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  1. yay 1.10 broke everything... MOAR DELAYS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. But, on the first page it says that it is on your side, so the king crab 2 boss WOULD be on your side My profile pic is a falcon 9 with crew dragon on top. I could fly to the ISS... And also I could maybe take crew dragon and shove it on a falcon heavy... TAKE A LOOK AT THE, LAW-KERBAL, BEATING UP THE WRONG GUY, OH KERBAL, WONDER IF HE'LL EVER KNOW... SHE'S IN THE BEST SELLING SHOWWWW... IS THERE LIFE ON DUUUUUUUNAA
  3. Ok, it has been 6 months, but we are finally going into business, with our first vehicle, the K-1011 Spacegazer.
  4. Ok, I have successfully connected my KSP computer to the internet, so vehicles will be up to date.
  5. Doe this AP work with shuttle style craft that are not propelled on descent? If it is that would be great.
  6. I think that if we are going to return to the moon or go anywhere past that, NASA will not get us there. Too much dependence on what politicians who do not really care about science say. There is a high chance that artemis will result in constellation 2.0, with way too much money spent, a single test launch that does not get science done, then it gets scrapped, and all of the taxpayer money is wasted.
  7. After many difficulties I can now say that Monkey Aerospace will start business operations soon. Please note that all vehicles were made in 1.9.0 because of issues with updating.
  8. Also, I see that you are in a superposition state, which means you are not in a superposition state, because I am an observer.
  9. *sees delta II In BDB wiki* Time to make a memorial to opportunity. wait I am new to the forum I seriously just replied to a random thing lol
  10. Hello good kerbal! My name is Kadermonkey, and I present to you: Monkey Aerospace Vehicle Shop! Do your planes always crash 5 seconds after takeoff? Do your rockets love to pitch over and go into a nosedive? Well, this is the place for you!!!!! [Insert picture here] The K-2022 Hexastar Spacegazer is a trijet airliner complete with an orbital AKT Buraq (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buraq). The Hexastar comes with 3 engines, an impressive TWR to climb to release altitude faster, and the ability to fly without the Buraq spacecraft. Mods: Airplane Plus, Bluedog Design Bureau, Tanta
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