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  1. If I'm getting the Mod right, it allows you to survive a multi-hour engine ignition, without perishing in the attempt (like using xenon). Here the topic would be quite different, because you have to make course corrections continuously and calculate the time of the reverse to decrease the speed before the encounter and not pass at full speed like New Horizont with Pluto... A form of Mechjeb with continuous burn changing course every second.....
  2. Well, this MOD is great!!! It has solved the issue of creating huge ships, allowing a mature exploration of the Kerbol system, with crew. Quickly, I created a simple ship with modules I had in place and performed a round-trip test on Muna. With this engineering, you can now have small, maneuverable ships that don't "destroy" CP resources. I used the Smaller Epstein Drive, and the fuel consumption was not noticed, what's more, my Venier consume more LOX (Note: Remove vernier, reaction wheels only) If I noticed that at the time of power on, the power indicators are reset to zero, I do
  3. Los "Iluminador MK1" y el "Iluminador MK2" me figuran como "Squad". Y ambos fallan también.
  4. Los dos focos MK de SQUAD dejaron de funcionar correctamente. Tengo luces Strob pero ya hable con la persona del mod. Me suena a la escena de Madagascar 2 cuando en el tablero del avión parpadeaba una luz insistentemente y la "arreglaron" con el manual de vuelo.
  5. Oh... yes. KSP 1.11 + BG When I assemble the ship, the green strobe is spinning continuously but without light, and the rest is not. None of them respond, in the VAB, to the orders to turn off and on the lights. Then, already in the launcher, none responds or turns on, except the green one that continues to rotate but without light. As a commentary, the MK1 and MK2 lights also seem affected, I don't know if it's related or what. How else can I help? In the VAB Pre Launch -Light Off ( grrrr MK1/MK2 ) Pre Launch - Light On
  6. Qué lindo tener naves dando vuelta por el sistema y encontrarte que con la nueva actualización la mitad del diseño quedó arruinada. El control de calidad de los desarrolladores y jefes de equipo parecen los del N1....
  7. Estás totalmente seguro que no se trata de un bug????? Tal vez el personal de marketing de KSP te lo pueda aclarar.
  8. It is postponed twice, postponed more than a year, but we applaud marketing decisions and institutional videos. And that's nothing, if you delay again, we applaud waiting for the final product to shine like gold. And if that weren't short, we'll get angry at those who criticize the delays against what's promised.
  9. It is incredible that there are people who believe, to this day, that waiting means having a good product at their disposal.
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