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  1. Hey, i know this concept is dying but can my rouge planet Hydrin from a planet pack i'm developing have a spot?
  2. i have many mods, so it dont have to be 100% stock, and if i like your post, i will (try) to make a vid about it.
  3. Im installing a lot of interstellar mods, and when i warp joints break when i am going to some far systems.
  4. at first i though i could use the cargo bays for an interstellar mothership, but then i realized that thic could BE the mothership ! im currently debating whether to go to valentine or nova kirbani
  5. guys im gonna interpret this as an alien signal and soon i will say how it could be interpreted
  6. cant do beamed power cuz ship is interstellar, cant do alcubierre drive cuz my reactor is 8 gw but outputs zero for "efficiency" and alcubierre drive need for the output to be present before it starts charging, and no electric engines unless i create something in why cargo bay thats 2 engines facing each other.
  7. is there anything in this mod that can consume 4 GW of power?
  8. i am tryna charge my warp drive but the reactor adjusts its output to whats being consumed already and warp needs a minimum output
  9. ok so I might need two general mods for my spaceplane: 1. OPT (mk3 is too small, KH seems right) 2. Extraplanetary Launchpads (dres will kinda be made into kerbin 2) can I use these mods?
  10. Presenting: the beta: a plane that builds planes. primary purpose: to be strapped to a very unelegant-looking mothership and then to be sent to dres, where it will build a base. secondary purpose: one way trip to the mun/minmus to build a base or a mining rig to fuel the ship. tertiary purpose: LKO/MKO cargo delivery. here is the picture, unequipped with RCS The beta is a part of project helios, where each SSTO will be better than the last, hopefully culminating in the perfect SSTO. it is powered by 3 nebula engines, 8 S.C.O.O.P rockets, and witchcraft. the Beta also carries 1.7 thou
  11. will this get updated to 1.7? not demanding faster development, but just saying
  12. alright, gonna spend a lot more time on dres on my grand tour, dont know what thing i will do yet
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