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  1. AstralWither

    can i make a biome map with only 1 biome 144p?

    thanks for the advice, but i do think that realistically, a craft would vaporize in the je- wait a second... i have an idea...
  2. AstralWither

    can i make a biome map with only 1 biome 144p?

    yes, i dont ewant to waste file size on a star bione map, especially for a neutron star that you cant even get close to
  3. i am on 1.5 and doing superb, just ran out of computer power is all EDIT: i forgot to mention that i got the full pack
  4. really was eager for this, but my pc power is finite and besides this mod really does not like my computer
  5. i meant above all launch sites also the space center menu is messed up
  6. shoot, now my ships spawn 1 km above the selected launchsite
  7. sorry this is getting repetitive but i mixed up some things and turns out I accidentally made two... so how do i delete one?
  8. how do i make a launchsite on another planet then?
  9. can i make launchsites on other planets?
  10. does this work with alternis kerbol rekerjiggered if I use GPP_secondary?