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  1. Misspell the Username!

    TheHSPFinisher? You play HSP?
  2. Word association

    Jebidiah Kerman
  3. How about a thread for the last thing you copied to protect you?
  4. Tease Your Brain!

    No, thank you. Again may I enforce: NO SIDE CONVERSATIONS! Wait. Yes, correct!The survivors were not killed! Atlas2342, we have got it!
  5. Survive Me!

    I now use The Cage! You are now trapped in an unbreakable room of stone with us surrounding you! SURRIVE US!
  6. The Loophole Test!

    You say “what’s the point “, and wait for you to die and evolve into a being who can see in 5 dimensions.
  7. The user below me...

    True. TUBM has triskaidekaphobia, fear of 13. (I do)
  8. Flat Kerbin Society

    Yes. Agreed! And I shall not retract my case! My mother was Margaret Kerman, who used to be the head of the FKS! Believe your books! Spacesuits are manufactured by the KSA!! Space is a scam, tricking us into paying the KSA so they can have us pay their illusions !!! If Kerbin was round, why is the KSC runway flat? They have evedince at their own HQ!! Kerbin. Is. Flat. Period. WHAT IS EARTH? And for the last time, “orbit” is ground re-rendering, and spaceships curve your vision so Kerbin looks round! Orbital imiages are obviously KGI! And how would you know? Have you been to space? Do not believe the lies of the KSA! They scam all Kerbals, except for a select few wise ones!
  9. Really Really Really Tall Building

    2088: You and the building are sucked into KSP, and Gene greets you. “This happens all the time. Just get to floor 3000, and press the Dematerialize button to get out. Enjoy your stay!” He then teleports away In a transporter on the next floor. You hope Doctor Jerk does not climb this set of stairs, but to your horror, he appears behind you! What happens next is up to you...
  10. Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    I’m sorry, that’s not on the menu anymore. You missed it by 1.14 seconds. Waiter, there are chicken and noodles in my soup!
  11. Otherwordly Fanart: Landing on Minmus!

    She’s not, just the closeup, and that frozen smile... just weird.
  12. Poor Thompberry, so, as you and some science fiction movies say:
  13. Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me. Made me confused, since the Kraken Lord called the Elder Kraken “a traitor to the species”. Boy, makes you feel sorry for Thompberry, his life was so hard. First, his parents read the Kerbalkomicon and were possessed by Krakens, leaving him an orphan. Then he joined ZE and got a huge crush on Jandolin, who thought he was creepy. Then, Harfield married Jandolin, driving him crazy and making him invent 4 (not necessarily evil) saucers (with designated all -77, for some reason). Also, miraculously, Wherner and Gene needed help with the TOP, the perfect sabotaging opportunity to make him emperor of the universe somehow. He tries to destroy the KSC with a CHEESE gravioli particle. He is thwarted by Omega-77, result of Alpha-77, Beta-77, and Delta-77 joining... er... something... essences? Something? Whatever. Omega then takes him to Bop on minimal life support, where the Elder Kraken takes his brain, and... telepathically, somehow puts it in a jar made of... something... unbrakeable and impenetrable. He then terrorizes KASA by torturing Kerrena at Duna Station. He accidentally makes friends with Theo and Gem, and eventually slowly reforms, all while Harfield gives Emiko Kerbalese lessons on Eve. Which brings me to the point where my memory blanks. Just like Jim said, won’t happen.
  14. You know, you could crop out the UI in your screenshots. Just a suggestion, it would be a nice way to show the map icons without annoying borders. Maybe not next chapter, though. #MakeABattlePlanAndBeRestoredAsTheMasters By the way, Jim, didn’t you say that evil had actually been programmed into Thompberry, or did I likely miss something? You see where I’m going with this?
  15. Tease Your Brain!

    Correct. He died in the hospital. Poor guy. And he just wanted to go on vacation... Anyway, Monday...? I'm not good with geography. Sort of does, if you say "capital U".... er... never mind