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  1. Just caught up on this after a while, it continues to be most excellent.
  2. It will be substantially easier to help if screenshots of your mod folders were provided, but they should contain BH, Parallax, Kopernicus for the appropriate version and any other mods you may have. @BlackEyedPhantom, make sure that you have the correct version - including the .1 of 1.10.1, because Kopernicus prevents itself from working if you have not got the exactly correct version, because it is highly dependent upon the exact code in KSP. And now for what I came here to say: this mod is utterly awesome and the most beautiful planet pack I have seen.
  3. As always, it is being livestreamed at nasa.gov/nasalive and also: Splashdown is about 6:30GMT.
  4. Perhaps if, inside the fairing, you added one of those C7 2.5m nosecones behind the port. I think that that would be a more effective way of reducing drag. Plus, I believe you can't attach stuff to a shielded port in the SPH/VAB, so unless you want to build a crane you'll have to find some other way of making it aerodynamic.
  5. A gigantic pile of struts and fuel, assisted by Vector engines, had done the usual at 10km altitude. Most of the wreckage came flaming down over the Island Airfield where Thommy Kerman had just put down in a top-of-the-range jet, one engine of which promptly snapped off. He searched through the flaming, mangled wreckage only to find a large Vector engine! As he lifted it up to put on his craft however, a recovery helicopter landed on top of the Vector he lifted above his head, squashing him inside the engine bell. Six hours later he was declared 'lost' and the helicopter flew back to the KSC.
  6. Not sure, but considering that you are moving Westwards and so are they, at the same velocity, if you did a horribly inefficient ascent profile, you might just be able to do it... (and by horribly inefficient I mean literally impossible in real life, and you'd probably have to use Far Future tech in KSP to match orbits in the very short time limit...)
  7. Chapter 2: Pike As Val sent the message, Bill tapped out a command on his kPad. It altered four letters of the word: "We are going to Duna." Back at the KSC, Gene exploded in a cloud of rage. His beautiful Jool-5 prototype ship had been taken to Duna! And why? There was no reason to do that, even to test anything important. Steam rose gently off his head as he stormed down to the VAB. "WERNHER!" he screamed. "DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING INTERPLANETARY?" Wernher, standing by the door, replied "Ja, we have something but it is not perfect-" "I DON'T CARE!" shouted Gene. "STRAP A HITCHHIKER ON IT,
  8. The Halberdiers is a mission log / story around a ship I built: a SSTO which can land nearly anywhere. The lander can also do Tylo in multiple stages, and the upper stage can do larger moons. I'm playing in Sandbox. There is a single mod part, a kOS controller, on the Halberd. I also have Better Burn Time, DiRT + a skybox by Jade of Maar, FMRS, Kerbal Engineer, Navball Docking Alignment Indicator, Restock, SciFiVE, Transfer Window Planner and Kerbal Alarm Clock, plus dependencies. Without further ado, let me present the Halberd! Val locked the cockpit as she climbed in. It
  9. For HAVOC-style airships, which are a krakensend on Eve (especially pre-BG electric propellers), see the Heisenberg Airship mod by WildBlueIndustries (Angelo125). For the real High Altitude Venus Operational Concept, see this PDF by NASA.
  10. Mod List: The game keeps crashing in the SPH. I don't fly much anyway as the game runs slowly in Linux compared to Windows, so I haven't noticed it on my couple of trips, which never take me further than Minmus and most to LKO. The thing I am currently working on is a medium sized Mk2 SSTO, with 90 parts (not counting as-yet-undesigned payload), which is the biggest thing I have designed for a while. Yet despite this and the small modlist, it keeps on crashing. EDIT: I was fiddling with the payload in a separate save file, with about 10-15 parts, and it crashed. Oh yes, my computer
  11. Hooray! You choose to go to the Moon! Also, thanks for getting 'Murder Most Foul' by Dylan [about Kennedy's death] stuck in my head...
  12. Lovely pictures! Is this a career mode game? If so, how come your first launch used 2.5m parts? (unless you meant Swivel not Skipper)
  13. I don't really have pictures, but because my computer is bad, I use 5m pieces a lot to launch anything too big to fit in the cargo bay of a SSTO plane. (I love SSTO planes, they're far superior to rockets in terms of manoeuvrability and fun.) What is a SSTE? As opposed to a SSTOrbit and a SSTAnywhere? Also, nice.
  14. SPACE JUNK! Also, well done for getting craft ready for a Munshot so early! Will you try to recover Pathfinder? Also, why did the breaking of the service module mean the loss of the ship? Surely the probe core was not in that section, if they were going to land it.
  15. Kerbal Engineer Redux. Most useful mod ever (except, since the ΔV readout replaced some features, maybe K Alarm Clock or Transfer Window Planner).
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