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  1. For some reason, this doesn't work with the 2.5m and 3.75m fuel tanks from Restock... how can this be fixed?
  2. There was a config that adds the "Dark" fairing variant to larger fairings, where is it?
  3. SOCK + JNSQ = Bliss I've been working on a cinematic series and a Youtube channel with the Shuttle. Hope you enjoy.
  4. I mean, why not? If someone has bought the game they can download every version since 1.0. Why not release the old alpha/beta versions (0.7.3 to 0.90) to people that have bought the game? It'd be really cool if people could look back at the old days of KSP and have some nostalgia flow through them! The first version of KSP I played was 0.18.2 (the introduction of Eeloo), and I'd love to go back to take a look!
  5. I don't know if you'll be able to add these textures, but I'll suggest them anyway in the case you could. In early orbiters (Columbia and Challenger) the cockpit area and some areas on the sides of the payload bay were covered in white tiles instead of the blankets on newer shuttles. Here you can see Columbia's cockpit and payload bay And here's Challenger, with the tiles on the front as mentioned. And finally, here's Discovery with the blankets instead of the tiles. Now, the stock SOCK textures have the blankets on them, but I was wondering if it was possible to make textures of the cockpit and payload bay to have these extra tiles like on Challenger and Columbia. Could it be done, or is it too heavy of a modification?
  6. Yes, but I also use TUFX, which only works in DX11.
  7. I'm having a lot of flickering in 1.9.1, maybe has to do with the new DX11 single camera system, hope it can be fixed @linuxgurugamer
  8. It's a replica of the ACES suit, but I deleted it and can't find it anymore. Sorry Also @benjee10 does the switch to DDS textures affect how the custom shuttle names need to be made?
  9. No photoshop, those are shots straight from the game using the mods I mentioned before!
  10. What do you mean by "scale model"? I'm using JNSQ, EVE, Distant Object, Planetshine and TUFX with Zorg's configs.
  11. Use the SSMEs that come in reDIRECT and don’t forget to turn on fuel crossfeed in the tank’s decoupler
  12. Ever since release this mod has been an amazing experience. Congratulations on your update! These were exactly the parts I would have wanted when flying my missions earlier today. It's great to see that this mod is getting the love it deserves.