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  1. yep i have restarted it multpiple times still nothink...
  2. hello , i have started a sandbox game with speicific g-force tolerance , after i found that the gees were too much so i decided to go to options and set the gees tolerance to lower number BUT this didn't afftect anything kerbals still have the same g-force tolerance among with new kerbals... anyone know how to set G-force tolerance to lower level? do I have to tell if i have mods?
  3. the concept may seems like something unconvient at first but it can be to revolutinatize automation in SSTO flights and interplanetry transfer making playing the game by idling
  4. i thought it may be not fuctional with 1.11 have you tried it?
  5. ok i get it to be fair it was a good mod few bugs doesn't mind but if there are a lot of bugs... lets hope that it won't affect it's fuction
  6. i have to say that this is intarelly broken: 546 issues on github , this mod is a mess do your flights manually instead
  7. will this break my older OPT aircraft?! , should i install it with the opt legancy ? or replace it? i use opt legancy 2.0.1
  8. there are some utilities like repair kit for solar panels and antenaas which are very useful in some situations
  9. ram is expensive but ksp struggles to load things causes it takes too much ram and hard drive load due to that , i run less than 90 mods and it is slow the recommended specs are 8 gb of ram (which i have) but it slow as hell...
  10. just updates 2 mods (kerbal engineer redux and deepfreeze continued) , ksp crashed twice in the past (these mods were downgraded) but it loaded normally , this time it got stuck at end of loading ksp versions:1.11 logs:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nzup5zzjk5jeztk/AADf71Jb88xPLVFApRjNg0PSa?dl=0
  11. won't work , i have tested it in a mk1 chute , there is no real chute module , the chute won't budge and have a staging...
  12. i see that on near future aeronautics only the tertiaty download link works , both primary and secondary links works but are unupdated , consider updating both primary and secondary download links for near future aeronautics
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