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  1. Hello, Sorry, I'm a bit new in mod management. I use CKAN, and I want to know when this update (3.83) will be available ? Thanks in advance
  2. Eventually, that's a lot better, even if there is still a bit of spînning, but it might be controllable, with more reaction wheel, or whatever. About FAR, it seems to be known : So thanks for all @Brikoleur
  3. Dampling ? interesting. And yeah forgot the reaction wheel.
  4. @Brikoleur I actually removed only FAR, and its kinda works. it flies a bit, but even with the main servo unlocked, and spinning, the main part is also spinning.... So the "rotation servo M-06 doesn't cut all torque effect. I don't know why FAR got that problem, because with servo locked, it flied with FAR, even if the body was spinning. So.... still many questions to solve. Anyway, Thanks for your replies.
  5. Thanks for your reply ! 1) Yes, the rotor part spin clockwise, the servo part couterclockwise. 2) I can't make secondary axis to work, so I do that manually at the moment. I put all the servos manually in the right angle (12° for the eight blade, which was enough when main servo was locked). You can actually see that they are turned in the picture above. (to get an idea of the angle). So yes, all "elevon 1" have a 12° AoA. 3) I disabled it, and it isn't changing anything :'( FAR is the only one that may affect the way part interact with atmosphere. Other are one graphical, KER, KIS, KAS, navutilities, science alert. didn't know I can attach them to the bottom half of the motor. tried it, unfortunately doesn't change anything....
  6. Hi @Brikoleur I've some difficulties to make a working rotorcraft.... I've a simple one : main ship part, a servo (no motor, I'll call him "main servo"), and a rotor part as described above, with a rotor, 4 servo and 4 "elevon 1". When the main servo is locked, the torque effect make the main ship part spinning, but at least it flies until the main part spin so much that the rotor spin less, and not produce enough lift. It then fall down, hit the ground, the main part stop spinning, and it flies again. When I unlock the main servo (which as 4 servo and 4 "elevon 1" attach, as the main one, but in the opposite direction), It won't lift off. And I don't know what to do. can it possibly be due to FAR ?