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  1. I'm betting new systems will be DLC as we go. And I'm fine with that, if the Kerbol system is a decent game length.
  2. Today, I crashed a Hail Mary mission four times, and landed it once, and then Blew it up anyway. I sent a Science Lab with landing legs to Eve, loaded up with all the science I could muster, and an inflatable heat shield to get it down. Two Kerbals on board. Likely to stay a long time, but I took science measurements all the way there, and again on the way down to the surface. Landing the thing was a nightmare. No matter what I tried, the heat shield put her into a spiral, and she spun in, burning up during the first four tries. Finally, I got through the 'blackout' phase, and the Heat Shield wiped me out the next three times. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it's hard to jettison that thing without it wiping out the ship. Finally, I managed to split the difference. I saved all my fuel for the 'heating up' phase, and used up all my DV. I still spun when I put out the shield, but it held together enough. I cut loose the shield while the damn thing was upside down, but it made a clean disconnect at last. Chutes out, and I'm floating down at 5.6kph. Slow enough for my landing legs to make it. Now, having used up all my fuel, I had left my landing site up to the chutes, and I came down on an incline. I slid along for a while, (unable to save while I'm moving). I'm getting close to another manoeuvre for another ship, so I try to hurry it up by time warping. I've done it multiple times on Mun and Minmus. Eve isn't Minmus. I blow out my landing legs as soon as the speed increases; and here we go again. Took another four tries, but I landed her. I'm typing this now while it's still sliding, but I won't be rushing it this time. https://i.imgur.com/yaMEqc0.png The base is stupidly basic, but I'm fine with that. My goal is to put one of these on every moon/planet, to be ready for all the contracts where I have to 'plant a flag', or 'transmit science from'.
  3. Kerbals are small, require minimal life support, have an extensive space program, but no discernible cities, and are eagerly exploring the universe for a new system to live in. KSP is the Three Body Problem. The Kerbals are Trisolarans!
  4. It'd make sense if KSP2 had different biomes with actual hazards/benefits. We already know they're not going back to the 'all purpose ore' for the sequel. If there were actual dangerous terrains that Kerbals could get caught up in, it adds a whole new dimension to the idea of colonization. Too dangerous? Too hot? Too many lava flows?
  5. There are hundreds of parts in KSP1, and I doubt I've used a third of them ever. A game this heavily invested in the editors needs a lot of freedom to imagine.
  6. Would it be a good addition? Hell yeah. Do I think it's going to be offered? No. Come to think of it, aren't there mods for KSP1, with 'outer planets' or something?
  7. I get that delays are a sign of problems, but please remember that even for Video Game producers, the last few years have thrown all schedules out the window. Also, KSP2 hasn't gone silent, it's been giving us regular updates on what's happening. We're seeing gameplay footage, having clear explanations of features... The game is well past the concept stage. Games that over-promise are the ones that let you down. KSP2 should be ready now, but a lot of things should be.
  8. I can't believe it worked. So, if you've been following (And lets be honest, you probably haven't), then you'll know I lost a ship. The Bowman was my first craft to reach Jool. Still not sure how I lost her, or the three Kerbals aboard. So I had to build the SS Bowman-A and keep going. The Bowman was my first craft with Nurv engines. So far the most miserable part of the construction process has been putting the engines together, and keeping them secure, wobble-free, and most importantly, aligned in the same direction. I often get about 20 degrees off axis for what I need them to do. It's been frustrating. Then today, I asked myself: What if I launched three Nurv Engine Cores, plus Mark-3 fuel tanks; all in one piece? I know. I figured it'd never work. I can't believe I got it off the ground. But it launched, and didn't come apart until it got to high-atmo. It was enough to make me keep experimenting. The thing cost almost a million credits to build, I lost the first one because it kept falling apart on the pad, and I must have spent three hours fiddling with struts, auto-strut settings, and stagings on the boosters. I had to keep a tight grip on it, and put it into a spin every time I jettisoned boosters, or the parts would collide when they fell away, but lo behold, I got there. Meet my newest invention. I call her 'The Chariot'. She's got 7700 DV, she's powered by multiple RTG, instead of Solar panels, she's got her own rotation rings and RCS, a top-notch probe brain, and a Sr Docking port on the front. Put it all together, and it makes her the first Reusable Space Booster I've ever built. Her function will be to ferry smaller craft and Landers/station segments/etc, and put them in various positions around the system, before Returning to Kerbin for her next flight. Now that I've been able to launch one, I can almost certainly launch another, which means I have the beginning of a small fleet of 'interplanetary tugboats', available as needed, in a single launch. Still can't believe it worked.
