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  1. Ya, clearly that is the only difference in that comparison. Besides that, the fans have a lot less money to spend than Squad.
  2. I'd like to point out that Vesta isn't 4 small objects held together by hopes and wishes.
  3. That would! Maybe a rouge planet could be tossed around from system to system! A few handcrafted rogue planets would be cool, and it could also present the opportunity for procedurally generated planets to show up occasionally.
  4. Orion drives show up in several KSP 2 development videos, including the original trailer.
  5. Gravity would approach 0 near the center, not around the yellow ring. Any orbits here would be unstable because the gravity wouldn't be even anywhere.
  6. For the sake of standardisation, Xenon and Helium shouldn't just be letters but instead show a proper icon.
  7. Unfortunately people also voted for a 'better' game engine. Just going to post a totally unrelated quote here. "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realise half of them are stupider than that."
  8. Was just about to say, you don't use key combos when switching vessels...
  9. Part Revamps: Inevitable Bug Fixes: I would like to do away with docking ports becoming inoperable and krakens trying to render saves unusable. New Features: Care to elaborate? KSP VR: I just don't see why Texture Revamps: Inevitable Port to 'Better' Gaming Engine: Using a different engine doesn't mean you game is going to magically become better. The common myth that Unity makes games worse is a myth that many who know what they're talking about are tired of. First Person EVA: I don't see why not, should be fairly easy to do. New Parts: The current lineup o
  10. Does the throttle work like Supercruise in Elite Dangerous, or do you snap to the set speed?
  11. We can have procedural shells but can't have procedural ladders so we can fill the gaps ourselves. Guess we're sticking to either big massive ladders or small dinky ones for now.
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