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  1. Relative. It will depend on leadership and design. Despite the change in air and the passage of time, many people continue to behave or have the same ideas. They're called "ticks".
  2. He could also give the example of a developer who was a genius, but followed his life in another company. When a modification had to be made, the new developers were not up to the challenge. Anything can be.
  3. I don't know about that. They may not know how to treat it, because if it is a ticket opened by other users in previous versions and is critical with respect to the use of a control piece acclaimed at the time as fundamental to a DLC, it may also be thought that the person who designed it is no longer on the computer and those who current developers do not know how to read the code.... Anything can be.
  4. That question is for the project leader who defines how action should be taken. Or do developers act on their own at their discretion? Anyway, I have an open ticket, with the reference files for study, which turns out to be the same error indicated in an earlier version ticket, and still has no solution. That is, an error that is moved from version to version with all the information collected from the the same and the files in question... We don't indicate which lines of code the event is raised on?????
  5. That's why I'm right, just because the developers are the same doesn't mean they make the same product. The problem is in the topic of leadership, production and design.... And if you hire the same people, there are doubts as if they don't bring too many "tics", there was something better in the market, or you got into a business that you don't know well.
  6. Yea!!!! = https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues
  7. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues Simple, check the list and see how many bugs have been fixed and how many still appear version after version.
  8. Let's not let the bugs obscure the youtuber business and the patreon earnings.
  9. There is nothing better than avoiding reading this page before purchasing it : https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues Orbital. But reality dictates that these things do not generate profits, so we skip such an important date even if the game tries to do so. Who would be interested in Yuri's throwing being allowed to move in such a way that today, several hundred youtubers with parton support replicate their feat into something called KSP and can sell caps and T-shirts????
  10. Kerbal Space Program The acclaimed game of which it is not advisable to go from a first stage, such as descending and placing a flag in Muna (and praying that it will stand). And because he is ten years old and there was no correct leadership in programming and design, the problems are justified, so it is not advised that he take it very seriously and not go over Minmus. Nor is it advisable to develop a long campaign, let's not mention to install a colony in Eeloo, which the "justified spaghetti" of the code that developed without any control, will give any surprise. Understand, it'
  11. 如果您使用 Steam,请同时使用 ckan,从而节省近 90% 的问题。 此外,Steam 在运行游戏之前有一种方法可以控制安装。 If you're using Steam, use ckan at the same time, saving you nearly 90% of the problems. In addition, the Steam has a way to control the installation before running the game.
  12. "No bugs fixed since version 1.0" "The new team cannot take over the desguising carried out by the previous team" Sorry, it wasn't my words. It may be thought that someone is carrying all of it to try to create the KSP2.
  13. I wouldn't go for the money, but because the list of developers is made public so the rest of them know what to stick to. It hurts to have participated in a fiasco, doesn't it?
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