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    I make a rare appearance once more!
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    Discord or Homestuck. Whichever one you see me reference most recently.
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    You would describe your taste in video games as ECLECTIC, but it’s more like TOTALLY INDISCRIMINATE.

    yeah I also really like homestuck

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  1. changed my sig lol k bye

  2. (hello yes its me hanson making my daily post) sorry if this sounds dumb but mechjeb keeps snapping its windows to the corner of the screen, making it unusable... if this is an issue youve noticed b4 pls help, but if you need some screenshots or smth id b happy to oblige EDIT Sorry for wasting your time, I did something (i have NO idea what) and fixed it. At least I can take this time to express how much i like this mod!
  3. this is the thing i do with my 1 daily message i guess @Misguided Kerbal
  4. ba79JMO.jpg

    1. VoidCosmos


      I'm here

    2. Kerbal Productions

      Kerbal Productions

      um i can't see anything on the status
      the photos are broken

    3. Souptime



  5. badge [michael had a badge] badge [michael had a badge] badge [michael had a badge]
  6. All I feel when I see KSP2 delays is joy that the Megathread might reach its goal
  7. My blanket I’ll use magic security rag powers to save everyone on the ship! oh wait, was I supposed to save the ship as well?
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