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  1. Thanks for the reply ! Yes, I think I'm going to give it a try, maybe in .... not so much time I hope. But I have long before having enough time to try. That's possible FAR found something broken. In the save file, I've found two interesting things : => some module of that vessel have two times the "EVENTS{}ACTIONS{}UPGRADESAPPLIED{}" part. => some parts (a rockomax tank, an antennae, a service bay, two docking ports among others) seems to be their own parents, so it might make multiple root node for that craft, no ?
  2. Hello ! First, thanks for this mod, and updates I do have a problem, I've just updated my game to 1.9, and I ran into an issue, which seems related to FAR... However I have many mod installed, so not that sure. (In log, it seems to point to FAR.) The bug : When I'm loading a vessel, I have a black screen. When I pause and the unpause the game, I can see as if my vessel was in orbit, but instead I just can merely see some part passing by and disappearing in the sun. I can go to the map view, which is not changed, and come back to normal view, which is unchanged. In the logfile there is a NullReferenceException, and it seems that my vessel is not properly loaded... I tested other vessels, they were totally functionnal, I don't know what is the difference between them... Some help would be welcome, and helpfull. Here is a part of the KSP.log file (rather long, even after cutting the beginning), I'm not sure it's enough, so just tell me if you need anything else, I can reproduce. (If you need the vessel, or anything else, just ask.) Thanks by advance !
  3. I don't expect any of them to be, just telling modders which parts are criticals. Just trying to help. But I'm sure I need to wait for some mod to be updated, with some still being 1.7
  4. Hello ! So, KSP 1.9 is out !! But unfortunately "Vessel xx wasn't loaded because it had the following part missing : reserveBatteryPack". Good luck (Gonna search in KSP.log if I can find anything, but could take a bit of time, or I could not find anything...) turn out I found them pretty fast :
  5. Yes, depends on what mod you tried before ? Try some Kerbal Construction Time, Colonies building mod, life supoprt mods, or planet pack as @Geonovast suggested.
  6. I think that you might be in the wrong topic, like there is tech support for example. And I can't really help you, but I think that people will at least need that joystick you have, which os you are running on, and which KSP version. And probably a better description. Like when you said can't connect, did you try to bind your joystick's axis in the settings (start-up menu) ?
  7. I think it doesn't much have to do with a new career, what The Aziz is trying to explain is that when not playing for 2/3/more days, it's difficult to get back to game. You have let's say 2 hours, but you spend let's says half an hour trying to figure out what was going on. It's quite frustrating, I admit. For that some would say to use a spreadsheet, but then you have to spend time to maintain it... I feel a bit what you are saying, even if I'm usually able to play 2 to 10 hours (when other things slow down) a week...
  8. If this is a real videos, it means the single parent will still be a thing (look at the first and last launches). Or it is just a bad rocket design....
  9. Yep, I was a bit surprised when I saw navUtilities' config files, they also got those .4 deviation. To be honest I didn't really calculate this deviation.... And I don't have mechjeb
  10. Thanks for the clarification I already knew a bit about ILS, but not that much ^^ If someone interested, you can add this file in your GameData folder to add dessert airfiled runway to the ILS system of NavUtilities. (In a file named xxx.cfg) //Dessert airfield runway heading 360 NavUtilRunway { ident = DAF 36 shortID = DA39 hdg = 000.4 identOfOpposite = DAF 18 body = Kerbin altMSL = 822 gsLatitude = -6.5825 gsLongitude = 215.9594444 locLatitude = -6.4666667 locLongitude = 215.9611111 outerMarkerDist = 10000 middleMarkerDist = 2000 innerMarkerDist = 325 } //Dessert airfield runway heading 180 NavUtilRunway { ident = DAF 18 shortID = DA18 hdg = 180.4 identOfOpposite = DAF 36 body = Kerbin altMSL = 822 gsLatitude = -6.4666667 gsLongitude = 215.9611111 locLatitude = -6.5825 locLongitude = 215.9594444 outerMarkerDist = 10000 middleMarkerDist = 2000 innerMarkerDist = 325 }
  11. Hi, I want to add Dessert Arifield into navutilities. I figured out that runway are added into navutilitues via cfg files. fine. I then decided to read the cfg file, and I got one issue : the coordinate. In the cfg file, for example runway "KSC 09", I got gsLatitude and locLatitude, which might be for glideslope and localizer. They are a bit different, but why not. However, I'm trying to match it with the runway coordinate ingame, and got this problem : the latitude is quite the same : 0.04877658 in cfg, 0°2'56" ingame, which is 0.0488888888, so it's kinda the same The longitude is a bit more problematic : in cfg i got 285.29973537 , but ingame it's something like 74° 42'0 which is : 74,71555556 . So... why is that ?
  12. Thanks for answering ^^ And... That's not what I want. I want that, when I've set an alarm, it also diplays something on the vessel path to show where the alarm fire. For example, I can set an alarm to a target object, let's say kerbin's atmosphere. By default, this alarm fire 3 minutes (or 1, I don't remember) before reaching 100km. Fine to me. Is there a way to display where, on the vessel path, the alarm fire ? Thanks anyway for your time