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  1. No updates, unless someone gets permission and has the time to adopt it
  2. Alternate Gemini... First stage: 2 x LR79's and 4 x Algol 1B's
  3. The mod (I still love you) has potential for this. Although it would involve an external capture program and would introduce a lot of lag.
  4. KSP Interstellar Extended can do this
  5. Found out all of @Well mods fit very nicely into the styling, physics, and ahem.. atmosphere of Beyond Home at 2.5x scale
  6. Stretching the legs on the way to minimus
  7. Awesome that you're working on bdb. Any chance to prune science parts that are redundant or have no kerbalism configs?
  8. Thank you for this tree! Early game is well balanced, encouraging creative solutions with low tech but not requiring ludicrous creations.
  9. In addition PF is nice to use as an adapter between different sized stages when stock won't cut it.
  10. @Vanamonde Any update on restoration?
  11. Interesting, are you playing stock scale or rss? And is the config for real scale boosters matching your scale?
  12. Could be a lot of things, do you have electric charge? are you using a motorized part or just free hinge? Have you set the part to lock and still floppy? Do you have a kal if you're planning on automated movement?
  13. Mission and Tracking center need to be level 2, also you need a controllable probe core (per mass of vehicle) on the craft. Also, if you want control outside of leo you'll need a deep space core
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