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  1. Is it just me, or is the shuttle a bit too draggy? I find it nearly impossible to glide it to the landing site without falling like a brick. I'm in JNSQ and if I'm not very careful I find myself flying at <100m/s at 10km. (@benjee10, could you look into this? Thanks in advance!)
  2. A little update: the Kastor 187 series SRB (1.875m) as it looks right now.
  3. To get the intended lighting in space, I had to go a bit bright on the surface (it's common in TUFX configs). You can try adjusting the ambient light boost (either in the stock graphics settings or PlanetShine if you have it) if it bothers you.
  4. Hello guys! A little update: Kastor's development is moving along. A bit slowly at the moment, since I'm getting to grips with Blender and asset creation with it. The first few assets are coming together, and I'll have images to show you soon. In other news, I've set myself a target for release. I'm aiming to put out the first release version of Kastor in July, June if possible. Of course, updates will follow adding new features and any parts that I deem fit for the mod. I've also been brainstorming other ideas after Kastor. Stay tuned here!
  5. I just realized that what seems to be the SOCK Buran is in the background of the promo shot for the Russian suits... looks great!
  6. First Mun landing in like 2014 or 15. Back then, I didn't know what a quicksave was... And I crashed many times. Other firsts were the first orbit, first rendezvous/docking, first proper station, and my first interplanetary transfer.
  7. Custom Kerbalized NASA flags! The pack includes custom-made KASA logos along with my TUFX profile. KASA Meatball Color, black, and white variants included. KASA Worm logo Black, white and red variants included. TUFX PROFILE My TUFX profile used Zorg's famous profiles as a base, and was partly inspired by the color grading in the opening scene of Gravity (2013). Included are 3 profiles: Emilius_Default: The default profile. Emilius_Default_Map: The default profile with motion blur disabled. Made for use in
  8. Only one way to reenter in style. Idk if I've already posted about this, but the station is finished!
  9. Would it be possible to add 1.11 EVA construction support @linuxgurugamer?
  10. The tug was really used just to test out the engines (from Kerbal Atomics) so it was terminated in the tracking station. Didn't even have it's own probe core, lol
  11. STS-35, the orbiter Ingenuity launching a Minmus surface scan satellite, mounted on a nuclear powered tech demonstrator tug. (JNSQ)
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