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  1. Periapsis kicks aka breaking up a looong burn into a series of shorter ones, all on the periapsis to maximise efficiency (hence the name), is a pretty standard procedure when you have limited TWR and unlimited (or close enough) engine ignitions- because in real life most rockets can only be lit once rather than flipped on and off like a switch as for KSP. There’s even a mod to do just that- Maneuver Node Splitter, which can split the node by burn duration, orbital period or maximum apoapsis. Just be glad that you’re not using real ion thrusters, which have thrust measured in milliNewtons
  2. A full mod list would definitely help, as would knowing what KSP version you’re on. At a guess I’d say it could be due to CommNet Constellation, as IIRC the newest version(s?) of that make you build and upgrade the ground stations separately to the KSC tracking station,
  3. Could be the inventory changes in 1.11 making Kerbal + jet pack heavier than before, or you've accidentally turned on 'hack gravity'?
  4. In a rare bit of forward thinking, I knocked together a test rocket to rack up data units on the Juno IV 6k engine to try and reduce its high failure rate, as it only has 3 ignitions and will usually need all three for the mission to work: Three flights later and the failure rate on ignition is down from 15% to just under 4%, a marked improvement. All the more impressive considering I accidentally set it on fire the third time: That's not rocket exhaust, that's the fins burning due to aerodynamic heating... And now for my rather novel approach to putting a crew pod int
  5. Where did you get KSP? The KSP store, Steam, somewhere else? If you got it via the KSP store then you should be able to download an update/patch from there and run that; if on Steam, it will usually auto-update but if not it should give you the option to update it- unless you’ve set it to a specific version, in which case right-click KSP in your library > Properties > Betas tab > set the option to None. I don’t know how to do it from somewhere else.
  6. I’m not sure that grip strips are climbable, but just jump and the structural plates should let you climb on them.
  7. The in-game console has very limited information in it. To find the cause of the problem and hopefully fix it, you need to share the log files; use this guide to find them: Once you have those, edit your first post and add them in. You should also include your version of KSP there too. Have you checked that your mods are compatible with your version of KSP? That’s a common reason for things failing.
  8. Level 1 solar panels are here, and here's a quick illustration of how much better they are: Level 1- Level 0- They cost half as much, produce over 50% more power and wear out slower too; this is going to be useful for future missions. Another boring satellite contract to pay the bills: Then I got enough science together to put a science node into the queue: Infrared spectroscopy, two versions of the SCANsat radar altimeter and the orbital perturbation experoment which takes TEN YEARS to complete. I'm guessing that multiple vessels are meant to do this a
  9. Could be the ultra terrain shaders, or reflection quality bring too high, or some form of bug in an aesthetics mod (scatterer, EVE or a config pack for them), or terrain scatters, or having the KSC or other physics-enabled objects nearby... Logs would help to diagnose if it’s a mod issue or not, or try turning some graphics settings down a bit and see if it improves.
  10. Shot in the dark, but- are you using KSP 1.10 or later, with Simple Logistics (and deployable batteries), and is the Deployable Solar Panel from the Breaking Ground deployable science set the part that’s freezing? If so, delete the SL patches for all breaking ground parts (and for deployable batteries if you have that) and this may resolve your problem. Without a mod list and looking at your log file on a tablet with no search function, that’s the best I can do right now.
  11. If I was on a PC right now I could add pictures, but I’m not so I can’t. Maybe I’ll add some later? How to build a rover: Pick your probe core. The RoveMate is the obvious choice here but anything which can do an ‘up’ and ‘forward’ control point will do as this allows you to fly it like a rocket to get somewhere then drive it like a car once you’re there. OKTO2 is another good choice as it has good SAS modes (RoveMate just has the basis mode and no prograde/retrograde etc.) and is both small and light. Stick it down in the SPH as horizontal building is easier for rovers plus it defa
  12. I second that suggestion- MechJeb can nearly fly your ships for you as long as you tell it what to do and when. There’s also kOS which is an automation scripting system to really make your ships hands-off, but I’ve never tried that and it requires some level of coding knowledge; however you can probably find others’ scripts on the forums to steal borrow.
  13. Wasted a lot of time trying to make a Moon lander when I clearly don’t have the required tech unlocked yet, then moved on to adapting an existing, and very successful, launch rocket to set up a LEO communications network for a contract (and to improve communications, if I do it properly). It won’t be a particularly well positioned network, but as long as it works to some extent it’s worth it.
  14. If you’re orbiting the Mun while the Mun is orbiting Kerbin, there will be times (on the far side for a prograde orbit) when you’re moving in the same direction round the Mun as the Mun is round Kerbin making your relative velocity to Kerbin higher than the Mun’s; conversely on the other side (the near side for a prograde orbit) your relative velocity to Kerbin is lower than the Mun’s. It’s this difference in speed, worth a few hundred m/s in Kerbin’s SOI and even more around Jool’s moons or for interplanetary transfers, that makes the biggest difference in delta-V between returning from
  15. If you count DLCs as ‘stock’ then you might be able to combine Breaking Ground’s propellers and motors with ion engines to make a pure electric SSTO, though props have a low top speed and altitude ceiling which is probably not enough for ions to get the rest of the way into space.
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