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  1. Slander, there are always MOAR boosters!
  2. Bej Kerman

    Supersonic parachutes

    I feel bad for your Kerbals.
  3. Bej Kerman

    Supersonic parachutes

    Kerbals are also quite good at surviving that. You could probably return to kerbin, no parachutes, in just a small service bay.
  4. Bej Kerman

    Supersonic parachutes

    Mach 1.5 is quite slow compared to usual reentry velocity - only just below 500m/s. You could probably push Duna reentry velocity to maybe 5km/s - many times the speed of sound.
  5. I'd understand. Maybe a category (old parts) with subcategories (Versions) that contain subcategories (part functions) would help split the modern parts from the old ones. Custom categories within categories are possible, so it could be possible use the cat' structure /^\ above /^\ .
  6. Bej Kerman

    Landing gear lights not working

    1. Both 2. I made the craft and haven't touched the lights action group
  7. Put simply, they won't activate when I want them to. Even when I'm spamming them.
  8. Bej Kerman

    Universe Sandbox 2 -> KSP?

    Cool. Yeah, I think I half understand. Whaaaaa....?
  9. Bej Kerman

    Universe Sandbox 2 -> KSP?

    What I was getting at. Someone managed to retexture Venus' clouds in US2 ( Yeah, heard of that, but what about a 3rd part program (Like To Boldly Go) that let you set textures and parameters without needing to write configs, and possibly a graphical display of the system. 0.18? or 0.19? I cannot forget those days, all with the bouncy Kerbal helmets and stuff.
  10. Bej Kerman

    Universe Sandbox 2 -> KSP?

    probably not very worth, but seriously, there should be some sort of Kopernicus planet maker for noobs like me.
  11. Bej Kerman

    Universe Sandbox 2 -> KSP?

    Maybe possible, if pro on the level of being on the Microsoft team enough, with code that converts between US2's sim encryption (or whatever the garbled mess of characters is when you open a sim in notepad) / Kopernicus's simple configs, then simplifies all the gravitational interactions to planet --> biggest gravitational factor on planet, then just take the motion properties of the planet and apply it then? Maybe someone could reverse engineer US2 and KSP if legal. Maybe, if someone with enough patience and obsession, could pull the appearance properties from US2 and apply that to a heightmap. As I said, if I could, I would, and as far as I'm aware, no-one's pulled off any game to game code stuff. Were you on the forums for long enough to know how people reacted to Kopernicus when it first got released?
  12. Bej Kerman

    Universe Sandbox 2 -> KSP?

    Yeah, I know it's a long shot but wouldn't it be possible to just ignore the asteroids and N-body stuff, and just convert the bodies and make their biggest gravitational influence the parent object of it? Even if we needed to use N-body calculations, there's still Principia.
  13. Bej Kerman

    Universe Sandbox 2 -> KSP?

    Is it possible to make a program that reads US2 simulation files into Kopernicus (Possibly CustomAsteroids?) configs? If so, I'd love to see if this community could pull off this sort of feat. I'm obviously not a programmer and don't know if this is even possible, and if I could I would. Idk if this is the right thread.
  14. This'd greatly reduce space in the editor list required which means that Janitor Closet use will go down.