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  1. I'd be happy if KSP 2 had a deeper lore like KSP 1 had planned to give the Kerbol system a bit more history behind it, but I don't want storylines or anything that detracts from the rail-less experience of the game.
  2. So I'm not sure why you then returned 2 weeks later. Not sure what the endgame is here.
  3. KSP.log in your root KSP directory. Idk how to add it, this forum is very finnicky. You could upload it to somewhere else and link it here but that entails making accounts for websites you won't use again.
  4. Some things we could use we could use - Mod versions - KSP version - Log
  5. The first thing in Google that popped up when I typed 'ARG definition' seemed to provide a helpful answer.
  6. I don't think posts asking for a console/switch/toaster port should be allowed. It's a bit of a tired topic now - asking for Squad to hurry up on a 1.11 release or to make a Nintendo Toaster port won't affect anything, and the answer is always usually 'it's already being worked on' or 'no'.
  7. If one of these 'toys' isn't a computer, what is it doing when I boot it up - other than computing?
  8. They do that anyway, so I don't think that's a good argument against it. KSP does not have any way to automatically set a rocket on a certain orbit to my knowledge.
  9. I'm sure running the game on a low-budget PC could yield better results than a console. Frankly, I'm puzzled why consoles are bothered with when there are more flexible, cheaper and faster options.
  10. The entire point of the game is to manipulate orbits correctly, doing things like massive bases and having to do several runs to build said bases wasn't exactly intended from the start. KSP 2 will let you set up rockets to do runs in the background that you have already done manually, an idea that, frankly, feels a lot less like a lazy go-to for when milk runs are brought up.
  11. Nope, just couldn't care less if anyone really finds immersion that important in a game about figuring out ways to kill green dudes, that they're going to dedicate so much to getting a rock removed from the game.
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