  9. I didn't even notice, but 3 days ago I felt an urge to watch the trailer again. I ended up watching it four times. I didn't even start playing this game seriously until the Cinematic trailer 3 years ago. I'm only just starting to get good at it.
  10. I... I appear to have lost a ship. I don't even know how it happened. I was working on a totally different set of contracts around Duna and Ike the last day or two, and when I got back to my game this morning, my reputation score was down ten points, and I had lost all contact with my ship in orbit of Jool. Three kerbalnauts and the largest ship I'd ever built... And I don't know what happened. It was in a stable orbit, or at least I thought it was. Did I cut it too close? Did I accidentally click 'terminate' when I was getting rid of booster debris? It could have happened two days ago, so there's no way to just 'reload'... Oof.
  11. Went back and checked. It was 20%, not 25%. My bad. It was a quote from Stephen Petranek, in the Nat Geo Documentary "Mars: Inside SpaceX"
  12. Boom today, boom tomorrow. That can be fun too. I saw a documentary on Nat Geo that said before SpaceX, 1 in 4 launches ended in mission failure. The reusability plan really smashed the curve. They're rolling SLS out to the launchpad as we speak for Artemis 1. If there's a boom there, we won't see NASA again for ten years.
  13. SpaceX isn't afraid to learn from failure. Second launch might have a better chance, but the first is what they'll learn the most from. I, for one, can't wait to see it launch, let alone land.
  14. Today's achievement: The SS Bowman arrived at Jool. It's a qualified success. I intended to use Jool to swing me around into orbit of Pol, where I could land a Digger to refuel. That was... unsuccessful. But I made it to Jool. I'm also not sure if the power will hold out, even with all the solar panels. (My first time going to the outer-system.) It's been my pattern to send a ship with a science lab, and have them churn out science points while I put together a Digger/Refueller, and send it after them to fuel them up for their next flight. I'm thinking about cancelling this policy, because my contracts seem to involve 'Get Science From this place' or 'plant flag here'. So my policy seems to have upgraded. I might leave a mothership in orbit of each planet I visit, as a Semi-Station. I also kept the boosters from my latest Mun and Minmus missions, to build another craft. (I've been adding docking ports and probe guidance to my Boosters since before my first Duna flight.) It's relatively easy to add a 'core booster' with a lab and storage space on the front. I named her the SS Waterman, after the lead in Ben Bova's Mars Trilogy. Once it arrives at Duna, I'll have a 'mobile station' in orbit of Mun, Minmus, Ike, and Gilly. Ready for Contracts around each Planet/Moon, and churning out science at all of them. To answer several contracts I'm also sending more 'official' Station Cores to each planet, ready to expand into space stations. I'm guessing this will end with a station around/on each planet and moon. I need to figure out a recovery for the Bowman, so I can fuel her up for a proper tour of Jool's moons. But that's tomorrow's tale.
  15. I've only done one asteroid capture, and it was a small one. My next contact is a Class D. Assuming I manage to navigate right, do I need to worry about the grip I can get? I can mount 3 Advanced Grabbers on my craft, but does that have any advantage over just one?
  16. Frustration! Tried a new way to assemble a new ship. Docking the engines together has proven... infuriating. I keep missing, overshooting, slamming things into each other... The docking ports just won't line up! I know I can do this. I've successfully done it before. Why is it driving me batty tonight? Day wasn't a total write-off. I managed to land a Rover on Duna. Got my first scan of a meteorite. Looked for my next target... Zoomed out, and out... I landed within fifty feet of that one. What are the odds?
