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    yeah I also really like homestuck

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  1. badge [michael had a badge] badge [michael had a badge] badge [michael had a badge]
  2. All I feel when I see KSP2 delays is joy that the Megathread might reach its goal
  3. My blanket I’ll use magic security rag powers to save everyone on the ship! oh wait, was I supposed to save the ship as well?
  4. ah, so it is true! waiter, mars isn’t floating in my soup!
  5. RIGHT HI HELLO THERE WELCOME TO MY MISSION REPORT ok so basically this is career mode but mods its sort of just a playthrough but haha twist basically my prerequisites for "beating" the game are max out all tech tree nodes that aren't empty plant a flag on all flag plantable worlds find at least two unique structures (easter eggs if you will) [low priority] max out the space center anyway yeah there should probably be some backstoryo to this but there really isnt i just wanted to do this and now i can now that i have epic new computer haha
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