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  1. One of the things I want as a difficulty option is for the robotic parts to not wobble, or maybe have a slider that controls how strong the joints are, and have locking joints eliminate all wobble. I've got 2 craft that suffer particularly from this problem: a GLaDOS replica, a little robotic rover with a little head and a mech with a rather primitive run cycle. GLaDOS and the rover sometimes end up headbutting the terrain if I drive them too fast and the mech can't support itself and ends up doing the splits on the floor. I've never used infernal robotics, but from the stability of some of the craft built using it, it appears people have a better time controlling craft that use the IR joints, while craft that use the official joints are floppier. What do you think?
  2. Given how important weather conditions are to real life rocket launches, I want to see a difficulty toggle for simulated weather effects sometime in the next few updates. Not asking for clouds and rain particles, I just want immediately launching after building a craft to be riskier.
  3. So we should trash every planet beyond Minmus? Maybe put them in a shredder?
  4. The Breaking Ground DLC is getting hinges, and I assume we can put girders on those, so maybe we'll get the ability to make our own rigid landing legs.
  5. They could try experimenting with proper caves and try to have crystals do their things in there, maybe that would be a bit less awkward. Other than that, I can't wait to experiment with these new parts. Will it be possible to build a proper docking arm, or is that not possible?
  6. This seems like it would go well with the new Breaking Surface Breaking Ground DLC.
  7. How would seasons be done on a planet with little to no inclination and axial tilt?
  8. I regret not doing that. Imagine all the old, outdated mods I could play, like Romfarer's lazor mod. I loved that mod. Not useful but fun. Seriously, devs. Please release the legacy versions (before 1.0) as a DLC. Please?
  9. SAS works perfectly fine for me. It's been working since some versions back when SAS used to punch the pitch and yaw in the direction of the selected marker then completely miss. I would like a more advanced SAS module that can hold a custom attitude though, for shuttle re-entries. I would also like Persistent Thrust to be implemented into the stock game because using ion thrusters, despite benefitting my Delta-V, lead to terribly boring and long burns.
  10. I would pay to legally download installers for older KSP versions like that time the developers of Heat Signature let you download the prototypes. How!?
  11. Terraforming is way beyond 1.8. Maybe sometime after 2.0. Anyways, I vote for inflight action group editing so that I can set action groups properly for stuff I construct in orbit.
  12. Ditto. I found 1.7 fun at first but now I regret not waiting for this mod to update first. It was nice being able to circularize your orbit in a dime but Squad seems to prefer making players waste time getting a circular orbit. Really hope this mod doesn't become obsolete even though the first flag I planted in the update stated that I can't wait for every mod to go obsolete.
  13. I agree. It'd be nice to have the launchpad so I can test landers without having to use hyperedit which often just teleports me into the ground