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  1. Tonka Crash

    [1.4.x ++] ExceptionDetectorUpdated

    I just go look at the log file with a text editor. GameData/ExceptionDetectorUpdated/Log/edu.log
  2. liquidEngine3 is the part name for the old Terrier. Missing History swaps this for a Porkjet model. It sounds like you may not have updated Missing History correctly.
  3. Literally 2 posts above yours is the link to a 1.6 version.
  4. Nertea has already stated I think that all tanks would have variants, that doesn't surprise me. I'm just saying that just because Porkjet made a part doesn't make it immune to criticism, especially when included as part of mod replacing all stock parts.
  5. That is just a style guide, which I would argue Squad has been paying attention to in the recent revamps of the Terrier, Spark and Poodle. How well is a matter of opinion, but we are now getting multiple variants of legacy engines, while at the same time just not copying previous Porkjet's work. There are already several mods where you can get Porkjet's parts if you want them, as I mentioned I use Missing History. And, I do mean that Nertea should at least retexture these. To be blunt, without a refresh these would be a weak point in ReStock. In my opinion, even though these were an inspiration for the style of ReStock/ReStock+, they no longer fit that style. Porkjet's Parts license is CC-BY-NC, so Nertea could modify the textures of the existing models as long as he continues to attribute Porkjets as the source of the parts. I think he should think about scrapping these.
  6. Tonka Crash

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    Most are by function "Mun Tour Lander", "Kerbin Orbit Rescue", etc. Long term satellite contracts get the end date in the name so I know when a satellite no longer has to stay in a particular orbit. "Mun Mag Study D274" Resource transports get named after oil spills.
  7. To be honest: I never noticed it was "missing". I've used USI-LS since before I started using KPBS, so the lab was never there for me and I never missed it. I used the hub for the command function and aesthetics more than anything else.
  8. Tonka Crash

    [1.6+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.18

    @IgorZ KIS 1.18 KSP 1.6.1 - I'm seeing a "Too Heavy" message when trying to grab items too far away. The "Too Heavy" message does display correctly when the item is too heavy.
  9. Do you know if hideFxModuleUI should be True or False?
  10. @Nertea I've heard you're including Porkjet's Part Overhaul tanks and engines in this. I've used the Missing History versions almost as long as I've been playing KSP and based on the work you've shown, I don't think the Porkjet's parts meet the standards you've set for yourself. They look a bit more cartoonish in comparison, and fall between the quality of work you're doing and the original Squad parts.
  11. Tonka Crash

    [1.5+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.1

    @bunjatec Sounds like a problem to report to Extraplanetary Launchpads. It has a dependency on KIS, not KAS. KIS had a bit of a revamp recently (1.17+) and I don't think ELP has been updated since.
  12. Tonka Crash

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] SpaceTux Industries Recycled Parts

    @linuxgurugamer I did a pull request last night for this mod. The language filter on the forum mangled one of the part names in the indicator lights patch I posted which made it to the release. The Taurus Hitchhiker had s-H-i-t in the middle of the part name replaced with "excrements". I noticed it playing yesterday when I added the part to a craft and the lights weren't there.
  13. Tonka Crash

    LV-T15 and LV-T303 File Locations

    @septemberWaves The Valiant and Pug are not stock engines. They are part of Missing History or some other mod you may have that adds in Porkjet's engine revamps.
  14. @ChrisF0001 The only other thing I can think to try is shift focus to a vessel out of physics range (go to the tracking station) and then back to the rover. Maybe when it reloads the rover it will reset whatever is going on. It might get around needing to reload a save.
  15. Reaction wheels don't care about orientation. They just apply torque in the requested direction. It sounds like your rover's control point may have shifted when it's docked. You need to right-click "control from here" on the part you want controlling your rover. Command pods, probe cores and docking ports have this option.