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  1. A little VTOL SSTO, with the engines on servos so I can decelerate while keeping the intakes the right way round. Also a cargo ship for things which are too wide to fit in Mk3 bays.
  2. I wish I could give you more than 1 rep/like per chapter.
  3. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The rover is on my KerbalX.
  4. fulgur

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Built a rover which is very safe and not at all explodey. It actually looks like a car! Could probably be fine-tuned a little but I put it on KerbalX anyway. Edit: Wow, Triop liked one of my posts! I am honoured!
  5. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Landed a probe on Rald, continued from my previous post. Link to the post will now be in my signature.
  6. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So I decided to write up the first section of what will probably be my last proper mission before I get the DLC. Next, I am halfway through surveying the Ancient Airport microbiome. Hopefully it will be flat and easy to land on.
  7. fulgur

    The inspiration for the Kerbal race

    Oh no, they enjoy snacks. It's just they don't need them to live. USI Life Support got it right - they don't die of no snacks, they just go on strike.
  8. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    If you're going so fast you nearly escape the solar system... you're going too fast. If you do some fine manouvering you can have a velocity of only a few hundred m/s from orbit, which means you won't overshoot. Try setting the Mun as your target and creating a 850-900 m/s burn, and fiddle around with it until the target markers line up and you get a periapsis. That should have a much smaller relative velocity.
  9. fulgur

    The inspiration for the Kerbal race

    They're definitely photosynthetic. Which explains their absence of need for snacks, and why they try so hard to advance their solar power. Because if nature's doing it, it must be the right way, no? I also think they are actually highly evolved plants which have converged on not only mimicking most of animals abilities but the bipedal shape. I believe they replicate by creating and planting seeds, which is why they need worlds with OK gravity. And also explains why they can survive falls just under terminal velocity without horrific injury - plant stem cell differentiation carries on until you are adult. I, too, have thought about this far too much.
  10. fulgur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Got the Rald planet pack thing (I have it orbiting Kerbin in keosynchronous orbit) and I mapped it with ScanSat. it's now ready for PUBLIC consumption... Because all the anomalies coded in are actually microbiomes like the KSC. Also I did cover up one volcano, which may or may not be labelled 'just a volcano, promise'. Now I can design a Rald plane. And land it with the help of 'chutes and the Ancient Airport anomaly.
  11. fulgur

    Making a Dollar or Two- BOOK THREE

    Interesting! NERVAs are now allowed?
  12. Interesting report! I like the evolving station. Does this require Kerbal Konstructs?
  13. fulgur

    Instantly cut thrust

    You mean like a jet engine?
  14. Is the Rald planet pack still being maintained? I looked at it in eddiew's logs and it seemed really interesting, couldn't find anything apart from an old thread. Thanks in advance.

    1. KerikBalm


      I still play with it, I may have changed something slightly from the last upload (terrain noise perhaps).

      I mostly consider it done. Its still available on my Dropbox.

      It doesn't need much maintenance, it works as long as kopernicus works. If kopernicus changes in a way that it no longer works, I will put out an update.

      The version I have, its where duna is, and duna orbits it (with rald being about 3x the mass).

      The version I originally showed, it was a moon of kerbin, at keosynchronous orbit ... Thats fun too, but its super easy to change