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  1. Yes, we’re trying to make soup more convenient — OH GOD THE KRAKEN JS IN MY SOPU
  2. Most media portrays snakes as evil, cunning, sly characters, hiding in the shadows, lying low with their camouflage.


    However: Think about the rattlesnake. Its venom may lead you to think of it the same: low and evil. However, think about it. It may be extremely deadly, but it warns you of its coming with its tail. Would it be too much to think of it as a misunderstood character: an honorable snake?

  3. Greetings, friend.
  4. I just realized this paragraph existed and at first it made me sad bc Pol is my favorite celestial body. It has nice colors to look at, low gravity, interesting terrain... but now I realize you’re right Pol is a spiky moon. Imagine if they were solid (have they made scatters solid?)
  5. ahh, but now comes the time when you realize that the Star is a place, so it should actually be “Stars Wars” It’s infinitely better than Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, not perfect bc it deviates a lot from the book but still pretty good
  6. I’m trying to learn JavaScript, but all I’ve ever been able to do is a bad scratch game
  7. I want Adjacency (menu version) from Portal Stories: Mel to work itself in to Emiko Station ep 2 somehow but I don’t see how
  8. whomst hasth sumonend talmiggtlye ownereeeee l””” you have no idea what I’m going to do first thing I install KSP on a new computer ;;;;;;;;;))))))) GLaDOS: hums “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”
  9. next time I post it will be ”whomst hasth sumonend talmiggtlye ownereeeee l””””
  10. make it big. phat ships are always the way to go. anyway, I made some test chambers. join my discord too no, it goes like Page 42! a mont h later and I realize what you meant. also, it does on my phone too but only in the quote
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