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  1. Most of the base is built on site using: The docking tubes are from KPBS, but I think I increased the range they connect. I think MKS and Pathfinder both have equivalents for these, but I don't use either.
  2. You can post them, but there are no guarantees that we will see a problem. It also helps to describe what's going wrong or even post a video of the problem.
  3. The simplest is to edit the settings.cfg file and find the following section. Change "addWhatYouWantHere1" and "addWahtYouWantHere2" to whatever part you want. Add as many parts as you want, one line at a time. The problem is this will be overwritten everytime you update KIS. StackableItemOverride { partName = addWhatYouWantHere1 partName = addWhatYouWantHere2 } Or you create a patch. Any file ending .cfg located under GameData works. I have mine in "GameData\ZZZ_Personal_Patches\Mod_Patches\KIS-KAS_tweaks.cfg" @KISConfig:FINAL // Only use FINAL for your personal patches
  4. Do you know if the Station Parts mod is even coded to support EL resources? It doesn't matter which resource switcher you use if the part does include definitions for the resources you want to store. I chose to use USI Kontainers and had to rewrite all the patches for the parts to use the resources I wanted. Tweakscale is the only mod that I know that "breaks" stackability. KIS is intentionally disabling stacking if Tweakscale is installed. You can override it by edit or patching the KIS/setttings.cfg USI/MKS uses Global Construction as it's default construction mod, so it's reso
  5. @strider3 Open up SMART.A.S.S and set to Surf Up and Translatron in Keep Vert mode. In Keep Vert mode, Tranlatron will keep vertical speed to what you set. SMART.A.S.S Surf Up tries to keep your nose point at the sky. So what I do is set my modes, then give Translatron a couple clicks up to climb and then click back to 0 when I'm at the altitude I want. With Translatron a 0 you will hover until you are out of gas. Now I can use either RCS or tilt the rocket in the direction I want to go. I find it easiest to roll so pitch inputs go to/from the primary direction I want. Yaw then tilt
  6. I don't use this feature often so I don't know if it works this way for this mode. Do it once and revert to launch after the circularization completes and do it again. MechJeb needs the first attempt to determine the time required for the launch for your spacecraft. The first launch is normally done with no lead time. On the second attempt MechJeb should load an updated estimate of when it needs to launch. At least it works that way for launch to intercept (which I use a lot).
  7. Is English your first language? I find KAS trivially easy to use, so I have no idea what your are asking, and it won't be changing unless you can describe how it needs to change.
  8. @antipro Have you tried the Classic Assent Profile? I think it's the default method and it's the one I've always used. The other thing is it appears you are using the official release instead of the DEV build. The official releases seem to only get updated once for each major game release. The DEV builds get much more frequent updates and your issue may be fixed in it. You do run the risk of a DEV build breaking some aspects, but it's trivially easy to roll back to a working version if you have issues. Installing DEV builds are described in the first post of this thread.
  9. MechJeb is repeatable, but not terribly accurate. I have a Mun base that every craft will miss the landing aim point from 100m-1500m. If I want precise landings I have to work up unique coordinates to feed into MechJeb for each craft design. Eventually I quit worrying about that and just manually adjust the touchdown point with MechJeb in control. You know you can still fly the craft with MechJeb controlling the landing? I usually turn on RCS turn the final descent and manually move the touchdown point. If that doesn't work I use the Translatron to hover taxi from where I landed to
  10. My mistake. I'd renamed the original file DockRotate,orig.dll instead of DockRotate.dll,orig, so it was being loaded. All fixed now.
  11. @peteletroll I'm another one that ran into DR log spam today. Undocking seemed to trigger it. The new DLL you shared cleared it up. Restarting clears it. Undocking again brought back the log spam even with the new .DLL. KSP.log
  12. The stock game doesn't really have too many parts tailored to use in bases. If it's that important to you, look at mods. Mk2 Expansion and Kerbal Planetary Base Systems both have labs that I use that are oriented horizontal and I'm sure there are many more.
  13. Fixed it for you. One of the biggest problems with people new to forums (not just this one) is they think they are the first person to ever have their problem, so they don't bother searching for an answer before posting. I think its good of you to take the time to update the thread titles. I do check them, but I also check for what changed either in the OP or at the end the thread when there are updates. I use CKAN. So when I see an update available I use the CKAN link to the forum thread to check what changed. Mainly to decide if it looks potentially save breaking to decide
  14. One could reasonably expect cookies instead of dog food. A better analogy for the "1789 style cookies to go" would be the people that start asking more questions. Are there nuts inside? Are these paleo? Are these gluten free? Are these non-dairy? Are they vegan? Are these non-GMO? Did these use locally sourced ingredients? Were they baked with fossil fuels or renewable energy? It's impossible to satisfy every one with a simple sign. (FYI, Never take home made cookies to work)
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