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  1. hi, which KSP Version and are you using the old Alcentar Mod or the rebalanced?
  2. Hi .... from Kerbin to Mun -> i use Rendevous Mode and set the distance to 200000 m .... fine tuning with Engines ican't use this fine mod since KSP Update to 1.12
  3. Hi, great job ... I have a question about APAS .... do they only work with each other or do they work with other APAS from other mods? I tried to dock with the IDA from the CST-100 mods, but somehow it seems to collide and then docking is impossible .... Please for a short info Many thanks in advance
  4. oops, i forgot to add his name thanks for reminding me i will change that immediately
  5. Hello, sorry if this topic has already been discussed ... I have a problem with the Crew Dragon Trunk ... the button for opening the umbilical does not appear ... with the Dragon 2 Cargo Trunk this is available ... couldn't find anything in the cfg's either, both are identical at that point ... @Kartoffelkuchena short feedback would be nice best regards and continue with your great mod's i use KSP 1.10.1
  6. hi, is it possible that you also continue the Apollo Saturn V mod from DECQ ???? that would be awesome
  7. Hi....


    Is it possible that you have the Space Shuttle mod or some parts of it from Mike-NZ?


    i know it is a very old mod, but i'm searching for the FSS Rotator ....

    I have tried to find it somewhere but with no luck :(

    greetings to you and stay safe

  8. with old school fairing and mechjeb it works for me in most of my launches
  9. Hello, great work but i have a Problem,.... why is the rocket always flipping .... any help? greetings
  10. Hi, is it possible that you make the Mod working on KSP 1.4.5 Some of the Parts are not shown in 1.4.5
  11. Hi, someone here with parts or a mod for a Shuttle FSS-Rotator ...? The only Mod i found is no longer available greetings
  12. Hello, first great work.... I have a Problem: Model load error in 'E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Kartoffelkuchen\KK_SpXCD\KK_SpXCD_trunk.mu' ..... could it be a problem, because i try to use your mod on KSP 1.4.5? i play only Sandbox and mostly on KSP 1.4.5 as i see the docking port has the same problem.... all other Parts from Crew Dragon have no loading errors.... all other parts are in the tech tree any infos about that problem? greetings
  13. Hello :)


    any Problems here to set a Target :(  nothing works.... KSP allways says no Target if i click set target.... 

    do you have any ideas? 


    i play KSP 1.4.5


    your mods are pretty awesome




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