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  1. CONSTELLATIONS! It's cool if with the help of the Distant Object mod we can see the stars in the night sky. It's scary to realize that these stars are not part of the skybox. These are full-fledged luminaries around which there are planets and to which you can fly without various screensavers and scenes. A colossal game world...
  2. Chemical rocket engines are enough only to take off from the planet and gain the first space speed. Well, maybe even slower interplanetary travel. NERVA is generally a useless engine, as it has a complex nuclear reactor, but at the same time gives only a delta of 8900 m / s. Anything below a closed-cycle gas-core nuclear engine with a specific impulse of ~ 2300-2450 simply has no right to exist. Ionic engines (especially its subspecies - VASIMIR) are not a bad option in this regard. The nuclear reactor + ion thrusters offer tremendous capabilities that conventional nuclear thrusters like the RD-0410 or NERVA cannot provide.
  3. But what have the little probes to do with it? Xenon can be used as fuel for large interplanetary spacecraft with an electrical power of at least 300-500 MW. In 20 days of operation of the ion engine, such a ship will be able to gain a very significant speed. Although it requires an advanced nuclear reactor with a high energy density and a lightweight drop cooling system instead of a huge radiator.
  4. Only AndrewDraws can do this. Moreover, besides the usual physics compatibility, visual compatibility with KSRSSVE is also needed. REX is currently only compatible with RSSVE.
  5. I don't expect this. I use the unpopular (I adjust the balance myself) Contares RUS, in which ... there is even "Zarya" with a vertical fit and "Big Union" There is also the Angara rocket. Yes, of course the textures are not perfect ... but the geometry, as for me, is at the highest level, even though the mod is pretty old.
  6. The biggest question is: Will KSRSS be REX (Real Exoplanet) compatible? Right now, 2021 is on the horizon with KSP 2, and it's just not cool to be limited to just a home solar system. It's just that the configs that are now - they make REX to the size of the real Earth, since REX considers KSRSS to be a real RSS.
  7. no You can still use the KSP-I with RO, but there will be no single mechanics. Each mod will work according to its own laws.
  8. I agree. However, this mod currently has one terrible problem - it is not compatible with REX (Real Exoplanet). REX treats KSRSS as regular RSS and scales the planets to the size of the real Earth. Hopefully in version 1.9.1 this will be fixed. Please ... make the config compatible with REX. Playing without other star systems is somehow incomplete. I would like to do some interstellar missions like Deadalus.
  9. What needs to be done to make the mod compatible with x2.5 KSRSS? It just automatically scales to the size of the actual RSS and imbalances occur.
  10. The main problem why I am not using KSRSS 1.8.1 and waiting for KSRSS 1.9.1 is that version 1.8.1 has very poor optimization and loads the PC even more than a full AVP with 8K textures and all the extras. Now KSRSS is, to put it mildly, unplayable. At maximum AVP settings in stable version 1.9.1, I get over 60 frames. While KSRSS 1.8.1 produces no more than 33-35 frames on the launch pad, the size of the textures and their quality practically do not affect the FPS.
  11. Thank you, I finally understood the reason for the weight of the RD-107. But then again, your mod is great, it has everything, including such little-known spaceships like the Japanese shuttle HOPE or the Chinese Shenzhou.
  12. Your mod is great, but I have a few questions. 1. Is this for stock size? I just see that this is not enough for x2.5 and the details are too dense. 2. Why are some parts balanced and some not? for example the RD-107 (contaresRUS) engine weighs 0.135 kg while it should weigh about 1 t considering the size of the stock game.
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