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  1. Very nice, @Zorg! Interesting choice of parts for the spy sat. (That antenna looks freaking HUGE)
  2. HansonKerman

    King of the Hill

    Darn it.
  3. HansonKerman

    King of the Hill

    I have a hillblowuping license. Hill Empire DOB: March 12, 2044, K.C.E. Name, Last: Kerman Name, first: Hanson Middle Initial: B License to blow up hills So I blow up the hill that @The Minmus Derp is trying to claim. Unpossesed hill. The Hill Empire conquers it. The Hill Empire's hill.
  4. HansonKerman

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    3099: A font messer-upper is on this floor, messing up my fonts. Hmmm... Real story: I just forgot to turn the font to Lucida Sans Unicode, my favorite font, so I turned it into a story thing.
  5. Woah, do you play Starbound as well?

  6. HansonKerman

    Project Seekers - A KSP fan-fiction novel+YouTube series

    Okay, trying to make these nightly, but don't count on it. Interlude III Be'twixit Chapter VI and Chapter VII D.C.E. (Darbel Common Era) Timeline ---- c. 0 D.C.E. Darbels discover space - c. 1 D.C.E. Artificial Intelligence perfected. ---- c. 3 D.C.E. Inter-dimensional portals are revolutionized, and have become much more reliable. ---- 20 D.C.E. Darbels launch first satellite, Backup 1. Contains coordinates of ESC (Eden Space Center), photos of key ESC staff, and "Hello" in 20 different Edenian languages. ---- 20-22 D.C.E. Backups 2-4 launched. Everything important to the Darbels is stored in these satellites. Also in all of the satellites is an emergency transponder message, designed to repeatedly brodcast an SOS throughout space, time, and reality, until help arrives. - 200 D.C.E. Space travel perfected. Cruises to Serpent are commonplace now. -2000 D.C.E. Space luxury perfected. Flying hotels to the moons of Pearl are commonplace now. Teleporters perfected. No need for all that pesky intermediate space anymore!
  7. HansonKerman

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 97 - Cry Havoc

    Oh, okay. It's just... I haven't succeeded in doing anything with KASu just yet.
  8. HansonKerman

    Jeb's Spaceport Part 15: Ghost Satallite

    Very nice! Cannot wait for more.
  9. HansonKerman

    Project Seekers - A KSP fan-fiction novel+YouTube series

    Hrrmmm... got some time. Interlude II Between Chapter VI and Chapter VII Two (2) KSP Daily* newspaper clippings *The KSP Daily is the official Kerbal Space Program newspaper, read by all KSC workers. The KSP Daily April 31, 2095 K.C.E. _______________________________ GENE KERMAN GONE! In a freak Code-7, the KSC Tracking Station Hub has been completely destroyed, along with priceless machinery, the Tracking Station Central Computer itself, and many lives. No-one yet knows the cause of the orbital debris, other than the fact that 9 of the largest S4- series tanks, suddenly materialized out of nowhere. Field reporters, such as Billy-Bobsy and Spinkles Kerman, are still attempting to find out the cause. Gene Kerman is presumed dead, but we have no proof of this, other than the fact that 800,000,000 tons of metal, suddenly dropped on him. Perfectly reasonable to assume that he's alive. Right? The KSP Daily May 1, 2095 K.C.E. _______________________________ K.S.S. FIRESTAR GONE! In an unusual accident involving Nattalian Kerman, the K.S.S. Firestar, and time, the K.S.S. Firestar has mysteriously disappeared off all screens. Although this may be because all the transponders have been dismantled, after all, it is a starship filled with criminals, or maybe because the K.S.S. Salvation has no really, actually... err... working, Tracking Screen, it's a lot more likely that it just disappeared through a wormhole or something. Further field work is encouraged. I promise, the Seeker Project is slightly more likely than last time to make a comeback...
  10. HansonKerman

