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  1. I'm back! After a long needed break from gaming, I have decided to return to the Kerbakverse.

    1. GRS


      Impressive...good luck !

  2. Since I know English and Spanish, I thought I would learn French. I'm just starting off so, I'm not the best. I learnt Spanish within 7 months, so I hope I can learn french by the end of the year. I don't know why I'm posting this...

    Au revoir, le type qu'aime le astronomie, DeltaVerb (pls correct me)

    1. XB-70A


      It is a pretty good start!

      However, there are "1.5" slight mistakes:



      Au revoir, le type qu'aime le astronomie, DeltaVerb



      Why 1.5? Because "qu'aime" is potentially a right choice. The correct way would be "qui aime", but it does not mean that you were absolutely wrong with it, as many French speaking persons are "jumping" some pronunciation steps while speaking. The problem here is that "qu'aime" could be interpreted as a mistake, which is somewhat particular... as almost nobody would write " je aime " but " j'aime ".


      The case of "le astronomie" is easier, and the correct writing would be "l'astronomie", without the "e". Le, La, and Les are pronouns replacing a certain person, or a thing's name. If the first letter of the word is a consonant, you have to use the whole pronoun, such as:

      * The sea ---> La mer. " L'mer " would be incorrect.

      * The launchpad ---> Le pas-de-tir.

      On the other hand... just like in English, " h " is an exception in French too. Just like "an hour" is considered as correct instead of "a hour", you will find a lot a similar cases in french, such as "le hotel" which is wrong. The correct way to write it would be " l'hotel ", the same with others H-starting words, like " l'hopital " or " l'helicoptere ".


      To resume, the best way for you to determine the use of le, la, les, or l' is to consider the first letter of each words:

      * If it is a vowel, the use of " l' " is mandatory.

      * If it is a consonant, you have to use " le ", " la ", or " les ".

      * Do not forget the exception of the H, but it's one of the (many) common points we got with the English language, at least :)

    2. Xemina


      Thanks! I just noticed the l'astronomie thing now.

  3. @Geonovast @RealKerbal3x I finally landed (on minmus, sorry... i guess) I found it easy ! (apart from the whole flying a rocket and making maneuvers thing :P) I went a bit overkill...
  4. Just watched a video that states Atlantis was on the Richat Structure. It was a bit sketchy, but I've got to admit it did seem likely. everyone thinks that it was a story made by Plato, but even he stated "I'm not crazy! It was real!". Still, It's not very likely due to the time period and location (I mean 11,000 years ago? A million people?).

    No one will know until they send a team.
    Your I-like-history-science-astronomy-physics-math-biology-and-music-guy,

    Δv, DeltaVerb (aka Xemina)

  5. Probably once reusable. (That's not what reusable means NASA) And I agree they should just go straight to the moon. But they also think that it will help with going to Mars.
  6. Okay, who's excited for the PROPOSED return to the moon and the other stuff?!
  7. Or any landing of THAT type. (All planets or moons which you need to use powered landing.) Anyway, back to the thread title and not a "Help Xemina Land On the Mun"!
  8. @Geonovast @RealKerbal3x I made it! I landed! (with a probe, so I don't need to return, but still...)
  9. @RealKerbal3x Thanks! But I've already followed ten tutorials, I know I will get there! I just need to stop #timewarping. (And the OLD days of 1.3? I've been playing since 1.1)
  10. In this thread, you can post your first ever Mun landing, your proudest Mun landing or any landing of that type. RULES: - It has to be a manned vessel. - You have to have an image. - It has to be YOUR photo and landing Listen, this thread was not made for me as no matter how hard I try, I either crash on the Mun or do not have enough fuel to return... I wish I could land on the Mun, and maybe someday I'll be able to, but for now, this thread is for the amazing Kerbal Kommunity and not me. Some people might know about my tries, such as @Orb8Ter , @Monkey Taylor and @Eveeloo , two of which have left the forums. Hope you all enjoy!
  11. Return of the DeltaVerb!

  12. You're not supposed to eat them! They contain poison! (and poisson) Waiter! Why is Walter White in my Wet Won-ton?
  13. NASA: Nova and Star Alliance (Aliens)