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  1. Yes, they're Vectors. I estimate 1 klick of ΔV, 2 tops. Might be enough to get home down to Laythe, but probably not back up again. And you could probably get back to Kerbin if you stay out of the gravity well, or use the Oberth effect.
  2. So they have a new ship? I don't think that will cut it as an interplanetary transport, though if you have a 'chute you might be able to land on Laythe. Also that font is awful.
  3. $ glxinfo | egrep -i 'device|memory' Device: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile (0x166) Video memory: 1536MB Unified memory: yes I have no idea whether that is VRAM or not but 1.5GB VRAM approx. should work. @JoaquinJAR what driver should I have? I have 'no proprietary drivers in use', which is the only info I could find in the relevant app.
  4. I am playing KSP 1.8.1, for which the minimum specs are: These are the specs on my computer at the moment. Previously I was playing on Windows, which I had for work, but now I have Ubuntu as everything is online anyway. Although my computer is old, I think I have the right specs for KSP. Indeed it is at the same speed it always was in the SPH, VAB, map mode and tracking station. But when I am in the flight mode, it slows down so that I can see the frames. It is so slow I will invariably botch any landing I attempt to make, which is not fun at all. Do you have any ideas how I can speed up my game, and what I need to buy?
  5. @linuxgurugamer is gradually subsuming every essential mod; they run nearly all the tools necessary for any mod to work. At some point in the near future they will turn up outside our metaphorical door and shout, "Give me the money or the mod gets it!" It will be the most successful robbery in the history of the universe, the only KSP players who escape having taken advantage of their addiction to KSP to give them cheques made out for 100. Then he will use a Near Future atomic aerospike and a Wild Blue fusion torch to "slip the surly bonds of Earth" and find some habitable planet around Valentine's Star.
  6. It will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever end. Wait, we're talking about KSP? I thought we were talking about UK politics! Nevertheless, KSP is a great game and will continue forever. I'm still waiting for @Kuzzter to finish Kerbfleet: A Jool Odyssey, and that is unlikely to happen soon. So until then I will play obsessively, albeit a little impaired by my really slow performance.
  7. Of course, I'll go and put it on KerbalX as soon as I've made some much needed modifications. It's not the best; it probably needs some more intake air if you're going to Laythe, and it doesn't have a good antennae as it was only meant to deliver light cargo to Minmus and back. It also doesn't handle very well on re-entry unless you have cargo in it. Oh, and I'll have to remove the kOS computer. (kOS allows you to write your own autopilot, unlike those not that argument MJ users). With the swept wings a shorter wingspan will move the CoL forwards a bit, so you might need to move them backwards and maybe remove forwards canards if you have them. EDIT: Hey, @Mars-Bound Hokie here is the Heofodraca I on KerbalX.
  8. I don't think you need that much wing. You have plenty of thrust and it should be stable without so much wing, as long as the CoL is well behind the CoM. Also, you could definitely increase your payload for a similar ΔV; if you put your stuff in a Mk2 bay it could survive aerobraking much better. You could also build a larger Mk2 SSTO which would have more fuel and so more ΔV when fully fuelled. EDIT: I found an example of a 4 RAPIER 2 Nerv craft which had slightly more ΔV than you in LKO and could carry a large payload to the Mun or Minmus and return:
  9. This is... not very simple to code, but mods do do it so it is possible. This request came as a result of me making a spaceplane heavily using the Mk3-Mk2 adapters, which can only be fuelled with LfO. However, my nuclear powered spaceplane does not need all that O and so I have emptied all the oxidant tanks. But when in orbit in a test flight, I didn't have enough fuel to reach my Minmus refinery. It cost me a lot of aerodynamics and stability to make the plane longer and add more oxidant. Then I realised: what if I could use all those empty oxidant tanks? So this is my suggestion: allow us to change all tanks between liquid fuel only, for nuclear engines (the most commonly used when going interplanetary) and LfO (for launches). This will allow us to cut down on the number of parts (the separate, easily confusable Mk2 and Mk3 tanks) and use larger diameter interplanetary ships - at the moment the only liquid-only tanks are 1.25m, Mk2 and Mk3. No 1.875 ones and no 5m ones, and the 2.5m parts look horrible on a Mk2 or Mk3 ships in my opinion.
  10. Hi, the answer to this is that you have not updated kOS to v1.2.something for KSP 1.8.1. Something in the new Unity broke kOS variable names and so there has been a major update which fixed it plus a hotfix for Linux players. If you cant find the latest kOS thread, as it doesn't come up in Google, search the forums.
  11. I agree. Also Linux. KSP is a game for nerds. Only nerds have Linux. Therefore, Linux users play KSP. Therefore I cannot buy KSP 2 until support for Linux and MacOS comes out.
  12. I think that what he means is that you can add a heat shield to any part as if you were painting. An ablative coating on a spaceplane would be great.
  13. Show us some pictures! We, your dogged followers and shouters of unheard improvements, shall help you with this design. Do you really need 4 RAPIERS? That's a very heavy Mk2 / light Mk3 SSTO by anyone's standards.
  14. That looks very cool and I will definitely be including it in a future modded install when I have more RAM (that is, Soon™). But I meant more crew cabins, batteries, docking ports, monoprop tanks, low profile landing engines, maybe even a mini lab. Because for some things 2.5m is far too big.