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  1. Ksp 2 Is two months away! As much as I am excited for the game to come out I do have a question for the team. So I know most of us have seen the animations squad puts out for new updates, anniversary's and ect. Will or could they do that for Ksp 2's future update announcements? I loved the animations back then and It would be great to have them back.
  2. Got it, thanks! Jade of maar, someone already above you gave me the answer but thanks telling me this
  3. Alright thanks for sharing, Im also having a problem with the shift drive, It will say it needs more power even though I added in like 2 4 stacks of gravolium and some fusion pellets. Do you know how to fix this problem?
  4. Is it activatable ? I have uninstalled AVP and I'm still getting that long loading issue when I'm right near the star I'm trying to travel to I still think its a graphical issue, and AVP isn't the answer unfortunately
  5. I hope so, id love to see some more gameplay I also wonder if they will add warp drives to the game which would be cool if they did but If they don't I wont be sad since the modders can do that
  6. Here's the Kopernicus log folder https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qvy1cde6f03bo/Kopernicus hope this helps I actually think it has something to do with the graphics, I do have eve redux and Astronomers Visual Pack, (Instantiator and Singularity) The issue might be the graphics taking a minute to load in (I tested this issue in the tracker and it usually takes like a second for the game to load when i scroll in a system)
  7. I have a question about a issue im having with this mod, every time i try to warp (and with full time warp) to another star system, the game will crash on me. Any idea why this is happening and could there be a way or a suggestion to fix it?
  8. Hey Know a part named Bac9 in missing parts like that ufo craft from beaucoupzero Its called Procedual wing bac9
  9. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS the plugin dosent work and i really want to play with a craft i really want you to PLEASE fix this I cant make it up to 1.5.1 because some mods to the craft doesnt go that high
  10. Is there a download file for this I really want to fly one not build a relplica
  11. I did not built this, i'm using fork, version 1:0.91, And its a radiation mod Its a radiation mod The craft was built in 1.3.1 I tryed installing it without and it does not see the wings anymore.
  12. There is a problem with the wings procedural thing here is a video of it This doesnt work with modified aswell
  13. @Waz When are you going to update it to 1.6.1?
  14. Can you fix the download page. When i click on it, it says this page has not been found. I am willing to try this mod out please fix this soon.

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