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  1. It's not exactly beating it, but it's funny.
  2. Just do what the Voyager probes did. Swing around the planet the right way, and it'll take care of the rest. Be careful not to go around the moons, or you'll just end up around Jool.
  3. When I bought the game, I bought the core game for full price and then bought MH at 7.99 and then BG at 9.99. Still 100% worth it though.
  4. Or maybe an overhaul of aviation parts! The wings are pretty old. *Research hours later* Wow... They've been in the game since 0.15. But I can't find when they changed the look.
  5. That's all right, I hope you'll be able to participate in the next Space Race.
  6. Why are GPUs so expensive?! *research time!* Oh... This one is my favorite. "The actual reason is that Gamer A and Gamer B are fighting a close battle. Gamer C tells Gamer B that he could beat Gamer A if he had a new video card. Gamer B runs to the local PC supply store with credit cad in hand. Now Gamer C tells Gamer A that Gamer B just got the latest video card. Now Gamer A runs out with credit card in hand to the local PC supply store. Later they find out that Gamer C’s dad owns the PC supply store."
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