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  1. It won't, sadly. It was a planned feature, but it seems kopernicus has lost that functionality.
  2. 330km which is real life scale because 33km was way to small in my opinion :p
  3. Update v1.2 Small fix update, i'll find something for the citylights in the future. -Removed MiniAVC.ddl and .xml -Removed citylights as they didn't work
  4. Thats a problem with the cusom planets you have installed, not scatterer. Report this issue to the devs of the planet mods
  5. It does its best but dres has a high eccentricity, requiring an irregular rotational period which is imposible to replicate in ksp. All i can do is remove the eccentricity.
  6. All the coloring definitely needs some work. I like the overall vibe tho
  7. Update v1.1 -Fixed Module manager patching errors and warnings. --got rid of unnecessary :HAS tags. -Updated Parallax configs for Parallax 1.2.0. -Fixed the ciyclights by making the planet a main menu body. (yes, what the actual f) -Made all other planets main menu bodies too -Fixed Parallax terrain texture normals. -Filled up the trench with EVE clouds to cover up scatterer artifacts. -1.11 support. (Kopernicus Continued BE) -Added kerbercrystals. --Blue and Green crystals are the most common. --Yellow and Magenta are less common.
  8. About This is a small planet pack I've lately put all of my effort in, the main goal was to make it as good as possible. It adds a super weapon near Dres named "Dreskiller base" as the weapon threatens to destroy Dres. In case you didn't know, this was inspired by the Starkiller base from Star Wars. I hope you like it The time has come, it's time to get rid of this rock called Dres, Wait what is Dres? Anyways, this snowy superweapon is a whole new place to explore! Screenshots Download -Dependencies: --Kopernicus (Continued) --ModuleMana
  9. Hmm, I've had this issue before with my indev planet pack and it got miraculously fixed by switching to KSP 1.9.1 (thus some of those glitches are also unknown to me)
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