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  1. Watched Hidden Figures today, and realized they used Gemini Stage separation footage for John Glenn's flight, and SECO callouts...
  2. Starting with a notification about being exposed to Covid Then school overreacting about a bomb inside, that turned out to be nonexistent. Never before have I seen anyone run so fast. Yes, I understand a bomb is still serious, but the bomb is either remote trigger or on a timer. It'll take time for it to go off, use that time to reach a safe distance, not scream heads off, excuse me while I enter my panic room.
  3. It would be really cool if we preserved the Saturn V in Florida and launched it on the 75th anniversary. We'll definitely have better manufacturing processes by then.
  4. There is a mod that lets you do this in KSP1, by the great @OhioBob Unless you're on console, you'll have a great time with this.
  5. First, with the starship breaking apart on ascent, that can be fixed with autostruts, real ones if the autos don't work. The second problem may be because of reflection refresh, this shouldn't be set to "Off" or "Low".
  6. You called? Um... Doodle's not here anymore, so I guess @AtomicTech?
  7. Looking at the mods, there is a significant amount (I count at least 100-150). They usually add a lot of lines to logs. So I would suggest getting CKAN to check most of them. Wait, there are 2 AVCs, try deleting one of them, that usually causes problems for me.
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