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  1. That's not realistic - the rings should stay locked to the equator due to frame dragging effects. The planets' axis aren't gonna be locked like the original KSP, they will be tilted and this is evident in Ovin's rings. You're out for those mmH engines, aren't you?
  2. Ok and A view matched by Kerbin in Minmus' sky. Minmus' flat slopes, helpful for testing, beats Val's cryovolcanoes.
  3. A DLC isn't worth spending money on here, and I'm certainly not dishing out another entire wallet for a feature that could be done equally well by hobbyists. Kerbinside certainly offered a lot more than Making History, and didn't lag my game around its own launch sites, and ReStock+ beat the living heck out of the base game, redoing its awfully boring textures and filling holes in the haphazard parts selection. But Squad gets paid and puts their stuff in the core game, so it must be better than what modders do... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ mMm
  4. And that's all based on KSP 1, which we know won't be as versatile as KSP 2 with modding.
  5. And mods won't be able to do this how? Like, man, I don't see how yall can sit here going "I wish I didn't have this spare 20 bucks".
  6. This is all going to be rather pointless in the face of mods. How are you gonna make a DLC out of solar sails in a game with nuclear bomb engines and interstellar travel?
  7. Are you joking? That would sort of defeat the entire purpose of KSP, wouldn't it? We know for a fact KSP 1 isn't separated by loading times when transferring between planets. This is a pretty silly concern to have.
  8. Overrated, you go 70 million kilometers for what's essentially Minmus without the near 0g antics. Underrated: Duna. Not far, has a thin atmosphere that makes building aircraft challenging and fun.
  9. I'll tell you myself - I posted in here before only to have no-one reply to me because someone else showed up lol
  10. What are you talking about? Rings are tied to the axial tilt and won't budge due to the relativistic effects that keep them around the rotational equator. Seasons are caused by the orbit of the planet moving the Sun from out beneath a planet's axial pole, and not the axis spinning away.
  11. Then they'd either make the DLCs free, have them as toggleable options or just keep the gameplay focused and the gameplay loops tight. Evidently they're milking the game for all the players will pay for trivial additions. Well an indie dev kept KSP 1 afloat for a decade, why can't the KSP 2 team keep it afloat without milking it horrendously?
  12. Except you're wrong because most of the marketing has to do with making space travel and physics accessible to a wider audience. The editor is a necessity to KSP's goals.
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