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  1. idek who the frick you are. it does kinda ring a bell, but it misght just be similar, plenty of anime girls look the same.
  2. herdcosmog?? what is up with all the shepherds, and how are you herding legendary Pokémon. i wanna do that!
  3. no, you are an upside down glitched bag of takis. Restart the takis. yum. I win
  4. now adding the “I like it, but it’s probably April Fools people” now following this thread to see the late reactions
  5. nope you fought the title. I also use the water bucket glitch to remove your core, incapacitating the end gateway for nigh-next time you delete the end folder.
  6. banned for me not recognizing you
  7. MechJeb’s body was reproduced into thousands of module, while he himself lived on in a robotic pod.
  8. -1 *resistance detected [MOAR-THAN-1 = true] *intiating neutralize.exe