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  1. KSP 2 will even have an imperial star destroyer. Given some things ...
  2. Laser Sail ... well, this thing will serve as the basis for the probes. But if you need to dump a few tons of cargo, then probably, as the person wrote below, this is a Z-Pinch or ICF. But right now we are talking about the ICF, or rather, Deadalus. But the problem is that Daedalus will not work, but in the game it will be similar to the working method of interstellar travel. Why? well, at least two reasons 1. The national means of ignition didn’t manage to achieve normal and trouble-free ignition of the deuterium-tritium capsule. If there are such problems with a deuterium-tritium capsule, then I’m even afraid to imagine what kind of problems there will be with the ignition of a deuterium-helium-3 tablet. 2. The fact that in its current form ICF Daedalus will not work is said by people directly related to this area. http://www.icarusinterstellar.org/e-beam-icf-for-daedalus-reconsidered/ KSP is a kind of simulator in which scientific accuracy has a major role to play. You say, but this game allows things like scientific hypotheses. Yes, I agree, but there is one big BUT. This is something that we have not yet explored, the path to the unknown or an almost complete confirmation of operability. But in this case, we are fully aware that Deadalus will not work in real life. Nevertheless, developers add it to the game. With such success, why not add the details for the Imperial Star Destroyer? I see here only two more or less adequate options 1. Do not offer this game at all. 2. To completely rethink the principles of Daedalus from a modern point of view. Perhaps this is not even a confirmed hypothesis, but at least it will not be known. And she will have a chance to really work. But adding the obviously useless Daedalus in the form of an engine with the ICF in accordance with the plans of the 1980s is kind of crazy. The same metal hydrogen engines are more likely. For even from the most skeptical point of view, this is a scientific hypothesis, which has not yet been refuted, but also not confirmed. At that time, it would seem that the working Daedalus was refuted back in 2013. At least again, in the form in which it was originally, and which will be in the game. It is written through google translator, so ... confusion is possible.
  3. In your opinion, which engine is best suited for interstellar travel with "existing" technology? If we exclude such a thing as warp engines and antimatter engines.
  4. I still don’t understand why everyone is discussing metallic hydrogen, when there is a more terrible thing that everyone turned a blind eye to as if nothing had happened?
  5. It's all? or something else besides this
  6. Based on what KSP requires (with mods) it’s obvious that you need at least 16 GB of RAM, a 6-core processor and a GTX 1660 \ RX 590 level graphics card at least.
  7. I'm all good. I built the exact Soyz P-7 + spacecraft Soyz weighing about 4.5 tons. As a result, ~ 250 m / s was not enough for me to enter orbit. There is no doubt about my piloting skills. Well, here a trifle can play a role ...
  8. ironic For the standard Kerbol system, these missiles are clearly large and redundant. And when scaling up to 2.5x, only ~ 250-350 m / s is not enough. Energy also uses liquid fuel (this is by kerosene density) instead of liquid hydrogen. I'm sad, the models of these rockets are really beautiful ...
  9. Unfortunately, KSP, even with the best mods, is an outdated game with no further potential. We need a breath of fresh air, like KSP2. And after the sequel is released, the old game will not make any sense. take it easy. KSP 1 was not originally intended for such things. That's why we need KSP 2.
  10. I hate it when developers are silent about the release date.
  11. Sleeping ships. Robotic control. Point. Ships of generations is all nonsense. First, they are more complex, you need to create a fully reusable ecosystem. Secondly, problems with flight duration and ship reliability. Plus problems with the crew. A sleeping ship is much simpler, lighter. Only cryos technology is needed. ps There is no sense in making interstellar flights lasting more than 100 years, which means there is no sense in a ship of generations.
  12. Need to wait for spring. Most likely only in it we learn something new.
  13. Absolutely not. Daedalus is a very complex system. Plus, I have not measured it yet. Without kopernicus 1.8.1 there is nowhere to fly on it. The mass of this ship is about 1,680 tons. Fuel (fusion pellets at that time) respectively somewhere 1000 tons. Plus, my Daedalus is slightly trimmed with a notepad, I lowered the momentum to Isp 76.000 to make it a little more realistic with our technologies.