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  1. I had this same problem with K&M on the PS5 edition. The Keyboard I have is bluetooth. I think the control pad was 'connected' at the same time. Is that where i screwed up? Does it have to be a USB Keyboard?
  2. I bought the enhanced edition on PS5, specifically because they had K&M support. Except K&M doesn't seem to be working on Playstation. Is it me? My keyboard is bluetooth. One or two of the keys works, but it's hardly workable, let alone what you get on PC.
  3. If I was these guys, I would make the Tutorials into the demo. Get everyone studying the Tutorials before the game even released; so you can jump right in.
  4. I think what they show is dependant on the release date. Last I heard was Fall 2021. More than a year away, so I think gameplay is unlikely at Gamescom. That said, I would like the first proper 'footage' we see to include the VAB. Have the commentary demonstrate creating a rocket, then having it launch/crash/repeat. A more fitting into to the game for newcomers, there could never be. I know we all want to get to 'interstellar' and 'base building', but the original came has two 'creators'. This game will have at least three, and I want to know more about them. I also hope the 'tutorials' get released early, since they're 2D animations. Release them on YouTube and have everyone learn the theory before we get to the practical.
  5. A modest proposal: If the Tutorials are pre-rendered 2D animations, release them early, so that we can pore over the tutorials before even getting the game. Cuts down on 'eating vegetables' time.
  6. Landing the booster is a mechanic. It's not like you'd play to a certain level, and then unlock the reusable craft. But I'm betting you'll be able to unlock the booster engines, and find a way to land them for full refunds. Given what's going on in the world of spaceflight right now, there's no way KSP Developers haven't factored it in. I'd be willing to be it'd be a mechanic in the game: "Make three landings of your booster, and you'll unlock autopilot for it." Mechjeb gets you three quarters of the way there already. If a modder can work it out, you can believe the developers will. I'd love a SpaceX DLC. We've got the 'famous' missions already, this couldn't be any harder, surely?
  7. I'm building my planes; and not doing well at all. I'm up to the 'orbit mun' phase, so I have some parts unlocked; but not a lot of the aeronautics. Settle a bet for me: Is it possible to get to 20,000 feet to complete some contracts; using a plane with 'early' parts. And if so, could I get someone to link me to a craft file? Or for that matter, if you used parachutes to land; and rockets to launch, what's the 'earliest' you can make a plane that could do that?
  8. Many thanks to everyone who's added to the thread. At the risk of sounding ungrateful... Where/When can we see this stream?
  9. I find that unlikely. KSP is way too precise. Depends on how many 'other' systems we can go to. If there's an 'infinite' supply of other systems, then I could see Random Generation; maybe.
  10. Is there a limit on where I can put a Dock? I'm getting to the point where Docking is going to be useful. Do I have to connect crew section to crew section, or can I connect to anywhere on the ship and have the Kerbals make it through? If I connect non-crew to crew section, will it still lock, even if they can't pass through? Will a docking Port allow fuel to pass through, or is that a different part?
  11. The math/result of ship design mainly. On launch, my craft get tossed around; the fuel runs out mid-mission; that sort of thing. I know it's got something to do with symmetry, weight ratios, etc. I don't mind having to make four attempts to get it right. I just prefer to know what I'm doing wrong.
  12. I've been playing casually for a while now. I'm still trying to master the art of landing without a chute, but building and navigating I can do. What I'm having no luck with? Actually building a space program. The game is not set up in individual levels. You launch a mission, it finishes, you start another one. Except this game is designed to have multiple missions going at once, building on each other. The tutorials take you through the controls and the methods of how to do things. But I'm only grasping half of why things work. It's like cooking. I can follow the recipe, but I can't improvise. I need the theory. Where's the best place to learn these things?
  13. I'd say June at best. But we'll hear more before then. Maybe a demo.
  14. Something I wish for? Space Program as a Business. I just read Delta-V by Daniel Suarez, and it makes a massive case for Space Mining, as a Space Priority, rather than colonization. Surviving Mars, admittedly a very different kind of game, makes a strong case that Spaceflight will happen just as soon as someone can figure out how to monetise it in a practical way. In career mode, you have to be careful not to overuse your funding, but if you could harvest an asteroid... KSP1 has already set up the foundation for that, with the ability to make fuel on some of the places you land. If you can make 'funding' as well, that's gotta be worth a few strategy guides: Landing on the Mun first gets you funding from the Kerbal Government. Getting funding from selling materials means you don't have to follow their contracts.
  15. I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest it, but I'd like some 'Hard Sci-fi' unlockables. In particular, I'd love to see a Space Elevator for Late-Game work. Or better yet, have it be a progression. Unlock the basic version, and use it on the Mun; since the low gravity allows for a more breakable cable. Then you unlock some science and get a stronger one for Duma. Then unlock a 'high level' Space Elevator cable for Kerbal. The one constant obstacle to KSP Missions, and for that matter, to the actual IRL Space Program, is getting off Earth. Once you're out of the Gravity Well, it is literally, all downhill. I can't think of a single thing that would be worth more to Spaceflight than a way to make the Liftoff cheap and fuel-free.
  16. To be honest, I'm not sure where to go from here. Contracts say 'The Mun' but I'm not sure the next step. EVA's have given me 90 Science to Spend on the 45 Point column. Any ideas on the best step in Career mode? Early Spaceplanes, or more Rocket gear?
  17. My only real wishlist is keyboard/mouse support for the console version. Okay, that's a lie; I'd also love mods on the console version, but I know that's impossible.
  18. I do most of my gaming on PS4, and am relatively new to KSP. One thing I know for sure, if my computer can handle it, I'm going to be running KSP2 in Linux. It's just not console friendly. I know they're talking about a revamp with that sort of thing in mind; but still...
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