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  1. hey nertea i was looking over pork jets unmade parts and i seen a variant for the puff engine to be inline instead of radial. were there ever plans for this in the restock mod because it would be really good for early game vacuum engines since their are very little. bare with me my grammar sucks
  2. what program do use to model these awesome parts
  3. what ever happened to those station parts you were working on or are they shelved
  4. the game sorely needs a h-1 engine analogue the second part of the Soyuz pod Actual space station parts ans some more launch escape towers and sepatrons
  5. how did you get the silver meshes to work for the station parts
  6. honestly just updated and added plane parts preferably a actual large plane cockpit instead of a shuttle cockpit ps: ik there are plenty of mods that do this but its not the same as having it stock yk
  7. o ok tantares i thought they were restock versions of the sepatrons lol
  8. were did you get those solid rocket motors in your parts list
  9. does anyone think kerbal space program could use an s-3d engine analogue used on the jupiter rockets just asking because ksp could use a engine in between the lv-t series and up
  10. hey Nertea have you had any thoughts on redoing the gemini pod ksp i think its sizing is a bit off
  11. I have decided to take the raptor 9 mantel as king of Kerbal x crafts i will only use the following mods as such restock, restock +, procedural parts, procedural fairings, tweak scale, basically all of Nerteas mods, missing history, and maybe universal storage my Kerbal x profile: Stefsilver43
  12. Kerbal-X Profile : Stefsilver43
  13. are we able to test these parts out or are they not ready for that
  14. so how is life other then working on ksp mods nertea?
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