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  1. Yep, I just use ReStock. I do not believe there are any ReStock+ parts on that thing. EDIT: KerbalX says that there are not.
  2. I was bored and realised that my Ilion SSTO could grab a few more awards, so I went to Minmus.
  3. Where are you if exam season is 'obviously suspended'? The only places I can remember are China, Italy, Iran and now the RoI.
  4. 1) Out of KSP, KSP.x86, KSP.x86_64, KSPLauncher.x86_64 and Launcher.x86_64, which file should I run? I click them all interchangeably, but presumably one will be better... 2) I am slightly busy for the next few weeks, apologies. 3) No BDB, I would not use it and it is massive. 4) Is this going to be on 1.9.1 now the stable release is out? Or still 1.8.1?
  5. The Hitch-hiker's Guide theme, or more properly, Journey of a Sorcerer by the Eagles. At 2:30, almost exactly, is the theme music for the Guide.
  6. Does anyone have any idea how to do the same thing (allocate more RAM) for Linux? I googled it and it came up with results for Windows... If not then I cannot do it. Or I could do it first & y'all could add the mods afterwards.
  7. In any case, I cannot wait to make an interstellar Orion SSTO. Or watch Manley etc. do one, no refuelling...
  8. I just saw the video on a big screen and this jumped out at me Mk2 Cockpit and the Mk2-2.5m adapter! Wow, that ship is small for something interstellar... Also it's really really cool texturing.
  9. Actually (my authority being the thread linked at the top of p2 of this thread) the K'Yangtze is the one with the Lake on the end. You know, the Area of Contention. I vote for the Knile as a name, but @Koolkei should decide.
  10. Very sorry but my computer screen is broken. The hard drive should be (EDIT: is) good but I can't do anything for maybe a week which doesn't involve files already online :-(
  11. BDB and HabTech have human-esque parts you can use
  12. I believe that the cause is Scatterer; it was working before I installed it, and I don't think it's Kerbal Engineer.
  13. Oops forgot! Will this be on 1.9? It's just dropped and I've downloaded it so, if you are playing on 1.8, no more Ussari/SPUM/KSR/☭ craft for you ;-) Will do some tomorrow Greenwich time. And I thought that you invented the ☭ faction?
  14. Why not fly to Tylo in an untested experimental spaceplane containing your new lander? Much more fun, and orbits two sats with one launcher...