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  1. Yeah, i've tried that no change at all, also tried using shadow tuner which made it nicer for my eyes but still terrible.
  2. Update: It seems to be working correctly in space with PQS unloaded, however the shadows starts to flicker and act blurry once a PQS surface is loaded. (I did de install scatterer and EVE this time but i doubt they have something to do with this)
  3. As straightforward as the title of this post, my shadows are at a low resolution whilst my settings are maxed out. It first seemed to happen when i changed my graphics card (from a GTX 1050 to an RTX 2060) so i think it might have to do something with that. I hope someone knows what's happening Here's an image of the situation: My settings (tried upping shadow cascades in the settings.cfg): Technical info KSP: 1.11.2 GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 RAM: 16GB
  4. can you send your Player, Kopernicus and ModuleManager logs? Without them i can barely help as i've never had the issue myself
  5. It won't, sadly. It was a planned feature, but it seems kopernicus has lost that functionality.
  6. 330km which is real life scale because 33km was way to small in my opinion :p
  7. Update v1.2 Small fix update, i'll find something for the citylights in the future. -Removed MiniAVC.ddl and .xml -Removed citylights as they didn't work
  8. Thats a problem with the cusom planets you have installed, not scatterer. Report this issue to the devs of the planet mods
  9. It does its best but dres has a high eccentricity, requiring an irregular rotational period which is imposible to replicate in ksp. All i can do is remove the eccentricity.
  10. All the coloring definitely needs some work. I like the overall vibe tho
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