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  1. Hello, i didn`t have the Solararrays, but i don`t know why.... if i search in output.log -> then i found this : Cannot clone model 'HabTech2/Parts/Trusses/ht2_SAW' as model does not exist can someone help please? i use KSP 1.4.5
  2. @raidernick great Mods ...thanks a lot for all your work :}
  3. Hello Bobcat, i use your Kliper mod and it works for me in KSP 1.4.5 , but i have one Problem... all 3 wheels are sinking in the Ground, on runway and everywhere...

    is there a way that you can fix it? that would be great...


    Thanks for all your great Mods that i use :)


    P.S. Please help 

  4. i have a problem and i hope that someone can help me .... i have Bobcat`s Kliper Mod and now its working for me in KSP 1.4.5, but there is one little problem... on the Runway and also after landing the wheels sink into the ground... only the wheels, the body of the vehicle lies on the ground after that.... I think it has something to do with the wheel collider, but unfortunately I have no idea of programming (Unity, Blender i have really no idea and no skills in programming) .... is there a way to fix that? can someone help me?
  5. Hello, something goes wrong with your Angara :)

    my URM 1 interstage staging has no funktion , only when i hit the spacebar....


    I use Mechjeb 


    Please Help me :)

  6. As counterpart for the DECQ Soyuz docking Probe, i use the RN_Salyut mod ....... Salyut 6 Docking port, but you have to change the size a little bit .... If you are using RO than should it go without size changing
  7. Thank you so much for your great work and for your efforts to keep this mod alive.... many many thanks
  8. Oh my god .... that's a really great work awesome
  9. yes works ... I say 85%, because I do not know exactly what this add-on could do in the past ... But the textures and models work in sandbox
  10. @Alcentar i hope that you can see why i need a Buran Update .... i couldn`t insert the Picture so you have to use the link :-( I only play Sandbox and i use many russain rockets, but as you said, Buran is nothing without Energija.... it`s russian rocket history and Kerbal Space Program need still needs this Add-on
  11. no no no i use the Energija Rocket for all the heavy things she is powerful and i use her sometimes with 8 boosters but mostly the LCA Rocket Please raise your motivation and refine the add-on please .....