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  1. AstralWither

    EVE is not working on kopernicus!

    yes, I am! oh and OPM does not have clouds either not to mention that the file is there
  2. AstralWither

    EVE is not working on kopernicus!

    umm... all new bodies clouds are missing? vassa was just an example tho
  3. AstralWither

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

  4. AstralWither

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    can I have my stars in the halo (if i ever create stars)? heres a wikipedia article about the halo:
  5. AstralWither

    the rocket plane challenge

    nah, the aerodynamics of vassa are an enigma *milk spills*
  6. it works fine with alternis kerbol rekerjiggered, but it is not working with other worlds reboot. i really wanted clouds on vassa
  7. AstralWither

    the rocket plane challenge

    what do you mean
  8. the Kerbal space agency is now designing an SSTO to accompany an unnamed exploration vessel traveling to cercani (from OWR), but none of the planets have oxygen and one planet is a super-kerbin! the kerbal space agency will judge it worthy if it can get into geostationary orbit and back, so do you have what it takes? rules: 1. points=((mass times 10) divided by crew capacity) minus extra delta-v 2. lower score is better! 3. plane must get into geostationary orbit to count 4 no cheating 5 b9 aerospace is allowed and encouraged
  9. it has to work with alternis kerbol rekerjiggered
  10. AstralWither

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.1

    sooo... is it possible to make a single part at once? i wanna make a factory ship using kis that will accompany a fleet