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  1. And console players will rejoice, as they are now able to join their PC brethren in enjoying how amazing KSP looks like.
  2. But I guess it's good that they're working towards Fall 2022. That'll give plenty of time for GPU prices to come down.
  3. Now, the only thing I want to know about are the minimum specs.
  4. Shame my animation software doesn't work, I could put the video on screen, and time it right. It would be amazing.
  5. Or maybe we'll get new telescopes? Dres is smaller than the Mun.
  6. Perhaps it became a new moon of Jool? That or the KSP2 team is made up of Dres-deniers.
  7. Wait, at 10:00 in the video, it stages away the SRBs...
  8. Wow, that avatar change was quick.
  9. Something similar to Smart Parts' timer!
  10. Wait a minute, I re-watched it, and it auto-staged. Stock Mech-Jeb?!
  11. My house has been flooded with drool. Worth it.
  12. I think this place is about to blow up now.
  13. I know! I also like the new tutorials. I know my little brothers will enjoy them.
  14. It's Friday, check out the new video! Now excuse me while I go flood my house with my drooling.
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