  17. Today's Achievement: Juggling acts. I have a rover heading to Eve, a Space Station heading to Ike, another Space Station heading to Duna, as well as a NURV-Powered spacecraft heading to Jool, and a Duna Mission wrapping up and returning to Kerbin. The Alarm Clock Mod is surprisingly useful when you have more than one mission in play. Highlights from the Duna Mission: I've never seen Blueberries before. Welcome home, SS Watney. Your crew will be debriefed, and you'll be refuelled to take them on their next mission soon! Maybe Moho. I've never been there before.
  18. Nope. Because I have the 'Open Source Tech Program' policy active for Reputation at 50%, and it won't let me add the 'Patents Licensing' Policy for cash at ANY level. not even 5%. Same error every time. "Would Exceed 100%"
  19. I've unlocked the Tech Tree, and I'm trying a new strategy. 50% of Science points incoming goes to Reputation. 50% to profit. The thing is, I can't add the 'Profit' policy, because for some reason the game thinks that would exceed 100%. I've got the first policy at exactly at 50% commitment, and I can't add anything to it. Admin building is fully unlocked. I can still sell science points directly, using the "Research Rights Sell Out", so it's not a deal breaker. Just annoying. Anyone ever had this happen to them?
  20. Today, I messed up a mission. My first Mission Critical Failure. Now, like all of us, I've hit the F9 key more often than I can count. This is the first time I didn't get there in time, and I couldn't reload or revert. Long story. Two tourists dead, plus one pilot. #shudder#
  21. Seriously?! There's an answer I wish I had five contracts ago.
  22. It has to be 'fully assembled' when I get to Eve, but obviously I can't put 5000 ore in it in the Construction. It has to be one launch. I have a 'Digger' on Gilly already, and can carry 5000 units of Ore in two or three loads. My question is, if I dock that Digger, does that violate the terms of 'fully assembled', since it'll be coming from a docked craft? For that matter, if I get one load with 5000 units, does it cancel the contract when it docks, before I can transfer anything?
  23. Yup. In the same boat. My graphics card was messed up, so every time I played KSP1, the screen would keep switching itself off every two or three seconds while I was in 'map' view. Now that the crypto market has finally crashed, I was able to replace my graphics card at last, and it runs fine. KSP2 is going to need an upgrade.
  24. Meet my new ship. I have named her the "SS Bowman", after the character in 2001. As you can probably guess from that, I plan to fly her to Jool. At least, I do eventually. She has another mission first. Some of my contracts are to put Stations in orbit of various moons and planets. The construction of these Stations is relatively simple, but one of the Criteria is to have X amount of Fuel left. I never seen to keep thousands of extra fuel units on hand. So I thought: Why not build a ship that could make a circuit of some of these places, and check off all those contracts at once, and then refuel and send her to Jool? Like a Tour of the places I've been, before I send her someplace I haven't been yet. The Bowman is my first Nuclear Powered craft. Her Drive Section is five linked MK3 Shuttle tanks, and a total of twelve Nerv Engines, giving her 50,000 units of liquid fuel, and a Delta-V of over 6600m/s. (Enough that I'm hoping to have some fuel left for those contracts). The lander on the front is the same design that's already landed science gear on the Mun, Minmus, Duna, Gilly, and Ike. If I come up with a small Atmo-To-Orbit spaceplane (Something I haven't tried yet), then it'll be sent on to meet her somewhere. Note the Docking ports on outer edges of the Drive Section. If I need to upgrade her range further, I can do so when I return to Minmus. She's the largest ship I've ever constructed in Orbit thus far. It took Seven launches with Mammoth Boosters to get all these parts up there, plus a lot of work from my Engineers to get her fuel lines and struts in place, so that she'll hold together for the flight. I haven't taken her out yet. In truth, I'm thinking about bringing my last crew back from Duna, since they've all levelled up to Five Stars on their flight. I transfer the crew over, and send them back out, or I send the new crew on a 'Kerbol Tour' and let them learn too. Honestly, the only advantage to higher stars 'en route' is a faster Science build up while we fly, and I'm only using that for cash at this point.
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