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  1. tonimark

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    everything is broken! well done
  2. tonimark

    [WIP]Duna Direct - Formerly Mars Direct

    @bcinkBUG!!! the stage1, while start separated (broken joints) from the whole vessel, include the heat shield and when reverting to launch all the whole vessel including the heatshield disappears here are some images including a log: my vessel at vab my vessel at first lunch as you can see the vessel without the heatshield separated falls and after reverting to launch as you can the all the whole vessel including the heat shield dissapears and lastly the log file:
  3. @Ger_spaceyeah i mean there are no buildings and Ctrl and K doesn't work
  4. @Ger_spacethe KK doesn't longer work after the last update take a look:
  5. @Ger_spacei found out that I didn't install the mod correctly I reinstall and now it works fine sorry anyway
  6. I check the folder (Kerbal-Konstructs\Newinstances) and is should be an incompatibility with kerbin side remastered, its better idea to investigate it
  7. tonimark

    Sand box or Career?

    I play sandbox for fun but sandbox is usually for "beginners" to learn how to lunch rocket (and do space exploration) property while a career is space program management which required a big amount of experience to progress in career.
  8. by default, kerbal space program is designed to use only one core (thread) to process physics but this is a problem when you use a multicore processor like the ryzen ones this has as a result as I see dramatically performance drop if the core of the physic processing is overloaded. I got a problem too and I use intel core i5 and I see that the kerbal space program when freezing its strip to 25% of CPU usage (shown on task manager details) which means that the physics processing core is how to force kerbal space program to use more than one core when it comes to physics processing
  9. and is broken , here are the logs:
  10. ok i will try one more time if he fails i will send you the logs (dropbox)
  11. hello @Ger_space you said that by the Christmas the renew versions of the mod is ready as Christmas passed and we got 3rd of January of 2019 it's a better idea to know if you got it ready or if you still developing it. by the way, I check the msg you recently sent that KK works at 1.6, I try for my self and it doesn't work like in the past. Please update it or report progression
  12. how about a 1.5.1 i still use this versions until all authors recompatible their mods to the latest versions
  13. @N70please update for ksp 1.6
  14. tonimark

    [1.5+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.16

    @IgorZa note!!: helmet removal is now stock feature please remove it from the mod as it may cause glitches!