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  1. If you go into the config file the position of each node in the layout is defined (x,y) essentially. You can play around with them and see how the position changes and arrange it the way you like.
  2. There is no actual compatibility built into kerbalism for bdb. There's been discussion of it but a lot of the experiments bdb provides are duplicates of existing ones from dmagic which is what most of kerbalisms science is based on. So if you want compatibility you'll be looking at creating your own patches. As far as the hard drive issue ditto with mm patches.
  3. Just a heads up there's an extra :FOR[NearFuturePropulsion] in the config nearfuture propulsion waterfall patch for the hall effect that's throwing an MM error. Deleted it and it's all good.
  4. Just putting this here, Spectra plus the latest eve and scatterer by Lglassen plus Paralax stock textures on 1.11 just WoW
  5. Just a simple C02 absorber water electrolysis and enhanced Sabatier process.
  6. Mars ISRU station awaiting the launch and arrival of the mobile water drill. After that, Kerbals to Mars!
  7. If you go into the real fuels folder in gamedata there is a real fuels settings config. Set limited ignitions to false
  8. Start with taking a look at hullcamvds that'll give you an idea of what's required. A camera is essentially a part module you have to slap on to existing parts at the very least, so patching all parts in ksp with a camera may have unintended consequences
  9. Screw you Tsiolkovsky! Even with the most Kerbal rocket I've ever built in RP-1 I could only get 890 tons to orbit. Barely enough for a 2 launch crewed orbit and return to Mars
  10. Which makes it even harder when your mod and hence gui relies heavily on numerical integration. With principia installed my game slogs with more then three ships in orbit and that's with an i9 9700k 64gb of ram and a 2800 all overclocked. Accurate physics is a cpu intensive process
  11. If you mean in the space center view you can't access any buildings, you'll need to unlock the controls. Otherwise, yeah driver issues.. especially if you haven't disabled windows automatic updates.
  12. ROEngines + ROCapsules at least has the Apollo CM/Capsule and F1b if that's close to what you're looking for.
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