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  1. will there be a mir station and how long to wait?
  2. hello! I use rss ro, I launched the satellite into orbit with parameters of 160 km at perigee and 250 at apogee, accelerated it, a year passed but the craft did not fall, that is, the orbit parameters did not change significantly, although in reality it was supposed to fall within a month
  3. I'm trying to download craft ro rn vanguard 1,2,3 . A message appears , an error loading the device, the following details are missing : rn. vaungard. ss, rn. vaungard.fairing, rn.vaungard.fs
  4. spare parts from Atlas-Centaur are available in FASA.maybe someone has an assembled craft?
  5. is there a ready-made craft somewhere, (assembled Atlas-Centaur rocket, together with Surveyor)?
  6. does this mod support rss ro ? ,if not, how to redo the parts for rss ro, is there any instructions on this somewhere?
  7. a realchute doesn't work on parachutes ?what to do?Tell me please
  8. но точно так же есть Юнона, в реальной жизни она совершила гравитационный маневр у Земли, в КСП такой маневр действительно делают? или необходимо построить орбиту по прямой линии от Земли до Юпитера
  9. tried to repeat Juno's mission to Jupiter . but it is impossible to make a gravitational maneuver near the earth, thereby increasing the speed .how do expect to fly to Jupiter in terms of rss/ro , with the creation of Juno
  10. fuel tank "atlas 5 comon core booster"it is installed solid-fuel engines tap stage ,when you start these engines there is a status -" flame failure", the reason - "nominal".I use rss / ro.what could be the reason?
  11. do not know in what fashion you can find the engine LEROS-1b for Juno ?
  12. should there be a main engine for Juno?or the entire orbit correction function is performed by RCS engines
  13. mode rs ro the engines of the Raptor have the wrong old characteristics.according to new reports, the raptors have a much modest features
  14. Hello!!! I use GPP Secondary, how to make sure that ciro does not revolve around kerbol and was not his companion , is it possible that siro was a separate star .
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