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  1. So, are we to have a new "trait" of kerbals who are "sensitive" and can see into the future but only a ghost of it? ha ha. Are you going to explain what makes you think this solution is silly, or nah?
  2. When one player just wants to land a craft over the course of a few minutes and another needs to skip several years to encounter a planet, nothing works except giving all players the ability to timewarp at their own pace. The risk of "paradoxes" is completely overblown.
  3. I'm not concerned about how others play the game, I'm concerned about how KSP 2 is disregarding very real issues with interstellar travel.
  4. With time warp being available it is an unnecessary inconvenience. It's completely necessary. You just can't have instantaneous colony communications in a game meant to teach its players how truly difficult interstellar travel is. Waiting for the results of a flyby probe 4 light years away is just as important as getting the probe out there.
  5. Honestly, at worst this is a minor convenience. And besides, whether it's a necessary inconvenience or a fun strategic feature depends on its implementation.
  6. Couldn't agree more. I think players being told that it'll take x decades for their discoveries to synchronise across systems, at lightspeed, would hammer in the distances involved way better than just the voyage out there alone or having to zoom out a bit in the map. You're not waiting for your new toys in the first place; you can play with them inside the system where you unlocked them and use them to help expand your colonies there.
  7. I know you're probably just trying to be hyperbolic here, but all that does is invalidate what we think.
  8. Don't forget games like Outer Wilds, that game is nothing but artistic. Outlines are used for parts in the VAB part selection list, so I have no doubt they're trying to look more artistic this time.
  9. I should say here that I have no idea what you're talking about, because I've never had landers destroy themselves just because I walked a few hundred meters away. My question to "poopslayer" is how they got so far from a lander for instabilities to occur while still being inside the physics range. If their landers are exploding because they're entering the physics range and the game is suddenly applying physics, then that's a different issue.
  10. Eh? That sounds more like a bug than an inherent limitation of the game.
  11. It goes on for as far as a computer can count - probably as far as you can get until the craft's coordinates hit the 64 bit integer limit. You can try Hyperediting out to some ridiculous distances and speeds, but after a limit the game bugs out in ways that can usually only be fixed by restarting it. Creeped me out when I first heard people reporting about this. If I could just remember where I saw people saying this.
  12. Is there a screenshot you can find that demonstrates this feature in KSP 2? I don't recall seeing any transparent windows in recent material.
  13. Because Vl3d is trying to compare it to KSP2.
  14. That doesn't make much sense... if something's glitchy, it's not because the AI generating the buildings is perfect, it's because it's flawed. You're going to get glitches regardless of how long developers spend perfecting the Blackshark AI. "it's so good that it's glitchy" doesn't make much sense personally to me. The glitches aren't a consequence of the mapping being good, the glitches are a consequence of the AI needing to have some more work put into it. Because it isn't trying to parse buildings, forests and landmarks from largely 2D top-down images. Boiling it down to its most basic functionality, it enhances a few very basic graphics. Not to undermine GamesLinx's work, I'm trying to make the point that you can't compare a mod for an 11 year old game to what happens when Microsoft decides to put possibly billions of dollars into digitally recreating Earth. Parallax isn't walking "a fine line between realism and detail", even though those two aren't mutually exclusive. It's just enhancing stock KSP's basic graphics. This makes sense and I can agree with it
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