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 97 - Cry Havoc

    My gosh, I don’t know what Shakespeare was thinking, you. Are. A. Writer. Cannot wait for the next chapter and, best chapter yet.
  11. HansonKerman

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 97 - Cry Havoc

    What! You have to tell me how to work that thing!
  12. HansonKerman

    Project Seekers - A KSP fan-fiction novel+YouTube series

    Hey, peeps, I've been taking some time off KSP, don't know when I'll get back to it, I'm busy with Starbound, schoolwork, blah, so here's an interlude to pass the time. Interlude I Between Chapter VI and Chapter VII EVA Log - May 1, 2095 KCE, Nattalian Kerman I wake up from a coma. The last week is a blur. The most recent thing I remember is the Firestar vanishing. I EVA, let go, time seems to speed up with just a thought and... poof! Weird. Hmm. Wonder if I'm dreaming. Ow. Nope! Huh. So, I'm floating out in space. Well, one Kerbal closer to complete extinction. And I'm talking to nobody. Well, on the chance that someone reads/listens to this log, I'll start from the beginning. My name is [FILE CORRUPTED] Kerman. Sister to Modrin Kerman. We've had a rivalry going with Val and her brother, Jeb. Ugh, the stuck-up brats. Fine, admittedly, they're actually pretty good pilots. But I should have won that shiny trophy at that air race. How was I supposed to know they allowed sibling duos? Just because it was on the poster- fine. Anyway, about me. Nattalian Kerman. Modrin's my sister. And both of us are better pilots than Valentina Kerman. I am - or was, I might be dead - the chief engineer aboard the K.S.S. [FILE CORRUPTED]r. And I am strictly opposed to all kolinization. It contaminates planets, all life! I'm not afraid to drive the entire Kerbal race to extinction if it means the survival of other races. There's this whole musical number, <on tape, Nattalian procures a small sheet of paper and holds it up to the camera> it needs two Kerbals though. Whatever. <she puts the sheet away> So, I'm in a bit of a not-so-tight not-squeeze here. Exactly the opposite, in fact. I have a throbbing headache, and there is literally nobody here. Loneliness. That's what I'm feeling right now. Modrin's somewhere in Moho orbit... wait, shouldn't I be too? I'm where I want to be... Kerbin orbit, but... Huh. Must've been a freak wormhole or something. Well, I can... move. You learn something new every day. Find new stuff to learn. So. Stranded. In Kerbin orbit. Alone. No backup. And a part of the anti-kolinization group. Well, [IT'S GOOD LUCK ON THE RECOVERY TEAM'S PART THAT THIS PART OF THE FILE WAS CORRUPTED, BECAUSE IT WAS FILLED WITH ALL MANNER OF RUDE TALK THAT NO SELF-RESPECTING PERSON WOULD WANT TO READ. IN FACT, NO-ONE IS REALLY SURE THAT THE RECOVERY TEAM DIDN'T CORRUPT THIS PART OF THE TAPE ON PURPOSE. WELL, ONE LESS LONG STRING OF SWEARS IN LIFE NOW]. Anyway, now that's off my chest... wait. Incoming transmission? Patch it through, computer. [EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE PARAGRAPH, THE PICTURE HAS BECOME INCREASINGLY FUZZY, SAME WITH THE SOUND. PAST THIS POINT, THE FILE IS COMPLETELY CORRUPTED, AND IRREPARABLE. FURTHER ASSISTANCE IS REQUIRED TO FIND OUT THE REST OF THE TAPE, SO BASICALLY, THAT'S THE END, OR AT LEAST THE END OF ANYTHING INTELLIGIBLE.] The end. Hope you enjoyed this short interlude. I promise, the Seeker project will (probably) make a comeback... Note: I don’t actually intend to have a musical number.
  13. HansonKerman

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    3034: You wonder if @Fraston will do the next floor.
  14. HansonKerman

    Suspiciously Affirm Your Status As A Human

    90/45 What is a human?