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  1. I looked and there indeed was an Aurora.dds missing I reinstalled everything And now it works!! Thanks for the help!
  2. Try this, Scatterer EVE BoulderCo This is what I have and it looks pretty good hopefully it helps! if not send some screenshots of the game and gamedata list. And on wich KSP version do you play?
  3. Here's a link to the download of the output_log.txt file https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgpac6ma8la1802/output_log.txt?dl=0 I hope its the good one!
  4. I recently downloaded galileo's planet pack with the EVE and Scatterer visual mods and followed what the instructions said. But as it turns out with every atmospheric planet (Exept: Niven,Tellumo and Gratian) the atmosphere is pale white. This also counts for the ocean's. And the sunflares of Grannus and Ciro aren't there anymore. Here are a few screenshots: I would be thankfull if someone could help me to fix this!
  5. Are your cars boring.. do they keep crashing Well now we have Jeb's magnificent Multicar!!! Now you can crash it even more this car can: Be a car!! Go faster Crash!! Fly!! Fly faster!! Go to your favorite vacation destination! [Rocket not included] Crash at your holiday vacation! Lets see what jeb thinks about his car Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfefktj7fjay56s/Jeb´s MultiCar.craft?dl=0 (you need the making history expansion) Here are the controls Key Function 1 Toggle hover rockets 2 Retract/Extend Wheels 3 Activate sepratron boosters 4 Activate normal boosters 5 Extend/Retract Landing legs Backspace In case of an emergency Good luck with driving/flying My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx793lGty6iIoOreAoEA90g?view_as=subscriber
  6. RJVB09

    Thatmo/Eeloo hopper challenge!

    I've seen the video, Nice editing btw! This was my inspiration for the mission: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triton_Hopper
  7. Triton Thatmo/Eeloo hopper challenge Challenge: Build a Lander and a rocket that is able to fly to its destination When the lander is landed on its destination it needs to be capable of mining ore and refine it into fuel. When loaded the lander needs to lift off and land somewhere else on the (dwarf) planet or moon Gamemodes/destinations Easy: Fly to Vall Normal: Fly to Eeloo (Thatmo for OPM users) Hard: Fly to Tylo Things for the lander 2 sciene experiments or more an ISRU (of course!) Drill (This one too!) It needs to generate its own power RTG/Solar panels/Fuel cells Succes with the mission! (I hope it doesn't end up as fireworks!) By the way this is my first mission that i made so i hope its good (Tell me if something isn't ok)
  8. RJVB09

    Eve lander talk

    Most of the time they are just big landable rockets i think because landing on eve is easy due to her thick atmosphere. But whats really difficult is getting off there so thats why it needs to be a big rocket
  9. I love the delta-V calculator I've Always dreamed of a sort of kerbal engineer in the stock game
  10. I recently installed opm with sve, eve and scatterer but when im on tekto´s ocean it acts weird. When i zoom in a white circle apears covering the ocean Can someone tell me how to fix this
  11. yeah, it could also be that. because sometimes I mess with those
  12. I downloaded the mod and it helped. The base just popped out of the ground instead of exploding. thx for the help.
  13. I'm running the latest update so that is 1.4.5
  14. I was bringing new kerbals to my Mun base. But when I came too close to the base, the base, rovers and landers around it exploded. After that I reloaded my save and looked carefully at the base by zooming out. I saw That the base was in the ground. and now (also when I swithed to the base) when I come too close it explodes every time How can I fix this?