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  1. hi , do you remember the coffe machine mod that you made for the game "my summer car" ( this mod is way too old and it crashes with the newer mod loader , so can you update it to play it my the latest versions of my summer car and for the mod loader 1.0.1

  2. i have reinstalled avc , still no luck it still gets the error but here is the log:
  3. it happens during initializing , the game starts normally and avc-addon check for updates but after a moment everything (inculding the top-left window) dissapears and a tiny grey square qppears on the bottom-right (almsost unoticable) would like some screenshots ?!
  4. the addon doesn't work with the 1.7.3 ksp versions after a while everything dissapears i need it to update my mods
  5. the nuclear bulb engine creates by magic reserve thrust and opposites the gimbal i realize that i had still controlling from the docking port that i used to dock the engine from other side sorry for the inovience
  6. i am looking forward to built a vtol from the thermal turbojet vtol engine with 90 degree vector but i am trouble finding the correct reactor type both molten salt reactor and magnetized fusion reactor produce tons of heat and requied a lot of radiators other reactors like antimmater requid external antimatter tank other rectors seems good (like the open gas fussion) but they don't met the right conditions such like the open gas fussion reactor doesn't work on acceleration enviroment or others are too large or doesn't support thermal nozzle anyone having idea whats the best reactor or how to cool down my plane without putting extra surface and drag ?!
  7. I found a bug liquid intake is deprived after moist rcs usage :
  8. I HAVE TERRIBLE NEWS!!! the good news is that this mod will get stock by squad BUT THAT TERRIBLE NEWS IS THAT MOD WILL BE PAID ACCESS! SO I WOULD LIKE A UPDATE TO 1.7 ASAP or sorry for caps, any way to make this run on ksp 1.7
  9. @linuxgurugameri tested it and it doesn't work
  10. @lordcirthI got mm 4.0.2 and CRP I think the latest versions but I don't actually know the correct versions
  11. I got mm 4.0.2 and CRP I think the latest versions but I don't actually know the correct versions