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  1. Xemina

    The whole solar system! [drawings] [You can participate]

    Sorry! I completely forgot about this thread. - Xemina (aka DeltaVerb) I can't do any art right now, as my arm's broken, but I'll be free from the 23 of may...
  2. Xemina

    The Palaeobiology Thread:

    Good theory, I like that one! There's only a slight problem though; Tyrannosaurus had very strong jaws and very big teeth, which you wouldn't evolve if you scavenged, the theory was based on the fact T. rex had small arms. Question, has anyone watched the video on What the T.rex Really Sounded Like? (Must use headphones for sound) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpipaUfcnmM
  3. Xemina

    Status Updates...

  4. Xemina

    Status Updates...

    I think this may be in the wrong secio, but I can't do status updates anymore. Anyone know why? I've had this problem before, but I can't remember how I fixed it... Thanks a lot, xemioba
  5. Xemina

    The User Missions:

    duna makes a lot of sense, just go back in time 3,500 million years, you'll see.
  6. On this thread, I will shout out a users name for them to do a challenge in KSP. If the user doesn't respond, please atquote (@...) their names so they respond yes or no. 1. @adsii1970 Mission: Send a submarine to Duna, to sail its "once oceans". If you don't want to do the challenge, say so.
  7. Xemina

    Post Something to do With It!

    Geografía (geography in spanish)
  8. Xemina

    Hello! Again.

    Umm... thanks! Just wondering if you could get rid of my posts? Somehow? If not, it doesn't matter.
  9. Xemina

    Hello! Again.

    Hello! You may know me as DeltaVerb. I made this new account as I made a new e-mail address, made a new account on my PC... I also wanted to have a fresh start, as there were loads of things I did, but now don't like. Hope to still be me. As always, be good and goodbye.
  10. Xemina

    Post Something to do With It!

    Lysosomal Cans (Trash can)
  11. Xemina

    The Palaeobiology Thread:

    Everyone, say your favourite dino! (Mine: Sinosauropteryx Prima)
  12. Xemina

    The Palaeobiology Thread:

    I know, I know. I believe in that. Question: Do you hate it when people say that dinosaurs didn't have feathers 'cus they want their JP dinos back? 'cus I do. Also, with the T.rex skin thing - "Woohoo! T.rex didn't have feathers! Woo!" - When it was more like - "Okay, looks like T.rex did not have feathers in this location, so it was probably covered in feathers, still, but not there.".
  13. Xemina

    The Palaeobiology Thread:

  14. Xemina

    Post Something to do With It!

    Catoon (cartoon spelled wrong or a Cat Harpoon, either's fine.)