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  1. @zer0Kerbal Last year about this time I started using the full EL mod but move the functions to parts from other mods, primarily Keridian Dynamics and USI Kontainers. This was mainly searching for references in mods for CRP resources and writing patches to substitute EL resources for the equivalent CRP resource. MetallicOre -> MetalOre Metals -> Metal Recyclables -> ScrapMetal RocketParts already defined in CRP, EL creates a duplicate resource definition I run a patch to update EL definitions to improve compatibility with CRP/USI based mods. I don't remember specifically why I did the following, but I think I needed displayNames and abbreviations so I could get EL resource names to appear in the variant selectors in USI Kontainers. Patch for USI Kontainers redefining it for the resources I actually use and dropping the rest. I use these in place of the EL HexCans. I'm selective about parts I use, so these are the only parts from USI Kontainers I use and delete the rest. I use several of the USI mods, but not the full MKS so I don't need all the MKS resources. MetalOre - Gray MTO Skin Metal -Red MTL Skin ScrapMetal - Green Recycle Skin RocketParts - Brown ROK Skin RocketParts were the only resource that didn't have a container tailor-made for it. I chose "ROK" since I didn't need its resource otherwise. I think Material Kits (MKT) or Specialized Parts (SPT) are probably the closer to the equivalent resource and ROK is intended to be for the "Rock" resource.
  2. DStaal's method works. To directly launch to rendezvous (assuming the station is in a circular equatorial orbit). You use launch to target. Once on the pad switch to map view and select the station as your target. You might want a launch clamp to provide power as waiting for the launch window could be awhile. Set your orbit altitude the same as the station. Make sure your phase angle is zero and auto warp is on to deal with the wait time. Launch. After the circularization burn is done, revert to launch. Now your phase angle will update to what it should be. Think of phase angle as how much you need to lead the target to hit it. Don't change any other settings. If you tweak something that changes the ascent profile you need a new phase angle. Launch. Once the burn is complete you should be fairly close to the station. I've had it vary anywhere from a couple kilometers to a collision once. Use the rendezvous autopilot to get closer to the station. It automatically performs steps 3-8 in DStaal's instructions. There is also a rendezvous guidance mode that prompts you through the steps instead of doing them for you, so you can get a feel for the process. You can use the docking autopilot to finish docking, but I find it to more efficient to do it myself. For docking I use the Docking Port Alignment Indicator and set SMART A.S.S. to PAR- mode. This keeps my spacecraft aligned with the docking port so I don't have to worry about rotations, just translating. You can also toggle over to the station and activate MechJeb for it to hold an orientation. As long as the two craft are within a couple hundred meters MechJeb will operate on the ship you are not currently flying. It's kind of cool to get in range and see a station spin around on it's own to align with the last mode I left MechJeb.
  3. Going by the last few posts for that mod it's out of date and not working. Maybe try the fixes suggested in that thread?
  4. A 4 week shelter in place order went into effect at midnight where I'm at on the orders of the local county health department. Bars were shutdown last week, putting my girlfriend out of work. The first local case due to community spread was yesterday, prior it was four that were travel related. The shelter order has enough loopholes, my boss thinks the company I work for is an "essential" business since we have a DoD contract, so it's show up anyway. They are only just now getting serious about figuring out how to implement working from home. Its never been allowed before, so they have no experience.
  5. @taniwha This is what I came up with for an electric smelter. I tried working up a variable efficiency based on heating the smelter, but I wasn't having any luck getting the smelter to actually heat up and I'd already spent way more time on this than I wanted. In the ELConverter for the part itself I'm running a rate of 500 that consumes 220EC for ~8 units of metal per second. Fuel consumption is about ~1.05 units of liquid fuel per unit of metal.
