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  1. Hi!, The sunflare offset is a well known issue/limitation from scatterer. Its due to the distance from the sun and in the case of 3LR and 3LB the small size of the stars. Fortunately the issue is tracking-station-only so everything should look normal in flight view or map view.
  2. When you exit the suns SOI you are technically still in the influence of it, it just tells that you are out of the "SOI"
  3. it's all the way on the right, here is it nevertheless: https://discord.gg/TcGXdHP
  4. no, Kerbin will be replaced with a much nicer planet
  5. You will be able to combine it with other star system packs. Home system replacers compability is still WIP. GU will also provide compability patches when its released. However I can assure you that this pack will bring enough challenging content :p.
  6. With development, I've always been more active on discord then the forums. So I just want to announce the development on my new mod Universal on the forums Universal is a multi part planet mod consisting out of different parts :p Core The main mod and the first one to be released. It consists of 3 systems, 4 stars, 14 planets and 14 moons System maps: Main The second part of the mod, containing most of the galaxy's stars. Giants A small part with 3 huge stars and a giant central black hole Mysteries All the weirdness of the universe Wormholes will also be added for making interstellar travel easier When will this be released? The planned date for release is around december this year, I can't guarantee it because I've also got a real life + i'm trying my best to put some real effort in this pack. Development updates can be found on my discord server. (link in signature)
  7. @Shawn Kerman Sorry for the late response :p. You can dm them to me. I'll check them more deeply then.
  8. You can try messing around with sigma dimensions to scale the planets by 10
  9. Compatibility patches are welcome! (got some irl stuff so it be nice if someone else does it :p)
  10. Weird, I've never heard of this. Can you send the dropbox link?
  11. @Clamp-o-Tron It's intentional, Rouger is a Red supergiant which are heavy hot stars in their last life phase. These stars have a really low density of 7-10 solar masses fitting inside a ball the size of Jupiter's orbit. So you can say it's actually more like a glowing hot cloud than a real star which explains the bumpy shape.
  12. Nice!, I'm not planning on adding new or drastically change planets though. There will be more in a future pack im working on.