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  1. No, making a config to reparent everything, Kerbin and the Sun were getting included for some reason and that was a no. I spawned about 1000KM off of Kerbin between a couple of moons. game won't open saves, it happens without the reparenting config also.
  2. Can't move when a launch a craft. Will do. idk, I'm getting, 30-20 fps? somewhere around that. YES. Agreed.
  3. After some Module manager tweaking, help from some great users on discord, and a couple weeks, I finally made this ABOMINATION. Surprisingly, my PC hasn't go over 70 Celsius. These screenshots show about..... 150 Planets packs that are about 25GB with 1600 celestial bodies. (1500 are around kerbin, I couldn't include stars or gas giants.) and yes, "moon" in these screenshots are kerbin's.
  4. Great work R-T-B, It's good that the BE branch has gone stable. I bet their will be a lot of people asking about mods and their compatibility with this build.
  5. I’m guessing that people will make KWP and EVE compatible so the clouds will move with the wind, but that’s kinda far in the future.
  6. The full version has 5 years of.... the assets that KWP has before it starts back at the beginning, the Lite version has 1 Year before it resets. That is why the Lite version is smaller.
  7. My specs are: CPU: Core I-5 9600K GPU: GTX 1660 TI RAM: 32GB DDR4 ( IDK THE MHz for it) The drive ksp was on: some kind of Samsung evo ssd at 1TB. All of this with the max settings, excluding scatters at 1080p. No mods at all, although I still got no fps drops with a good amount of visuals and galaxies unbound also.
  8. I do not know if the mod is more pc intensive, but I do know I don't drop frames with it installed. Here's me in game with no fps drop, and what ksp is currently taking. I have max graphics settings on btw.
  9. I can't seem to compile ROCKE-3D because it requires linux (or MacOS with a specific program) according to this document. https://simplex.giss.nasa.gov/gcm/doc/UserGuide/System_requirements.html or MPAS do to the large amount of C libraries it requires, is their a compiled version of MPAS somewhere that you know about?
  10. No, this mod doesn't add clouds, that's EVE's job.
  11. From what I've heard, it took 30 hours (for a FULL climate model) on this machine:
  12. 1.11 Support on release? I like where this is going! I can't wait to see how many people will ask when *Mod Name* will be released.
  13. @Souptime Yes, Eeloo is compatible with OPM. The DS_store file come from folders that were made in MacOS and transferred to Windows. @Drupegod02 No, theirs's not a Delta-V map currently.
  14. That's debatable, the 1.7.3 Release footprints I know are good for 1.8.1. Someone made a Regional PQS for 1.8.1 ( I don't know If I can post it their i'll let them decide). !.7.3 Comet tails and Emissive FX are not good for Ckan but they work. and the rest I don't really know the status of.
  15. First thing that I see, Regional PQS (kopernicus expansion) dosen't work on any version past 1.8.x, so get rid of that. I will edit this post when I find more data I found another error that could be tied to main menu NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented. GameParameters+CustomParameterNode.SetDifficultyPreset (GameParameters+Preset preset) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) GameParameters.GetDefaultParameters (Game+Modes mode, GameParameters+Preset p) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) GameParameters:GetDefaultParameters(Modes, Preset) MainMenu:Start() I can't tell as your install has... 148 mods/ folders. I'd recommend testing the issue without the bulk of part packs and visuals
  16. Recompile with just the Koperncius package updated (with release 1) didn't work, it looks like the same error as my other recompiles
  17. For 1.10.1? pure stock, kittopia won't accept the gas gaint shader. my compile might not have have been the best as I updated all of kittopia's 'packages' to 1.10.1. and the release IS dated...
  18. Looking into kittopia tech for 1.10.1 It dosen't work, neither a recompile for 1.10.1 or the 1.8.1 release. I don't have the error for the recompile but for the release it is. Exception: The shader 'Terrain/Gas Giant' is not supported. Kopernicus.Configuration.ScaledVersionLoader.get_Type () (at <a92cb4ee9de24bdeb38bb496b181e688>:0) Kopernicus.Configuration.ScaledVersionLoader..ctor (CelestialBody body) (at <a92cb4ee9de24bdeb38bb496b181e688>:0) Kopernicus.Configuration.Body..ctor (CelestialBody celestialBody) (at <a92cb4ee9de24bdeb38bb496b181e688>:0) KittopiaTech.UI.PlanetSelector.Init () (at <1d0325712f294fedb9f563bd3aec4d38>:0) KittopiaTech.KittopiaTech.Update () (at <1d0325712f294fedb9f563bd3aec4d38>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) when ever you try to open up the UI that happens, the game doesn't crash and the error isn't spammed.
  19. 1. I have a copy of all working light levels for 1.9 and 1.10 if you'd like that. 2. KG3 has a issue with the textures which I'm trying to fix due to the dev being away/inactive. KEX has a new thread which I will post soon, it has updated wormholes for 1.9. 3. TWB is massive and I don't recommend playing with EVE or scatterer unless you have a beefy pc (like me) 4. I'm pretty sure OWR still works in newish versions, you'd have to check 5. GPD and I hold the most archives for planet mods ( I have 1400 bodies loaded in ksp 1.10 so they all work :D). I can't determine who has more but I can always rummage though my collection to find something you might like anytime.
  20. I got time, if you can start feeding me logs I can go and start hammering out potential issues in JNSQ
  21. question, can Multistar be dumped entirely or moved to a separate branch?, Most people these days use stock system with planet packs and system replacers, and IC failed awhile ago.
  22. I have planet packs working from 0.90, so that's nice, around 10 mods so nothing new to me.
  23. For the non- updated Kop-Ex files, I'd think that RPQS is in the usual broken state, Procedural gas giants a dumpster fire (in 1.10) Vertex height Deformity should be still working, and the rest should work to some degree, I'd recommend testing vertex height deformity as it should be the easiest to fix if it is broke.
  24. 1.10.1 is now out, can't any bugfixes can could affect kopernicus ( other then Comet spawning) so a silent recompile should do the trick for now.
  25. This looks great Caps, I can't wait to ad- *Ahem* try it out. oh, and people like screenshots, I myself don't mind but you should add them to appease the people who say "No pics no Clicks".
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