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  1. Saw the plume of 2nd stage outside! Too dumbstruck to took a picture.
  2. ? Uh, it's 575 km and 51.6 inclination. At least that's what Wikipedia calls TLE.
  3. Probably would be a kerbal floating in soup.
  4. Just like @Kapitalizing Every Word, I would also like to describe my kerbal self. Short dark brown hair, with a fade on the sides. Blue glasses if you can. Along with a classroom background like AtomicTech.
  5. Yes, he actually did. Ripped an old x-ray bulb and then built a "shield" around it, so the background didn't dilute the results.
  6. Isn't the fairing's job to protect the insides from atmospheric forces? Which would mean the only thing that the atmospheric simulation affects is whatever isn't contained by a fairing too?
  7. Wait, do they have SpaceX rockets, or are they too OP? nvm. This looks fun.
  8. Everyone gangsta until it turns out those are the Model 2s, (I'm not sure what they'll call the new one from China yet...)
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