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  1. SO happy to see this amazing mod back! One question though, does it have Restock and reDIRECT support?
  2. Where is the node to attach the Ku-band Antenna and KerboArm??? Can’t find it in the cargo bay Edit: Nevermind, just found the longeron attachment part
  3. Quick question: does this support Sigma Dimensions rescaling?
  4. A few days ago I checked back on a Jool probe I had launched a few months (IRL) prior. I decided to go get some Science from space near Laythe, since this probe wasn't designed with landings in mind. Anyways, after a 600-ish m/s correction burn I was set for Laythe. I never checked my periapsis on the Laythe flyby. It was 41km, 9km into the atmosphere. By the time I realized, it was too late and I never quicksaved. The probe crashed into the seas of Laythe.
  5. Also is there a proper Mk1-3 version coming?
  6. Is there any way to install this to the new Mk1-3 pod from 1.4?