will surely be less buggy. If I have to wait, I'd better wait for other product, developed by other team. Maybe they have better QA and bug fixing people/skills/will/whatever. Meanwhile, I will be around here, reading changelogs about new useless parts nobody asked for and workarounds for partialy solving new gamebreaking bugs. It's funnier when you don't play the game. I would play KSP if it didn't have a negative impact on the performance of my PC. I'm sure my PC would be much faster and less worn out had I never booted KSP. Unfortunately, the architecture of the game is very old and is probably beyond repair at this point.
  5. I disagree, you shouldn't be forced to learn programming to play a game though it would be awesome if that was available as well. Also, it wouldn't be realism for the sake of realism, it would make using kerbals actually have a real benefit, it would add balance. If you want that kind of real-time control, send a pilot. The general consensus is that your inputs in game are just preprogrammed inputs in lore. KSP sacrifices many real world phenomena for the sake of gameplay and signal delay is one of those things, and there's an explanation for why there's no delay. There's no need for delay, nada, unless challenge for you is having an autopilot have to do everything for you.
  6. Haide-Bej Kerman. You've been discovered @Bej Kerman! Hello there
  7. Holy cow, this is amazing! It’s a shame that it didn’t make it into the game. "Of course, this whole "plan" never really left my head, apart from a few brief teasings that I had a plan! I believe this is the first time I've ever really talked about the full extent of the ideas for a sort of narrative behind the easter eggs (although IIRC I may have touched upon it in past forum posts, like the idea of the monoliths failing and creating kerbals instead of proper intelligent life). Maybe one day I'll resurrect this plan, maybe as part of Alternis, or even in a different game." This is my favourite bit about the pastebin, I want to see Nova's plan materialize one way or another.
  8. Doable but not bearable if you want to look further than sending a station to LKO. Even with automation, who will be there to make sure Laythe Station I's emergency reentry parachutes go off in the case of a launch failure? Who will be there to make sure that the current automated setup is sending enough food to that station I left slap bang between Kerbol and Puf? Fortunately for the KSP 2 devs, assuming a persistent universe is the goal and not personal servers, there's a single player mode which 99% of players will flock to instead of the persistent MP. Oh great, assuming Unity is poor, because its accessibility has let many inexperienced people make low quality things with it and have the Unity logo branded on the loading screen, really helps the Unity team and the KSP 2 devs. "Unity bad, less accessible platforms good" isn't a valid factor when it comes to expectations for KSP 2. If KSP 2 succeeds, hooray for the future us that get to explore interstellar space. If not, so be it. The world hasn't ended and it was worth a shot. Here's an idea, just don't back games, because it usually ends in heartbreak. Oh, especially with Star Citizen, because as far as I can tell, the money raised has gone to a cheap, still alpha game, some servers and what we can only assume is golden water fountains and real spaceships for when Earth inevitably suffocates in humanity's carbon emissions. Sorry for the tangent, just stop backing games instead of repeatedly hitting endless money pits as you alluded to.
  9. That explains why the KSC never runs out of recruits even when there's no visible holes leading to underground tunnels or on-surface civilisations on Kerbin - new Kerbals just grow out of the soil and immediately get enlisted in the space program as soon as they find the astronaut facilities.
  10. Sometimes something explodes in the community like docking port Kdrives, and I'm like, why didn't we think of this before? This would have made many of my reactionless vehicles so much simpler, and this drive also seems to work in the atmosphere, something which I never got to work!
  11. Kerbol system isn't broken and doesn't need to be fixed, that's how I see it.
  12. What KSP 2 needs is a way to connect new vessels to infrastructure seamlessly. Maybe a portable construction vehicle which creates an editor space that encapsulates the nearest parts. I can't imagine making a rail that doesn't have a gap every 500m to fit a couple docking ports or claws.
  13. If your goal is to game on your laptop, you're getting the wrong laptops. I can clearly see screws and a seam on the bottom of my rubbish office laptop (that BSOD's if I give modded Minecraft too much RAM and/or don't scale the screen res way down). If your device can't run a 9yr old game very well as evidenced by our previous encounters and can't be physically opened, it probably shouldn't be running games lest you blow your CPU.