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  1. I could use some help. I'm trying to run KerbinSide Remastered, but none of the launch sites or structures are showing up, and the KK menu isn't appearing. Here's my mod list if it helps.
  2. Honestly, all SDLV's are inherently a little gross. In my opinion, the shuttle-c was the least disgusting (at least the version with the recoverable engine pod)
  3. Does anyone have any docs talking about the C-1 "Common Engine"? Apparently, it was being developed by Thiokol in the mid-60's and was at one point suggested as a replacement for the SPS main engine as part of the Apollo Applications Program.
  4. Really digging this series. Just out of curiosity, if one of your orbiters suffered a catastrophic failure, would you "in-universe" pursue any shuttle redesigns similar to those studied in real-life?
  5. I'm having a problem where every time I try to launch from a launch pad I placed, I keep getting kicked to the KSC menu.
  6. How does one activate the SRM abort? I downloaded the dev version of BDB today and I can't find an option to activate it, in the action keys menu or in flight.
  7. Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to create an alternate color scheme for the BDB Apollo SM in the style of the unmanned test missions?
  8. For people with Kerbinside Remastered, is their a way to build this manually? Like with a list of the statics used and their coordinates?
  9. New Moon The USK and allies were on edge, the UKKR had successfully tested a new ballistic missile design that had the capability hit strategic locations on the other side of the planet from the heart of the Motherland. However, this rocket's capabilities would not be fully tested until the next launch. With spirits high and temperatures low at the Baikerbanur launch site another K-7 rocket stands proudly in its clamps. Ready to fire, ready to hit its target. Engines ignite and... Liftoff! The K-7 shakely enters its flightpath, carrying its fateful payload to a course that will change history. As the boosters separate, allied radar spots and tracks the missile. Its flightpath is taking it farther than the previous test flight, leading to some fearing that it's a first strike attack, while others were confused that it was overshooting certain targets. The K-7's engine sputters out and the payload is released in orbit Soon after, the UKKR announces the successful launch of the first artificial satellite, Stayputnik 1 The public's imagination is captured. Many fear the ramifications of an orbital craft from the UKKR, others are dazzled by this feat of engineering. One thing was for certain, the USK needed to act quickly to catch up with its enemy...
  10. Leavin' Kerbin The History of a Kerbalized Space Race It was not long after the Last Great War had ended. The forces of Evil had been vanquished, the planet was now at peace... for about two minutes until, while prepping for a summit, the leaders of the two superpowers, the USK and the UKKR, had a disagreement over what kind of chilli they would bring, beans or no-beans. The argument started to spiral out of control when other nations' leaders got involved and took sides. The row escalated to such a degree that the two superpowers used their new rocket technology, developed during the war, to build nuclear tipped missiles to threaten each other with until one would admit the other's chilli preference was superior. Kerbals in both nations quickly realized this was an unproductive use of such rockets and suggested ways to use them to explore space. This idea would be slow to the uptake until one fateful day...
  11. (dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun...)
  12. Been on a slight sea shanty binge Flying a rescue mission to a stranded crew in Munar orbit has never felt more adventurous!
  13. The kind of people who would try to claim PUBLIC DOMAIN videos, apparently. insert growls of displeasure here
  14. Just found out the youtube channel Jeff Quitney, who uploaded old archival videos including old NASA reels, was deleted for copyright infringement.
  15. Was able to create the S-ID "stage-and-a-half" booster using the mounting plates and structural tubes from Making History Capable of lifting three fully loaded ore tanks, it's a mighty booster indeed.
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