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  1. I haven't noticed disappearing tools in 1.7.x, but I also haven't had time to play much in the last month. I did notice the problem with inflatable parts and just set up patches to set the crew capacity deflated equal to the inflated capacity on the few parts I have that do this. It's on the honor system that I don't load them with Kerbals until the parts are inflated, but it works around the KIS inventory issue. I think I only had 4 or 5 parts total that did this.
  2. Yes it been fixed for a while and directions to repair games are in this thread probably posted by myself, but I'm hung over and don't feel like being your personal search engine to go find it. No one is forcing you to use this mod. If you don't like it you can always go back and use the old unsupported version you seem to like better. To me it sounds like you need to be more precise in your landings so you don't need to span 350m. You know you can always change what you don't like by either changing the KAS patches directly or writing a MM patch to "edit" the KAS patches on load? It was precisely because I didn't like the default behavior in a mod that I started learning how module manager patches worked.
  3. Are you running with opengl, directX11 or directX12? I think these can create this problems, these are also unsupported. FYI, when you request help, posting logs is more useful than a list of mods without any other supporting data (like which version of each mod) The KIS container mount uses a attach node to mount the KIS container, but does not allow surface attachment. You either need to add a node to the stock storage boxes or change the KIS mount to allow surface attachment. Sine the stock box surfaces attaches the mount isn't really needed.
  4. It's still 3.5. Anything newer will throw errors in the log even it it seems to run fine.
  5. @Craig D I think I found your problem. What versions of KSP do you have set as compatible versions in CKAN? The latest version of ClickThroughBlocker is restricted to 1.5.1-1.7.2, but the older version you have is listed for 1.5.1 and later with no upper limit. You need set CKAN to see mods released for older releases of KSP as compatible or you run into problems like what you are seeing. I have 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 all set. If you haven't set these CKAN will only install mods explicitly listed as compatible with only 1.7.3. Please don't make me go through spiel about how most mods for 1.4 or later work fine in later versions of KSP.
  6. @Craig D Maybe it's time to share a log. This morning I got the notice from CKAN that the metadata for TacFuelBalancer had changed, so I reinstalled it today. What versions of things are you getting? I installed with CKAN for KSP 1.7.3 and get the following: Click Through Blocker 1.7.2 Toolbar Controller 1.8.2 Toolbar TacFuelBalancer 2.21.4 I'm not seeing messages about being out of date.
  7. @Wyzard @madindehead @vossiewulf Try @taniwha's fork or just flip back to the previous page of this thread. CLS has bug free for me in 1.7.3. Taniwha forked CLS after Papa Joe had been MIA for a few months and released a patched version specifically for the bug you guys are seeing.
  8. I tracked my problem down to @Nertea's Restock Mainsail engine. I could get most of the bloated hull shape with just a Mainsail and a Mk1 Command Pod. I flipped through a couple other saved ships and it appeared to be common to ships with Restock/Restock+ engines. The Restock/Restock+ engines that didn't have problems were mainly those that started as Porkjet designs. I checked through other Restock Engines I use and these all resulted in odd hull shapes: Restock+ Boar Restock Mainsail Restock Mammoth Restock Poodle Restock Rhino Restock Skipper Restock+ Torch Restock Twin Boar Restock Vector This is not a comprehensive list as I only use a subset of Restock/Restock+ parts overall (no command pods, probe cores, aero, antennas, fuel tanks, batteries, science). Not that I don't find the parts well done, but I tend to use several older mods that are more stock looking and many Restock parts don't blend in well with these. For engines, I'm usually deferring to MH & Squad revamps instead of Restock. This is the worst case hull for a Mk1 Command Pod on top of a Restock Mammoth Engine.
  9. EDIT: Today is not my day. Nothing I wrote was posted, just the quote. @taniwha I'll have to pull parts of the ship to figure out what's causing the hull to bloat. The extra bits don't look at all familiar and they don't follow symmetry of any of the parts. On the physics. Reverting to 6.5.1 isn't really an option. I had issues with that version and recent KIS/KAS. It's one of the reasons I started a new save with the release of Breaking Ground and held off using EL at all until your recent update. If it keeps being a problem I'll try to troubleshoot it. For now I'm hoping it's just something rare. I saw the prefab warnings, but the craft I loaded didn't use tweakscale and it's one of the older ones in this save. I know there have been many, many updates, so I'm not surprised to see prefab warnings.
  10. @linuxgurugamer I checked and CKAN does not have ClickThroughBlocker or Toolbar Controller defined as dependencies for this mod. It might cut down on some of the questions if this were corrected.
  11. @taniwha A couple more bugs, one fixable and one weird enough it's probably not possible to reproduce for debugging. If I cancel a build the hull does not go away. I queued my problem craft to generate the bloated hull debug file and then cancelled it. I let the teardown complete and the hull stuck around. I did what I'd been doing on the previous release of EL and just queued & cancelled a small craft to clear the bloated hull to leave a small hull on the launchpad. Going back to the EL Settings and turning off hull displays did clear the hull. I don't know if anyone else has run into this, but after dealing with some other ships I returned to my station to start construction on another station part. The station acted as if an engine was firing retrograde with the orbit rapidly deteriorating. There was some phantom force acting on the station trying to crash it. No engines were on and I think a smelter had used all the fuel anyway. Using hyper edit or the cheat menu to set orbit just reset the altitude and the orbit would start degrading again. Going to the tracking station & back or even restarting KSP did not clear it. Hull display and debug was on. What finally stopped the station from trying to crash itself was adding a ship to the build queue. KSP.Log that has adding ship to build queue. Another thing was that when it loaded MechJeb was supposed to be active to hold the station's orientation relative to the sun, but on load the station started tumbling radically faster than should be possible and surprisingly didn't shake apart. It did not seem to respond correctly to mechjeb at all, so I shut mechjeb off and when to SAS attitude hold which stopped the tumbling while I dealt with falling out of orbit. After I got the station under control MechJeb worked fine again.
  12. @taniwha Hull files Below is what the craft looks like. Almost every part comes from a mod of some sort, but only drills (hidden in this view) and landing gear extend.
  13. @Craig D If you have everything working I don't need to see a log. I prefer to stick to CKAN for almost all of my mods. I know @linuxgurugamer sometimes will put out pre-release or beta updates of mods that will trigger the notice that updates are available, but these won't be listed in CKAN. Unless the beta version fixes a problem I've noticed I usually just wait until it becomes the mainstream release and CKAN lists it. I'm also pretty strict about checking the mod threads before I install ANY update, just to get a feel if it might be a game breaker and need to do a full game backup before updating.
  14. Do you have the Toolbar Controller in addition to Blizzy's Toolbar? I've installed all my mods with CKAN and don't have probllens. You could post a log so we could see what's going wrong.
  15. First thing I do when I start for the day is check CKAN for updates. I got Toolbar and KEI. Now TacFuelBalancer has a purple texture on my toolbar. Everything was fine yesterday. According to the log the texture loaded just fine, but when it it comes to using the toolbar the texture can't be found. If I select "Configure Visible Buttons" Both TacFuelBalancer and RCS Build Aid are purple in just the Toolbar Button Visibility menu, but RCS Build Aid has the correct texture in the VAB.