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  1. Ariane-Centaur-Venera Eve Explorer (ACVEE) (Stock KSP + DLC + Visual mods) Max Q (Dynamic Pressure) Side Boosters Dropped Circularization Burn 100Km Parking Orbit Eve Transfer Burn Payload Deployment Eve arrival @ 500Km Periapsis Circularization Burn and Reduction of Periapsis to 75Km Lander Deployment Prograde burn to increase Periapsis to 120km Lander Atmospheric Entry Drogue Chutes Deployment Primary Chute and Shell Deployment Heat-shield dropped Touchdown! Orbiter relays Lander's signal back to Kerbin
  2. Are the Fairings now working in KSP 1.10? My fairings still doesn't work and I was curious if i just missed an update or something. I am using the 1.6.3 version of BDB.
  3. Uhmm... Is it me or does Kerbin looks too white-ish-blue compared to other screenshots? Using the 2k texture version, latest eve, scatterer and planetshine. I have my suspicions that it's planetshine that's doing that color If it's really like that, is there there a way to change that? NVM I've seen similar questions
  4. First ever fly-by of Moho (ReStock + DLC) I think Mariner 5 went to the wrong planet
  5. Uhm... Is the Heat Shield (1.875) ever gonna get it's own re-texture....?
  6. Uhm... The science(y) part of each experiments is gone in the description part of the VAB..... Currently running 1.7.1 with the new DLC... Is this normal? Switched back to my Vanilla Install.... Will post details as I get back home from work...
  7. Posting my MAV-inspired Duna Lander based on the movie, The Martian. NOT A REPLICA Here it is buddy. Presenting the first stage: The second stage, for the return trip back to Kerbin: And finally, the descent module: Here's the full link to the album -> LINK (sorry for the unarranged-ness) And here's the link for the craft file -> Google Drive
  8. Today I made a stock recreation of the MAV in the movie, The Martian, with my own modifications and created a new 3.5m custom command module Will be posting pics as soon as i get off from work
  9. Thanks linuxgurugamer~ Didn't notice the newer update, My bad~
  10. Sorry for being a noob here. I am still using the 1.4.2 version and I downloaded the Kronal_Vessel_Viewer_Continued- on October 1 and is the log file named KSP.log? It's size is 52mb so i can't open it without lagging notepad... I'm currently uploading the log file to google.drive
  11. Moa Engines variants are missing when I updated to 1.4.2... Back in 1.4.1, I can see them and use them as well... Can someone help me fix this? Screenshot album... EDIT: Nevermind... I didn't notice the new added tiers in the R&D
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