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  1. Yeah, I just realized I was missing that (I use Restock), I was confused as to why the patches didn't work for a sec lol
  2. Thanks for all the responses! I wanted to replace the engine models since the AJ10 is aging quite a lot and the RS25 is, like Alberro said, the stock Vector model. What's annoyed me the most about these is the lack of Waterfall support right now (Benjee said the engines need further revamps before Waterfall gets added). I should probably just make configs for those engines or replace the reDIRECT engines with Restock Vectors or something
  3. Yes, with a custom config by @alberro+. Just note that the weird shading lines near the bottom of the second image are caused by buggy ambient occlusion. If you want to get rid of them, open TUFX, go into edit mode, and disable ambient occlusion.
  4. I've heard that BDB has an RS-25 and AJ10, is this true? I've been using reDIRECT's engines for a while, but since that hasn't got updates in a while, I've been looking for some replacements
  5. The first bits of Mun Base Camp have been shipped. Next is the rovers (both crewed and flatbed to install modules), and after that I'll try to get all the remaining modules there in one launch. I'll edit this post with more pics as I progress, don't want to fill up the whole thread! UPDATE: The crew ordered their modules with one-week Kermazon delivery, all in one package. It only took an SLS with 6 boosters and an EUS, but we're here now. Next is the rovers and final assembly. UPDATE 2: The flatbed rover has arrived, and assembly took place! Next is
  6. Idk about planets (maybe with a custom plugin?) but asteroid base building is totally possible right now, just use a standard claw (or more than one claw) and build your base like an orbital station.
  7. A mockup of Mun Base Camp during ground testing. I got to play with a pre-release MMSEV, but I'm still mind blown by the final product. Congrats on the release @benjee10!
  8. The station is finished! The crew of Inspiration doing a heatshield inspection backflip (or "rendezvous pitch maneuver" as boring people call it) The utilities module carried up on said shuttle mission
  9. Launched a shuttle (Pathfinder, OV-099), to launch a test sat for long-range communication gear and retrieved a long duration experiment satellite
  10. My theory is that by editing the files you trick scatterer into thinking you’re in stock Kerbin, so it uses its stock Kerbin configs. What I suggest you do is reinstall both JNSQ and Scatterer, and not touch ANYTHING in the scatterer settings menu to avoid this. Maybe that can help edit: Yep, that was the most likely cause. Haven't had issues since.
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