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  1. HansonKerman

    The Truth Can Now Be Told - Under the Rug

    I literally cannot tell the difference between the KSP and Apollo footage
  2. HansonKerman


    Woot! Nice
  3. HansonKerman

    Project Seeker - A KSP fan-fiction novel + YouTube series

    @Pascovian I have something HUGE planned for C2. Spoiler Alert!
  4. HansonKerman

    Rate the location....

    Somewhere in the orbit of Laythe trying to explode Astatine. Hrrrm... 15/20. Start at 10. -3 Long. 7 points -1 What is Astatine and how do you explode it? 6 points +6 Doesn't seem as thought up on the spot as some. 12 points +2 Bonus points for being my friend
  5. HansonKerman

    Operation Kerbalord: A Fan-Made Story

    Oh, nice! (I literally just got a notfic)
  6. HansonKerman

    Hanson Kerman's Sandbox Micro Missions (image heavy!)

    We're taking a break from the Probey Probe Probe line after Try, Try Again's Above and Beyond status sucess. Mission Three - Extension Cord 1 Konstruction The Extension Cord line will be... RELAYS! The SSTU mod comes in handy for the probe. Let's make the whole payload. (BOB! STOP MESSING WITH THE POTIONS!) A nice second stage. (BOB, YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET FIRED!!) Oh-oh! Our rocket's too big! KVV to the rescue! Our (yes, I consider you part of the team, without you you wouldn't be reading this mission report! That would be sad.) rocket has nice stats, if I do say so myself!
  7. HansonKerman


    Looks nice!
  8. HansonKerman

    Hanson Kerman's Sandbox Micro Missions (image heavy!)

    Mission Two - Probey Probe Probe II "Try, Try Again" Flight part 2 "No, We Are Not Going to The Mun." And that's why. We have plenty of extra fuel though... We're winging it. Or... finning it Let's have some fun. Let's go! Hey, I got no time for math. Okay, something went wrong, but luckily I ejected the first stage. Map looks like this: (yeah, I know, I'll give a proper screenie later) After a bit, I make a new KER window: With a big acronym: The little rocket that could: (although engine works too) Oh, and I made some edits to the ORBITAL panel Aww, bye-bye second stage! Our sat: And the finishing touch: the entirely aesthetic antenna The battery looks kinda weird though ABOVE AND BEYOND
  9. HansonKerman

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    Okay... nice font there.
  10. Okay, you changed your LOCATION now? Wow... (also it's Seeker not Seekers)

    1. Skywalket
    2. HansonKerman
    3. HansonKerman


      Nice! You're starting your own Fanfic?

  11. HansonKerman

    Project Seeker - A KSP fan-fiction novel + YouTube series

    Alright seriously let me write Chapter One - A Mystic Meeting Author's Note: This will be the last chapter for a long while. I need to get the next chapter ready. And a very big thing ( @Pascovian gave it away) will be happening in December. The following logs are a transcript. I'm lucky to have Liam Kerman as a friend. Poor Stelala... I'm on my last Kit-Kat. My emergency KerbaStik sandwich is my last resort. KerbaStik is a brand of not-food. Not-food? It's... not food. It makes you full for like... two decakerbols... but has NO TASTE. and... I'm talking to no-one. "Sorry, Captain Stelala. I turned on Log after you started talking." Stelala sighed. "Okay, computer." "good thing I have my EVA suit..." she mumbled to herself. "WHO GOES THERE?!" Stelala jumped. "No, who are you?" "WHO GOES THERE?" "Um... Stelala Kerman?" "Thine name is not familiar." The way they talked was unusual. Like... Middle Kerbin?! "Um..." "SPEAK. I have warriors surrounding thee. They will soon smite thee if ye do not announce thine's intentions." Okay. Definitely Middle Kerbin. "Um, my name is Stelala. Wilt thou, perchance, refrain from killing me?" "Who art thou?" "I am a lost explorer seeking shelter." That part was true. An unusual Kerbal wearing a cloak and no collar stepped up. "Dost thou know who I am?" "No, sir," Stelala said, her voice trembling. "Fine. I shall take thee to my burrow. All Kerbals please follow!" A bunch of Kerbals carrying... sticks? came out from the trees. "I thank thee. Wilt thou please state thine name?" "... fine. My name is Millan." "I thank thee, Millan Kerman. You are too kind." "...? Thine hast an unusual accent. I had noticed that." Before Stelala could reply, she realized that they had been walking into a very large room. With a Kerbal who was clearly the leader inside. "You have brought guests, Millan. Who art thou?" "S-s-s-Stelala Kerman." The Kerbal's eyes widened (somehow!). "Millian. Thee and thine patrol may leave." His patrol left. "Um... I come travelling, looking for shelter," Stelala said afterward. "Thine accent is odd. Hm..." Without warning, the leading Kerbal screamed a nonsense word. "Truthio Completus!" Stelala suddenly felt a compelling desire to tell the truth, no, the Truth. So she did. At the end, the Kerbal at the end of the room looked like this: "I usually wouldst say that thee hast not told the truth. But I place full trust in my wand" "-wand?" Stelala thought. "I have speculated for a very long while that this wouldst be possible. I shall help ye." "Familiarize!" The Kerbal glowed purple... and then spoke. "This... is an interesting sensation." Okay, third third will be added later
  12. HansonKerman

    Hanson Kerman's Sandbox Micro Missions (image heavy!)

    Mission Two - Probey Probe Probe II "Try Try Again" Flight Phase Part One Our majestic probe sits on the LaunchPad. We begin. And since boosters have no gimbal and I forgot fins, we travel in a straight line up for a while. But stage sep comes soon. Going up! We're going to orbit! Look at dem stats! (Ap. Height 55,452m and half a tank of LF) We go to orbit. Orbit insertion is soon! (ok I apparently forgot to take a screenie of the next phase... we got into orbit, but we still had the FIRST stage...)
  13. HansonKerman

    Project Seeker - A KSP fan-fiction novel + YouTube series

    @Pascovian It won't. Also LET ME MAKE THE NEXT CHAPTER (last for a few months) Also I'll be making backstory 'n stuff
  14. HansonKerman

    Project Seeker - A KSP fan-fiction novel + YouTube series

    ??? Well, I'd rather it is, because I want the continuity to be continuous, and maybe having a base at Kirn or something might help show that this isn't a fledgling space program
  15. HansonKerman

    Project Seeker - A KSP fan-fiction novel + YouTube series