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  1. Hey Know a part named Bac9 in missing parts like that ufo craft from beaucoupzero Its called Procedual wing bac9
  2. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS the plugin dosent work and i really want to play with a craft i really want you to PLEASE fix this I cant make it up to 1.5.1 because some mods to the craft doesnt go that high
  3. Is there a download file for this I really want to fly one not build a relplica
  4. I did not built this, i'm using fork, version 1:0.91, And its a radiation mod Its a radiation mod The craft was built in 1.3.1 I tryed installing it without and it does not see the wings anymore.
  5. There is a problem with the wings procedural thing here is a video of it This doesnt work with modified aswell
  6. @Waz When are you going to update it to 1.6.1?
  7. Can you fix the download page. When i click on it, it says this page has not been found. I am willing to try this mod out please fix this soon.

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