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  1. Engineering is all about finding the minimum. Anyone can make a bridge, engineers can build a bridge that breaks after something weighing 10 tons drives over it! Welcome to the forums.
  2. Checking out the website, looks like it's a very good edit.
  3. I believe that was Coby Cotton, he has a twin brother who had his model rocket fail in the model rocket that gave Coby his seat on NS-22:
  4. Booster landed. Not even on the feather. Drogue chutes. Mains are out. Nice shot of the booster and capsule in the same picture. Capsule's down, Titanium Feather's safe. Mix of Ford, and Rivian trucks this time.
  5. T-5:00:00 Crew Arm retract T- 1 min, 30 sec Liftoff of Titanium Feather. Max-Q Still not used to having imperial units for space. This is definitely how the imperial units die out, due to space exploration. MECO Booster sep, passed Karman line. Yikes, the audio's bad.
  6. Huh, well... Stream's up and running, hold for 15 minutes.
  7. What you can do, is download Stock Waterfall Effects, this takes care of the plumes for Cheetah and Bobcat, while also giving you plumes for the jet engines.
  8. Here's a picture of what they would look like with the H-II booster. It's ridiculously cursed.
  9. Don't forget that they added @Nertea, creator of ReStock and the NearFuture Technologies' mods.
  10. I'm struggling to get a SSTO with RAPIERs into space, since the intake maxes the engines out at Mach 1.1. Any idea on how to stop this?
  11. If you're just using MH for the big parts, go ahead. If you want to keep the mission builder, then you need to install both.
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