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    Active Optimist / Futurist of KSP 1 and 2
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    Boosting a booster using moar boosters to boost the booster...
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    Talking to a community, playing KSP, Surviving Mars, KSP, Hearts of iron IV, watching rocket launches, Swimming, and filming. (oh, did I mention KSP?)

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  1. I don't know if this is just a me issue, but for some reason it dose not recognize stock textures Log picture:
  2. Well, I'm back.

    Yeah, I want to see the consensus on my new profile pic.

    1. The_Arcitect


      Trust me, I plan to add more...

  3. Banned for forcing me to go off topic
  4. Granted, the wish is now exclusive for another person. I wish for a aluminum bucket.
  5. Most might not care but I got a twitter now....



    Link here

  6. Nope @The Doodling Astronaut, you are my only hope!
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