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  1. These are the struts in KAS. KIS does not include any. So are you having issues with struts from some other mod?
  2. You need a KAS JS-1 socket to plug the strut into. If you are going to use struts a lot, you might be interested in longer ones. A Kerbal can carry whatever fits in their inventory. You can equip a screwdriver at the same time as you carry stuff. There is also the SC-62 Container that the Kerbal can equip as a backback to increase his capacity and a mount that can be to secure a container. Go ahead and put together tutorials, upload them to youtube and share them in the appropriate thread. It helps to understand which parts belong to which mod. Attaching the strut/hose/winch to a socket is KAS and has zero to do with KIS, it doesn't even require an engineer or tools. You can add struts and sockets to craft in the VAB and connect them together once in orbit without ever needing KIS. Attaching a part to vessel while on EVA is a KIS feature and requires tools and an engineer.
  3. No. There is a file in the root directory of KIS remove_fun_part_patch.txt. Rename it so it ends .cfg and these parts disappear. I never include them as they are just clutter in the parts list to me.
  4. I'm not sure what you are trying to show. From what I see you've attached the smallest available container to the side of your craft and opened it's inventory. The KIS part you are using was just added in the latest release. Plenty of us find KIS useful. It existed well before the stock system and if anything the stock system is much less useful than KIS. Guide.pdf
  6. To contradict what @Brigadier said. Please ignore the info in his post and upload the KSP.log as I originally asked. It's much easier to search for errors than the player.log.
  7. Look for KSP.log in the main directory where the game installed. On my computer this is C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program. Upload it to a file sharing site like Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link here.
  8. You probably have it installed incorrectly or are missing dependencies. Without logs we can't tell what's going wrong.
  9. Yes, that's why the the thread title says Minimum KSP Version 1.8.
  10. It would help to have a video of it failing. I've never seen issues with it and I use it quite frequently.
  11. Why are you using it from 32,0000m up? Translatron is useful close to the ground to control hovering and low speed flight close to the ground. I use it all the time to reposition landers near the ground. Moving them around like a helicopter taxiing. What are you trying to accomplish? Deorbit? Use Landing Guidance instead. I'm guessing Translatron is doing the best it can to kill your horizontal surface speed as you drop from orbit. You are essentially asking it to hover over a point an spinning ball as you come down.
  12. First thing I'd try is blowing out any dust in the case and GPU with a can of compressed air. Hold the fans to keep them from spinning when you blow near them.
  13. I just bought a 32" 4K to replace a 27" 4K to help a bit. I few weeks ago I found this mod that helps a little with built in game elements. A few mods do have UI scaling built in (MechJeb, KER), but the majority don't and probably never will. It doesn't seem to be even on the radar for a lot of the modders. I don't know if you have any coding experience, but it isn't hard to adjust font sizes on a case by case basis if you can figure out how to recompile mods. I've done this locally for a few mods that bothered me enough that I had to find a fix. I'd push PRs, but what I've done is such quick and dirty hack job I wouldn't consider it suitable for distribution. It does make updating more complicated. I have to check the source code to see what's new and fold what I want into my local version. Also check the last page of the KAC thread I found a bug that was a bad interaction with UI scaling that I did submit a PR to fix but it hasn't been integrated yet.
  14. When you guys mention MKS ports are these the same as USI Konstruction ports or something else? I don't install MKS but do use USI Konstruction. I never added Konstruction ports to the port direction patch for the reason I outlined above. If the patch worked for Konstruction it was unitentional.
  15. Welcome to the mod conflict party. The docking port direction patch assumes nothing but ReStock is messing around with the model definitions because stock and stock+ReStock are the only configurations I deal with. I don't have an all encompassing knowledge of every conceivable mod that might modify models in the stock parts. You have multiple mods changing the part definition that are mostly unaware of what the others are trying to do. The picture you show looks like the ReStock docking port, so I'd look at using it's patch as a model for how to address the SSPR docking port. A simpler approach would be to ask how important is the SSPR docking port to you? Is it just simpler to remove the SSPR patch than messing with an IL patch for the docking port? To be a bit rude I don't really care what you do. You have a configuration I don't run, so I'm not motivated to try to fix it, just like @Snark wasn't motivated to write a patch for ReStock. ILCE is a community driven mod, so I'd suggest you figure out what works with the configuration you have that tries to avoid trashing 1) IL+stock game and 2) IL+stock+ReStock. Sign up on GitHub and submit a PR to fix it. SSPR has 20+ crewed parts that need lights, and I've never been motivated to add that, so I don't use SSPR. Just patching one part is kind of lame. If you've never tried writing an IL patch for a part it's tedious and very time consuming to get the light placement figured out and then there's testing the logic for what you want the part to do. It's easy to spend hours per part. I figure some one that actually uses SSPR and wanted IL functionality will eventually take care of it. That person is not me. I had the same issue with ReStock. I wasn't going to figure out the new locations for all the models ReStock replaced, so initially only used ReStock for things without IL like tanks and engines. Then I started using parts with minimal changes like reaction wheels and batteries. Someone else did a pass and addressed enough part that I started using most of ReStock/ReStock+ and started fixing parts that still had issues. I'm still not satisfied with some of the parts, but I haven't been motivated to fix them yet. I originally wrote the docking port direction patch as a change to the core IL patch which was much simpler since it was in the core mod. @Snark wanted it in ILCE instead, so the patch is the adjusting the minimum necessary based on which model nodes should contain the lights that are moving based on where IL puts them in the stock part definition. A more robust fix would be to write it more like ReStock patches. First delete all IL model nodes and then add them back in.