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  1. i found it Thanks a lot is there any news about Buran? Otherwise I can only say great work, your mods are great
  2. Hello Benjee10, I know the Shuttle and Mechjeb docking doesn't work (unfortunately). Strangely enough, it worked for me a while ago, but I don't know why it doesn't work anymore... I know you've said it doesn't work before, but wouldn't it be possible, especially for less experienced players, to make a small change for your Shuttle Mod and MechJeb? I really really like using your shuttle mod, but if I don't have the option to dock automatically, I really lose a lot when playing.
  3. as example many black tiles in different positions (only for Challenger)
  4. Hello @Arthurism , Nice work so far but is it possible to change the vertical Stabilizer so it would look more like Challenger?
  5. It's a mix - Cormorant Aeronology Mod ( MMU and Sunshield ) and MiniKerbalShuttle Mod ( GAS Canister on the right side)
  6. And being me I'm very much a perfectionist with this game and can get very irritated when certain designs or kitbashes don't look right (°ー°〃) -------- i know what you mean, but there is no better solution or you make a new mod
  7. If you want those things - you can try it with "Cormorant Aeronology Mod" its old but it works for me - only some scale adjustments https://github.com/Pak84/Cormorant-Aeronology https://github.com/Pak84/Cormorant-Aeronology/tree/master/Assets/payloadUtilities
  8. Hi Benjee10, I have a short question for you and I hope you can help me further .... Is there somehow the possibility that you might find some time and maybe make two small texture changes for me .... I'm a big fan of your mods and a big fan of the Space Shuttle Challenger, so now to my questions and requests ... Is it possible that you could adjust the vertical stabilizer and the outer elevons so that they look like the Challenger?
  9. hi, which KSP Version and are you using the old Alcentar Mod or the rebalanced?
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