  6. None exist on my system. I find and remove them after any updates.
  7. Here's a full log where it crashes to desktop from a clean install with only this mod and Module Manager installed via ckan. If I delete the model for MiningExpansion/Parts/DeployableWheel/ everything loads and I just get warnings for not being able compile the parts affected by the now missing model. Adding D1-MR Deployable Wheel to a vessel throws multiple warnings and errors in the log: All the other new landing gear legs throws at least one error when added to the craft: [ERR 11:44:29.730] [ModuleWheelBase]: No transform called suspensionPivot found in Part hierarchy The old StackLeg did not throw this error. For the Radial Klaw the node_attach is incorrect. As is, it wants to attach the part perpendicular to the parent instead of parallel. Please update it to the following. node_attach = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0.0 As a suggestion, I would like to see a deployable heavy landing gear with a similar layout to the radial klaw. Something that adds some lateral distance as it deploys instead of deploying primarily straight down from it's attachment point.
  8. Crashing to desktop on load with this update on 1.9.1. I've done it 3 times in a row. Last thing in the KSP.LOG each time: LOG 08:58:13.114] Load(Model): MiningExpansion/Parts/AsteroidHab/Model [LOG 08:58:13.125] Load(Model): MiningExpansion/Parts/AsteroidPort/Model [LOG 08:58:13.135] Load(Model): MiningExpansion/Parts/DeployableWheel/DeployableGearInlineL [WRN 08:58:13.135] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. [WRN 08:58:13.135] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. [LOG 08:58:13.142] Load(Model): MiningExpansion/Parts/DeployableWheel/DeployableGearInlineS [LOG 08:58:13.143] Cylinder, , m_Convex, UnityEngine.AnimationCurve I delete the folder MiningExpansion/Parts/DeployableWheel and it loads normally. I don't have time right now to troubleshoot this further, but maybe in a few hours.
  9. @lk00david I would look at your KIS/KAS install and it's dependencies. They can't find the associated KSPDev_Utils dependency for each and are throwing reflection exceptions that I've seen create errors in unrelated mods. It may not be your issue with mechjeb, but I wouldn't trust a KSP install with any reflection exceptions during load to tell you what's really wrong. I recommend ckan instead of manual installs as it's been bulletproof and simple for me to maintain mods with.
  10. There's no "switch" to orient to the local gravity vector. I've also found there very little point to attaching things to the ground. Physics load tends to break anything loose that was attached to the ground.
  11. I've been using this one since 1.6. I've tested it on the launchpad in 1.9.1 and it seems to still be working. The mod was never completed, there is no IVA and no native support for other mods. If anyone is interested in using old out of date mods, learn how to write patches. I use it for 24 kerbals per wheel with built in greenhouse and recycling from USI-LS.
  12. @taniwha Has any thought been given to a recipe for an electrically heated smelter like an electric arc or induction heated furnace? I've got an orbital station that I'm using for a ship construction site and the smelter is sucking LFO as fast as I can resupply it. I'd prefer to run the heating aspect of the smelter off a nuclear reactor and just use LFO for the chemical reactions necessary for the smelting process. It may also allow the efficiency to go up if you can run it higher temperatures than LFO heating would allow.
  13. Your pictures don't tell us what operational mode you have MechJeb set to. Just having the MechJeb installed and enabled is like a cruise control in a car you have turned on, but you haven't a speed to hold yet. As a minimum you need to activate Smart A.S.S and tell it to kill kill rotation. When you give it a maneuver to execute MechJeb is taking control to execute the maneuver, but then goes back into standby waiting for you to tell it what to do. Just search this thread for "atmosphere" and you find lots of people with the same complaint. MechJeb is only accurate in vacuum. MechJeb will get you safely down in atmosphere, but it isn't capable of precision as it doesn't accurately account for the aerodynamics.
  14. I don't know where you get the idea they are non-functional from those threads. I've used them both without issues in 1.9. I just upgraded to 1.9.1 today, but didn't do anything that needed those mods while I was playing..
  15. @linuxgurugamer I've been using Spacedock since 1.7 came out. I checked the configs in your Redocked version against what I'm running and the only significant change is that I've added to mine is a :NEEDS[ConnectedLIvingSpace] to the CLS module definition in each of the parts for when the CLS isn't installed. MODULE:NEEDS[ConnectedLivingSpace] { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true passablenodes = top, bottom impassablenodes = innerStarboard, innerPort, outerStarboard, outerPort, topPort, topStarboard, bottomPort, bottomStarboard }